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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
How should I connect the crucks frame to the corner post? (See Video) 0 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
roundwood and timber framing
Uses for Pine Sawdust? 7 Maruf Miliunas
Brody Ekberg
Any tips for securing roundwood with ratchet straps? 1 Maruf Miliunas
R Scott
roundwood and timber framing
Any experience making natural molds 5 Maruf Miliunas
Michael Littlejohn
Three Questions for Building a Roundwood Timber Frame on Boulders 6 Maruf Miliunas
Glenn Herbert
roundwood and timber framing
Roundwood Construction Order of Events From Foundation to Crucks 3 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
roundwood and timber framing
Know of any uses for Pine and Spruce Bark? 2 Maruf Miliunas
Jennifer Kowalski
plant fibers
Eco Friendly Garden Fleece? 4 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
The Use of Framing Pins and Offset Prickers in RWT 6 Maruf Miliunas
Jordan Holland
roundwood and timber framing
How thick should my supporting poles be for roundwood timber framing? 14 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
roundwood and timber framing
Bore Joint and Windbrace Questions 4 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
roundwood and timber framing
How do you draw accurate lines across round log at an angle? 2 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
roundwood and timber framing
Any Experience with Kuznetsov Stoves? 8 Maruf Miliunas
Peter van den Berg
rocket mass heaters
How to find Roundwood Timberframing Consultation Outside of the UK? 1 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
roundwood and timber framing
Tiny Strawbale/Cob Home Progress and Questions 37 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
straw bale house
Will Sand Gravel Suffice For French Drain? 9 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
natural building
Deep well - No Electricity - Remote Country – What are my options? 12 Maruf Miliunas
Kim Goodwin
wells and springs
Need Advice on Tiny Home Stone Foundation 12 Maruf Miliunas
Glenn Herbert
stone work
Any Ideas for a Gardening Backpack to Carry Resources 8 Maruf Miliunas
John F Dean
Companion Planting Mnemonics Challenge 1 Maruf Miliunas
Jen Fulkerson
What to plant alongside fruit tree seedlings before they grow into their space 6 Maruf Miliunas
Trace Oswald
forest garden
Can you earthbag with sustainable materials? 4 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
earth bag
Any tricks for starting a siphon by hand? 14 Maruf Miliunas
Neil Binderman
Have you tips to prepare sour fruits to be less acidic to teeth? 3 Maruf Miliunas
Heather Kay
Ready to plan my first permaculture area, How do I start? 1 Maruf Miliunas
Tyler Ludens
30 S|W|M Open for Something in Lithuania 1 Maruf Miliunas
Mussa Gladden
permaculture singles
First Year Food Forest – What Should I Be Focusing On? 6 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
forest garden
Any Practical Garden/Watering Uses for Siphons? 6 Maruf Miliunas
Ben Zumeta
gardening for beginners
What are some uses for Nettle Root besides Tinctures? 3 Maruf Miliunas
Dave Burton
Ticks, Encephalitis Risks, and Prevention 14 Maruf Miliunas
Trace Oswald
What are good garden/outdoor uses for resin coated MDF boards? 1 Maruf Miliunas
Pearl Sutton
How to Permaculture design without accurate topographic images 3 Maruf Miliunas
Maruf Miliunas
Rocket Stove inside Polycarbonate Greenhouse 16 Maruf Miliunas
Rebecca Norman
rocket mass heaters
Deciding on what to construct to secure tools and valuables from theft and nature 9 Maruf Miliunas
Jeff Hodgins
natural building