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My philodendron plant aka Congo Rojo. The plant started well, it was nice and shiny when I purchased it. Anyway, lately I’ve been seeing these dots appear on the leaves and they look concerning (see image). The leaf that came out a week ago is much smaller than the previous leaves. From what I know about plants, that is not a good sign. The plant gets a lot of light as you can see from the pictures and I only water when it needs it. Any suggestion?

My birds of paradise have a similar story. The bottom leaves were yellow and dried so I had to cut those down. The other bottom ones are on the way. The new leaf growth has slowed down significantly.

Let me know if any more information is needed.
1 week ago
Hello I got this congo rojo from nursery two weeks back and repotted it into a planter I got from Ikea. Its a self watering planter so it does not have drainage holes. I am trying to understand if this plant is healthy or not. one of the leaf that is coming out does not look healthy or seems to be dying.

Can some give me any tips?

link to plater Ikea Self-Watering Planter
7 months ago
I see cats out and about.. stray ones tho

1 year ago
Thanks for your reply! Here is a picture of my garden. It’s open with no greenhouse.

The birds are like small sparrows.
1 year ago
Hello everyone! This is my first year with growing a garden! It seems to be doing pretty well but last two days I’ve found 3 dead birds in the garden. What do you think is happening? Is it something in the soil that I should be aware of? Please help me solve this

Also, I hope this is the correct group for this question. Couldn’t find one specific to “dead birds in garden”.
1 year ago
The way I have it set up is I added a lot of wood pieces at the bottom to counter act that
1 year ago
I put them in a month ago and the don’t seem to be growing all. They all look weak. Can someone give me some tips?
1 year ago

Roy Long wrote:Radishes grow at an exponential rate, I would say your radishes are looking great for how long they have been growing.

Keep in mind the 25 to 30 day grow time is based upon a fairly small immature root you can easily allow them to grow and extra 2 or 3 weeks to get a better sized root crop.  You also have to keep in mind that cold overnight lows will slow the growth rate down a bit but when it warms up a bit in a week or two you will see a much faster growth rate.   Radish plants can grow a radish root at an amazingly fast rate of speed.

I have grown a lot of radishes here as they are very cold tolerant and I have always had good luck with them.  I plant mine good and early Jan-February direct seed sow and I am generally collecting radishes by early May and through to early June.  We often still have overnight freezing in April but often warm up considerably in May sometimes up into the 70's and 80's which tends to make my radishes bolt.  About half the years that I plant them I get few radishes to eat.  I learned about 12 years ago that you can allow them to flower and go to seed and then collect basket fulls of the seed pods from them and eat those instead of the radishes.  Not only do they make a very pretty addition to your garden with lots and lots of showy flowers the little seed pods are quite tasty.

The seed pods are kind of like a snow pea/stringless green bean in texture with a mild sweet peppery radish flavor to them.  They are a very popular bar snack in Germany which is where I learned about the idea originally.  I like the fact that I can literally get a small basket full per plant rather than just one singular small radish root.  Anymore I eat most of them as radishes and then I leave a couple radish plants every square foot or so and then they grow into big 4 to 5 foot tall bushy plants covered in a thousand or more flowers each.  I find the early radish flowers tend to be a favorite with bees and so I always make sure to grow some near and often in with my zucchini, squash, pumpkin and melons to help bring in the bees for better pollination.

Thank you so much Roy. This is really helpful information. Will definitely try out those seed pods. Excited!
1 year ago

Jen Fulkerson wrote:My thought was the weather.  I have grown radishes year round in N. California, zone 9b, but once it gets hot, so do the radishes.  In the summer I just throw a few seeds to be a beneficial, because they are to hot to enjoy.

So you are saying they are best planted when it gets hot out?
1 year ago
Hi Tereza, thanks for your reply.

I am in Georgia zone 7b. It did get a chilly this whole week.

I did take them out last week to plant them in a bigger container (they were in smaller plastic cups prior to this) which gave the an hour of sunlight.

I also planted out two cucumber plants outside last week when I was upsizing the pots. Please see image below to see what they look like. They also have the yellow spots and its much more apparent on them.

I did watch a video online that says if the yellowing occurs it could be due to magnesium deficiency. Check that out here

what do you guys think? I really need help!
1 year ago