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I hope so! I vow to create a wicking bed if this is a viable method. Thanks for posting this.
2 days ago
Hahahaha, no. Maybe one? If I had to? I like to do it one thing at a time. Go out and grab 1 cord a day until I have about 4. Then split it all into a big pile over the course of "howeverlongittakes" and stack it into the shed at leisure.

For accuracy's sake I should point out that I have 10 and 16 year old boys. So by "I" I mean "they", hahaha.
4 days ago
First place I saw someone make biochar: Skillcult.

Best axe sharpening videos on YouTube: Skillcult.

Probably the best apple breeding videos on YouTube: Skillcult. (I say probably because they are the only apple videos I've watched, hahaha).

Bell Peppers. Which is cool because they are basically my favorite vegetable.
I live in Nevada County, CA actually. When all the gold ran out the miners here went to try their luck on your side of the hill. So they named that Nevada as well. I wasn't a grunt but signal so I got to dig with the pioneer tools on my truck at least and way less often. It really is all about the digging... My best advice I guess would be to hand dig stuff for a few months and get an idea of what your working with and then go rent a machine for a day or two. That will get you going.
2 weeks ago
In my case it's just a small trench so I dig the char out into buckets and inoculate that way. I am only making 7-8 buckets (about 35 gallons) of char at a time. I am going to get my neighbor to  dig me a full size trench when I clear my lower property (about 3 acres) and try to get serious with it.

Anyways, another mistake I have made was trying to crush it by hand, in a square container, with one of those packer-wacker tools. Hand tamp? The results were not much better than running it over with my truck and it took forever. The truck, even on dirt, allows for more production. I have a lot of nasty land to rehab here! Really this is a scale issue and not a mistake. If you are making just a few gallons then the truck would be ridiculous but when doing it by hand, I almost gave up. Which would be the ultimate mistake.
2 weeks ago
Sort of an intentional mistake: I used to burn huge piles of brush and then extinguish them with the hose to scavenge the char. It is pretty effective as long as you constantly add brush to the top, actually. But once I dug a trench and did it that way I was getting a much better input/output ratio. The reason I was burning was for fire clearance so I wasn't going to be able to burn all that in a trench anyways but I can assure you that it's worth it if your main goal is to collect the char.
2 weeks ago
Hey buddy, I live just over the hill in California. Nice to have another Iraq vet here. Good God will that work ethic come in handy trying to turn THAT place into a farm, hahaha. I wish I had something to offer ya, like a tractor. But I'm broke too. Oh well, start diggin!

2 weeks ago
EXCELLENT write up and follow through. Thanks Lauren! I love these types of threads.
3 weeks ago
That bike on the right is a tank! Super cool write up, I appreciate it. I wish they were cheaper.

I want to get a light duty e-bike to hang gear on and  walk alongside, Ho Chi Minh Trail style, when I go "backpacking". Because the one drawback to backpacking is that carrying enough beer for a weekend in the woods is hard on the knees!
3 weeks ago