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"7/10 acorns"

Ryobi is what I have at home. It's one of those deals where once you have 2 tools, you are stuck. Otherwise I would probably get something a little more powerful. I do like the tools though, and the price is lower than the tools I wish I had. I have the 2 drills, 2 sawzalls, a 90mph blower and the weed wacker.
4 hours ago
Hi Jen,

I have had almost the exact same experience although I admit my hugels are not "to spec" as far as size. More like 4 feet high than 7... I had to water them on just about the same schedule as all my other beds and just didn't see any benefit to them other than it was a good way to get rid of slash and create nice looking berms.

I think it has to do with how long they sit dry from our NorCal weather. Even though the rotted wood holds water it is still being pulled down by gravity and wicked up and away by wind. My experience is more and more pointing me to, "nothing raised, ever" as a growing method.
3 days ago

I am pretty sure if you lie horizontally, and of course naked, in a snow bank you will discharge just fine.
While I agree that metal handled tools are much tougher, where's the soul? Hahahaha I hate metal handles but I do have some. Mostly as "leave in the yard" yard tools. Metal handles don't warp or swell in the rain, and sometimes I don't want to go get a shovel so I grab, ol' rusty for a quick chore.

Shout out Forestry Suppliers!

If I had Osage Orange I might give that a try, making a handle. Seems pretty hard though, no pun intended.
3 days ago
Since I heard of grounding, aka walking barefoot, I have actually made it a point to make the 50 foot trip out to the garage without boots when I think about it. If it is just electrical grounding, it wouldn't take more than a split second to discharge, eh?

I almost think it's real. Not quite convinced. But also, I think it's real. To a point. Maybe.
I have only had 2 leeches so I am gonna go with tick. Devil you know...

4 days ago
I have a 5 pound (maybe exaggerated slightly) shovel head that DIGS baby! At least until you start to wonder why anyone would want to dig with such a heavy shovel. Or until your arms fall off. The handle couldn't keep up with that workhorse, but I pumped half a bottle of gorilla glue into the cracks. Then I spray painted the head silver.


Also, the fiskars diggin fork has waaaay tougher tines than my old generic one.
4 days ago
It's all about me. For a few reasons...

First of all, I hope they know what they are getting into, funding my project. Gonna take a lot of machine hours... And since they are paying, I'm hiring a crew! Might as well buy the 5 acres next door and include that too!

2 years of funding and I might have enough going here that I won't need too much more income. Forever.

How do I know these guys are gonna be doing something I consider useful/ethical/right!?!?! Hahaha.
4 days ago
Yeah that's crazy....

I used to use one but I must have weird plants or be stupid or something cause I never really got good answers...

Hey, it's snowing!
1 week ago