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since Dec 31, 2019
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Recent posts by Dan Fish

Yep, if it was me I would cut down 9/10 of those little trees. Get those straws out of the ground and let the sun shine in and I bet you will get exactly what you are looking for.
5 days ago
What i did was just fill 5-10 gallons of water into a tub with some soap and get after it. Rub those clothes together best you can and pile em up on the side (yes in the dirt...) then, dump the filthy water and refill with clean, rinse as well as possible. Wring and hang to dry.

Crispy socks will soften up with wear.

6 days ago
I have a Gerber Freeman Guide. It's a folder but a heavy one. It minimally meets your criteria and it was 22 bucks last year. Really for what you are saying you need a full tang knife. I like Buck knives for that but I wouldn't carry one everywhere.
1 week ago
I have a worm bin that gives me about 7 buckets of compost a year. I don't manage it actively at all so it could give a lot more but hey, I'm a busy man!

Anyways, I didn't put castings into my transplant holes as I have always done in the past. I had so many plants die within days of transplanting that it was unreal. Most of my direct seeding where I did not (as I usually do) spread a lil vermicompost  was a failure too.

So yeah, in my mind it is totally justified. I bet I spend 3-5 hours a year on worms.

(A bear had gotten into my worm bin and ate most of them so I was trying to get them going again this spring. That's why I went ahead without the castings. The population is fine now...)  
1 week ago
I have an awesome, crappy pulaski that is perfect for this. Cut roots with the (bent) axe head and dig with the grub hoe.

Until it finally blew up I had a "dirt saw". I would cut 90% of the way through the tree with my chainsaw and then use the dirtsaw to finish cuts that were guaranteed to dull the chain. It actually was probably more of a high RPM, narrow kerf sander than a chainsaw. Now days I am much more skilled so no need for that anymore.
1 week ago
Don't worry. A radiator is about the easiest thing to replace under a cars hood. Trust me, I have a curse that forces me to replace at least one a year for some damn reason.

No lie, I found a big leak in my trucks YESTERDAY....
3 weeks ago
All I can say is STORAGE. If you can't dig a pond, buy a big tank. If you can't afford a tank, buy a cheap swimming pool.
3 weeks ago
Hey I see portable milling on Craigslist from time to time. It wouldn't hurt to drop an ad on there in the services wanted section. But if you are finding metal...

3 weeks ago
Sounds good. That is the same size trench as what I use.
1 month ago