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since Mar 14, 2020
Canadian Prairies - Zone 3b
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Recent posts by Douglas Alpenstock

I'm trying to be a little more proactive this winter. I find that I am most productive when I have a list of bite-size projects; it's probably related to how cold and dark affect my mood and motivation.

My priorities:
- get my garage cleaned up and put some on-demand heat in there (probably propane) and better lighting; this is the precursor to being able to tackle other projects
- Various lumberjack projects; I have danger trees that have to come down before they wreck cars/buildings
4 seconds ago
As much as I preferred Win 7, these days I would only run Win 7 on a stand-alone machine. I get the same opinion from IT guys I know (who aren't Windows shills by any stretch): Win 7 should never touch the Internet. Upgrade or run Linux.
10 hours ago
Kathleen, I agree with your post except ... the chimney fire comment gives me pause. From my perspective, it's really hard to do this in a controlled way, and there is a danger of warping or damaging the piping in a way you can't easily see (esp. double wall insulated). I would worry about increased options for failure, leading to a house fire.
2 days ago
Lisa, just curious: it seems only people with restaurant kitchen experience reach for a 12" chef knife. Most non-kitchen-magicians seem to find them too big and unwieldy. Any insights on using the big blade in a small kitchen?
2 days ago
What you are talking about has a commercial precedent -- it is called an outdoor furnace. It starts/stops based on simple thermostatic controls rather than the clean combustion of wood. It is commonly known to neighbours as "the place they would burn down if they could possibly get away with it."

In industry, there is a fancy, semi-smart thermostat called a "PID" -- proportional integral derivitive as a vaguely recall. It mathematically anticipates events before they happen (precog) and takes action to prevent them. I can imagine the programming would run like this:
- PID predicts room temperature will drop below preset in 60 minutes
- PID activates progressive action sequence 1, opening cat door to initiate scratching and wailing at bedroom door.
- If rules not met, after preset time, PID activates progressive action sequence 2, playing highlighted scenes from movie 'Deliverance' on repeating loop through unbreakable speakers in bedroom.
- If rules not met, after preset time and sequence 1 and 2 completed, PID activates progressive action sequence 3, activating fire alarms in building and activating maximum air conditioning in bedroom.
- Rules: Action sequences can only be silenced by opening of stove door and IR fire sensor indicating initial combustion, followed by gradual increase in room temperature.

Dude, just put a pot of flavourful tea in a thermos the night before, put on a housecoat and fuzzy slippers at 5 am, start your fire, wrap in a big blanket and doze lightly on the couch while it all comes together. This is the sweetest hour of the day!
2 days ago