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Recent posts by Douglas Alpenstock

Mart Hale wrote:Daylight Drive.

... My concerns are to not destroy the DC motor so I am avoiding running it when the motor does not have enough energy to turn over...

Yes! I have a vague plan for direct drive of large 12VDC computer fans to move warm air, but I have the same concerns -- the motor windings will become a "toaster" and be destroyed when there isn't enough power to turn them. A switch or mechanical timer might be an interim solution, but I wonder if there are cheap off-the-rack electronic circuits that wouldn't require my direct intervention.
2 minutes ago
I assume these are Himalayans and not the native blackberry? Forget gloves (as the primary defence). What you need is reach and leverage -- use loppers!

And OMG I can't imagine I'm telling war stories, but ... years ago on Vancouver Island we would drop down a sheet of 4x8 plywood in a patch and pick blackberries like crazy. Spiny plants think big; I suggest you do the same.
13 hours ago
Hm, I have concerns with this particular model. It's more of a grill/turkey roaster with a smoker box.

I find that propane units require a pretty extensive reno to convert to pellets, and then it's unlikely that the metal can withstand the more intense heat without damage. Or the draft is all wrong and they don't burn worth a damn.

Personally I would sell this unit and scrounge a used smoker/grill that was designed for solid fuels. My 2c.
14 hours ago
I'm not sure what you've tried, recovery wise, but FWIW, both Windows and Linux boxes can read the photo files on many smartphones. A corrupted Android-formatted SD card may be beyond them. But poke around in the phone's file system before you give up hope. My 2c.
1 day ago

Timothy Norton wrote:Personally, I would not be concerned as the critters you are mentioning are great at traversing many different types of ground.

I second the motion. Not a problem.
1 day ago
^ Now that is very cool.
1 day ago

Derek Thille wrote:One weekend, we had over 20 bird species...during spring migration we often see a couple varieties of sparrow that nest way up north.  The first time I identified them (Harris' sparrow was one) was kind of special.

Wow. Big wow. Sighting a Harris' sparrow is not far from sighting a unicorn gambolling through the fields. They are so damn rare. Good job creating a space for them.
1 day ago

Rebecca Blake wrote:Has anyone had any experience getting a mortgage with a building that is not 100% to code?

I have this bad habit of buying properties that are really cool but the buildings are decades old and are definitely not up to code. I have never had a hitch getting a mortgage on these -- if you can make the payments, the banks don't care.

And if you sell, be up front and give full disclosure: these stairs are not quite up to code. "As-is, where-is." If they sign off on that, you are protected.

The wild card is insurance. They can be pissy about the details.

Mike Philips wrote:“ Yields in excess of 82% of the initial [polyethylene]”


Yes, with simple plastics this is possible. I would respectfully note that these tests are conducted under controlled, industrial-quality conditions. This is not a backyard project.
1 day ago