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Rebecca Fussner

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since May 18, 2020
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I'm a respiratory therapist set to retire soon. Planned earlier but the the "plague". I work,I cook,I garden. Saw a food forest in Las Vegas and have been enchanted since. Education is all I need to get it started so.... here I am educate me please. We have changed our minds going to retire somewhere around Odessa TX. I thought why I do know was common knowledge but I am getting to share that too!
Azusa Ca.
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It looks like jam it even set up. webpage
2 weeks ago
Finally ran out of store jam and tried mine. I'm sure jam is not supposed to be crunchy.  I am sure it will come out if I add juice a little pectin and reprocess. Any better ideas? I am actually hoping for the voice of experience. Help!.
2 weeks ago
We have a huge avocado tree and we are in Cali therefore we have fruit rats. I use VERY STRONG peppermint to the point it bothers me for a few days . I do it every other month it seems to discourage them.
2 months ago
Feeding pond plants to rabbits would increase the Omega 3 or is it 6?
2 months ago
4 cups coarse chopped cantaloupe
1 cup sugar
1\3 cup fresh lemon juice
1\2 cup honey
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon powdered pectin
melon and 1 cup water in pot boil use potato masher, add sugar lemon boil stir constantly, cook 15-20 min till thick. Add honey salt and pectin boil vigorously 2 min process.

IN MY WORLD.. Its all going in the Crock-Pot it's going to cook down to apple butter consistency then I'll water bath it. Work smarter not harder.
2 months ago
2 quarts cantaloupe cubed
1\4 cup salt
1 cup vinegar
1 cup sugar
3 cinnamon sticks
1&1\2 tablespoons each whole clove and allspice berries
dissolve salt in water and cover cantaloupe allow t sit for at least 3 hours. Refrigerate.

Drain cubes
in 3 cups boiling water add sugar and spices bring to boil stir till sugar dissolves boil 10 minutes. Add in cantaloupe bring to boil again reduce heat simmer 45 min till cantaloupe bits are translucent. Process

IN MY WORLD THERES NO TIME FOR DAT..... So I plan to boil chunks for 10 minutes and then water-bath for another 35min.
2 months ago
I have read that mice will kill a hive. Some day I would like to have bees, so I'm learning all I can about them.  On the question of mice in the hive...would it be feasible to keep them away by planting lots of peppermints around it? Bees like mint mice can't breathe around it.  I wonder if anyone has tried it ? How did it work for you? Educate me please!
2 months ago
So...It's completely inept. Do yourself a favor and turn off the sound.