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Recent posts by C Lungpin

Wouldn't the carpet dolly model need to be altered to allow it to dump? How would you unload a version that looks like the carpet dolly?
1 month ago
I made Smen one time. I think I read about it somewhere and just went for it. It's a fermented butter from Morocco. You make an oregano tea and knead it into the butter and then let it ferment in a jar. It ends up tasting and smelling like a funky cheese. It was really good!
3 months ago
Thanks for your responses! Yes, I was referring to the structure painted red seen in the first 2 photos. I thought it was made from the curved metal poles of trampolines. I have a pile of trampolines that I'd like to build structures out of. I've seen a thread by another permie who bought some trampoline parts to do this, but I thought maybe you had done something similar.
5 months ago

Thekla McDaniels wrote:Hi Tom,

It's been a few years since I built it.

The hops cover the trellis, and early succession plants cover the bare dirt, but here it is as originally built.  It has never leaked or overflowed or washed out.

Old post, but I see you're still an active permie... Do I see a hoop house or some kind of trellis made from trampoline frames in the background of your photos? Can you share anything about making it or how you use it?
5 months ago
I searched back for my source (had to use the wayback machine) and the recipe came from the Angelica Kitchen book. It was posted online by Gothamist. https://web.archive.org/web/20051104112726/http://www.gothamist.com/archives/2005/06/01/gothamist_cooks_kind_of_by_the_book_angelica_kitchens_cornbread.php

This source does say 3 cups cider/juice. There's  definitely a chance that they could have made a mistake in copying from the book. I did make this recipe a number of years before posting here. I assume that I used the same source and I doubt I would have been a confident enough baker at the time to make any adjustments. I do remember it being pretty moist but not in bad way.

Sorry for any trouble! I guess the next step is to track down the book.
How did the bread turn out with your adjustments?

1 year ago
Have you made more progress on the clubhouse? I'd love to see how it's turning out!
1 year ago

Diane Monico wrote: I harvest the young shoots which make excellent pickles

Do you have pickle recipe that you can share? I'm looking for a good one.
1 year ago
Thanks for responding, it's an interesting idea.
2 years ago

Abe Coley wrote:

C Lungpin wrote:

C Lungpin wrote:Big thanks to Abe! My plants were delivered safely and look healthy. Excited to finally have some Nanking Cherry, Quince, Silver Buffaloberry... and others

Update: Unfortunately only 9 of my 17 plants survived in their new home. I don't blame Abe, it's just a bummer. The hazels in particular all had buds but they never broke and leafed out.

Shoot me an email and lemme know what ones didn't work out and I would be happy to replace them. I want to make sure you get good healthy plants!

I just updated my return/refund policy on my site: https://mountaintimefarm.com/pages/return-refund-guarantee

Wow that's a generous policy. I'll email you soon, thanks Abe!