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Burra is a hermit, and a dreamer, and an eternal optimist. She loves ideas, and she loves testing them out and sharing what she finds out. She's constantly starting new things but rarely finishes them. She is hopelessly disorganised and lives in a state of total, blissful chaos. She loves apricots. And cherries. One day she'll grow all her own food so she never has to venture off her farm.
She is currently taking some time off to spend with her family.
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Welsh Sheepdogs are getting more well known!

1 week ago

Jason Hernandez wrote:the footage from before the child was vaccinated showed her already exhibiting early autistic traits, which the psychologist saw even though her inexperienced, first-time parents did not.

Absolultely agree with this.  I'm on the spectrum too, as is my son and many of my friends and their kids.  I can see the genetic link clearly - plus a lot of us are hyper sensitive to drugs and medications of all kinds.  I can quite imagine that young kids who are on the spectrum but not diagnosed would react badly to vaccines and this might trigger a diagnosis.  Which would seem like a lot of people to imply that the vaccine caused it, even though it's hard-wired in before birth.

I suspect that if kids could be diagnosed earlier, then a lot of bad vaccine reactions could be avoided.

2 weeks ago
Have you correctly entered the username of the person you're trying to PM?
You've called yourself 'Rob' in your signature, so the name you choose is going to have to match that one rather than trying to use a rather fake sounding one.
Most of the people I know with electric cars are charging them with their own solar panels.
2 weeks ago
Are you sure you're logged on when you've tried to reply?  

Sepp Holzer designed a water retention landscape to rehydrate the landscape and prevent flooding in Tamera in Portugal.

There's a longish thread about it here - Tamera and their water retension landscape

2 weeks ago
The Valentine's tree blossomed a little earlier than I expected this year, and already has new leaves growing.  

It really is such a special tree for me, though I admit to a few tears in my eyes looking at the memories of it here from the last few years, and the sadness of this time last year, followed by the unexpected blooming as my new partner is settling in.  He's a bit shy, so maybe no photos of him with me until next time round, though just between you and me he is a member here...

I turned the photo into a jigsaw puzzle for you all, too.  
1 month ago

Uranus stinks. And we're not joking.

The enigmatic outer solar system planet has long had a credibility problem, what with it being the butt of countless immature jokes. Now, astronomers have just discovered a gas in Uranus' clouds that does nothing to curtail the giggles. At all.
Using the Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer (NIFS) that is attached to the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii, astronomers were able to detect the very slight spectroscopic signature of hydrogen sulfide in the uppermost layers of Uranus' clouds. This whiff of hydrogen sulfide is only the tip of the odoriferous iceberg, however; the presence of this gas is indicative of a huge reservoir below the obscuring cloud deck.

Full article here - Scientists Confirm Uranus Stinks
2 months ago