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Burra is a hermit, and a dreamer, and an eternal optimist. She loves ideas, and she loves testing them out and sharing what she finds out. She's constantly starting new things but rarely finishes them. She is hopelessly disorganised and lives in a state of total, blissful chaos. She loves apricots. And cherries. One day she'll grow all her own food so she never has to venture off her farm.
She is currently taking some time off to spend with her family.
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Recent posts by Burra Maluca

And a couple more of him cooling off with his mom after being out working in the hot sun.

2 days ago
Well it seems like Adeline and Teg have converted me to the delights of Welsh Sheepdogs. 

It looks highly likely that this fella will be coming home with me soon - meet Rocky!

Not quite sure how to get him home yet.  We're working on it...
2 days ago
This video might give you some ideas. He's based in Somerset.

His book, No Dig Organic Home & Garden is awesome too.
2 days ago
Have you seen Matt Walker's Tiny House Cook Stove Heater?

You'd still need a bit of metal for the door, but there's none in the stove itself, and the bench is different type too, with no flue pipe.
1 week ago
I've never used branded trugs, but I buy very similar ones made from recycled rubber from the builders merchants.  They are virtually indestructable! 

We use them for carrying concrete, one person each side - they really are that strong!  I also use them for rock picking, laundry, hauling compost, anything really.  I love that you can carry lighter things in one hand and the same thing is strong enough for the toughest, heaviest jobs.  We have some that are ten years old and have been outside in the summer sun and are still as good as new. I have one I drilled holes in the bottom of so I can rinse stuff in it.  I think they cost €3.50 each so they are very affordable, too.

Here's my laundry set-up using two trugs.

2 weeks ago
When my pee bucket starts to attract bees, I know it's time to get my blood sugars checked and sort my diet out again. 
2 weeks ago
And then there is European law that dictates how much fruit must be used to make jam.  And, therefore, that a carrot is a fruit because carrot jam is awesome and couldn't possibly be legislated against.

Here's a link - Carrot Jam

And no way do I accept that peanuts are fruit.  Just no...
1 month ago