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Burra is a hermit, and a dreamer, and an eternal optimist. She loves ideas, and she loves testing them out and sharing what she finds out. She's constantly starting new things but rarely finishes them. She is hopelessly disorganised and lives in a state of total, blissful chaos. She loves apricots. And cherries. One day she'll grow all her own food so she never has to venture off her farm.
She is currently taking some time off to spend with her family.
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Recent posts by Burra Maluca

I think it was because you were asking about toxic gick, which is a subject that is confined to the cider press.  
If they're not showing, make sure that the 'bumper stickers enabled' box is checked.
Here is a thread about bumper stickers. Any member can use these.

We have a whole subforum about PEP and PEX here. Take some time to read through some of the threads there, especially the ones hot-linked near the top of the page. You will need to complete several tasks exactly as per the requirements in order to earn PEP badges.

Here is a thread all about apples.
It looks like a member of the parsley and carrot family, which includes some highly poisonous plants as well as some useful and edible ones.

This page has some useful information.
1 week ago
I'm pretty sure we've never had a feature like that.

We provide a forum so people can list their land for sale, but it would be a huge amount of work to create a map feature like that, and take a lot of time and effort to maintain. And I don't think anyone would feel like volunteering.
In Portugal it seems that apples are usually cloned onto quince, which is much more drought tolerant and with a very strong root system than apple.
3 weeks ago
I found one of these on ebay - a used military kit bag which can be carried as a backpack.

This one is from here - no affiliation, just the best photo I could find.

Mine is huge, light, incredibly tough, and I'm not scared load it up as much as I feel up to carrying. Mostly I use it for mulch or collecting pine cones for kindling. It's also done service for laundry, travel, carting tools around, all kinds of things. It has a strange fastening system which means that if you don't fasten it, you can carry longer items in it and just leave them poking out the top.
3 weeks ago

Meni Menindorf wrote: Anyone have a link that can scare me adequately?  HHO explosion stories?  

This was just H2 without the O.  You might recognise it.

1 month ago