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Hi Jeremy -

Lots of land for sale out here. It is by far the most affordable area per acre I encountered in the 20,000 mile search through MT, WA, OR, and NorCal. It's like living in a postcard every day. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful, with so much to do. That said, you quickly learn why there isn't a huge demand for raw land out here.

1. It's dry and there is little relief in sight. We missed out on winter rain again. The sloping terrain provides a great canvas for a permaculture minded person, but most affordable lots don't have a well to get any ground cover started. I'm on an 8 month wait list for a well - and that's after literally offering bribes to any well digger who would actually put me on a list.

2. It's remote. I forgot a widget I needed on my last Home Depot trip to Medford, and now my entire day is going to be dealing with that. It gets old if you're a poor planner like me. Crime is a real thing - and tends to be sensational when it happens. There are areas of true rural poverty, where people have had their entire lives burned away, and are in untenable situations. However, I don't believe these are reasons to avoid living somewhere. Further, if there is a community archetype that could use permaculture, this is it.

3. The regulatory landscape is like an unsedated colonoscopy. The planning, environmental health, and building folks in Siskiyou have all been lovely to work with, but the actual processes are heartbreakingly inefficient and fractured.

If you have patience, and some starting cash, northern Siskiyou county has serious permaculture potential. Please send me a message if you'd like to chat more, and I can give you some specific areas to investigate.

4 months ago

Sounds like we may be a great fit. I just purchased 40 incredible acres north of Montague which is going to take me forever to get a legal structure on. The silver lining - more time up front for the good stuff. Shoot me a message and let's get in touch!

5 months ago
If any of you purchased this... I'm a newbie with 40 raw acres north of Montague who would love a conversation with a local!

We are closing on 40 acres in far Northern CA this week! We found property and closed far earlier in the year than we anticipated. We're on an 9+ month long waitlist for a well, but we have an opportunity time-wise to get some perennials in the ground this first year.

I am considering using stored hauled water connected to a drip system to provide initial watering of newly planted trees. We're planning planting locations based on some existing beneficial hydrological features. Is this a reasonable approach? Any other tips for plantings without water sources on site?

Many thanks!


My family has uprooted our remote-working suburban Maryland life in pursuit of a place to live and restore. Weve been traveling the country for 4 months looking for a special spot. We’ve found 40 acres near Ager in Siskiyou county that we couldn’t pass up.

I am excitedly overwhelmed, and looking for connections who would be willing to talk about living and permaculture in the region.

Looking forward to the journey,
6 months ago
Thank you all for these excellent and extremely practical tips. I will take folks up on the offers for follow up once I get rolling. We crossed into MT today after 7k miles of road tripping. The real work starts tomorrow!
7 months ago

I figure it's about time to introduce myself/beg for help. My wife and I are doing the exit-the-rat-race thing. We've both gone full time remote, sold our home and possessions outside of Washington DC. We're currently traveling across the country with our dog and a truck looking for ~10 acres to establish an off-grid homestead somewhere in WA/OR/MT. We're currently booked for 2 weeks in Stevensville starting Jan 1, followed by a few weeks in Elk, WA.  We've spent time vacationing off grid in the region, but are not familiar with the specific area. We've found that experiential learning works best - hence nomading around until we find a good fit.

My wife will be working remotely full time, and I'll be part time while conducting the primary survey for land. Our only real criteria is that it's a super cool spot, and that we can creatively establish reliable internet for my wife's work.

From the online search, it seems like Western MT is going to give us the biggest bang for our buck while avoiding ID/WY (for other reasons). I've identified a few dozens properties that I am now doing deeper research into.

I would love any tips, hints, recommendations, cautions about looking for property in the region.

Be well - Evan
7 months ago