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Recent posts by Jim Spaulding

Attaching a bunch of pictures from my fence repair today, looking to cross post these to the Oddball PEP.
3 months ago
Hello there! I was looking for a place to post my goings-on (similar to the boot camp threads), and figured the Midwest forum was as good as any. I’m a little bit outside of Lansing, MI, and have a exurban half acre that backs up to a large wooded park.

I’m idly going through PEP, trying to remember to document the things I’m already doing and using it as a guide for new things to try. I do a good bit of gardening and cooking already. I’d like to do more woodworking, DIY, and food preservation.

I’m going to document things here, and use this as a place to dump photos from my phone, then add some context from my computer later. If you have any questions on stuff, let me know!
3 months ago
Hopefully not too much duplication with folks' comments above:

Overall design: is this missing a vertical firebrick at the outside corner of the burn tunnel and riser? Seems like this goes right up against the orange brick that makes up the retaining wall. I don't remember this from the Solarium build, but I'm pretty sure the builds that I worked on this fall had white firebrick for the feed tube, burn tunnel, and riser base.

4: I would add a sidebar about making cob, or if there's a good commercial replacement. The previous comment about a bill of materials would resolve this; x lbs clay, y lbs sand, 2 bales straw, stable fill, etc.
4: 1.5 - 2 barrels are required, a half for the manifold and a full barrel for the radiator.
5: I think the vertical lines are a bit out of place, the step labels make it pretty clear to me.  I would like a heading on this page - something like "An overview of the build"
19: Another angle on the manifold cuts would be helpful.
19+: I would use "barrel" when talking about materials, but once we make a cut or are talking about it as part of the build, refer to it only as the Manifold or Radiator.
19-20: I would swap these pages. One page dedicated to cutting the manifold and installing the flange, then a second for installing it on the jtube.
22: Highlight the flappy-dos in the top image.
4 months ago
For everyone having issues with adding a few cents - so was I.  I realized that Kickstarter won't let you add less than $1, so I needed to update mine by $1.14 to vote for potatoes.
5 months ago
A clarification on the rule

- no inputs from more than 500 feet away (tomato starts from the big box store aren't allowed) except for seeds

How is this being interpreted for perennials? Looking at Mike's first approved submission, I'm assuming the apples, raspberries, and Aronia berries were probably bought as plants (super cool if started from seed).

Also does garlic follow the seed potato rule?
10 months ago
Small space, small cleanup.  Most of the cleanup was the puppy chewing on things in the yar and shredding toys.


4 photos:

  • The yard and cause of most of the cleanup
  • Closeup of the type of junk
  • Bucket o' junk
  • Clean(er) yard
  • 10 months ago
    Few questions, then a couple ideas:

    * I wasn't able to find the "TP Link AP 110 router" specifically.  Is this the new equipment that you have? https://www.tp-link.com/us/business-networking/omada-sdn-access-point/eap110-outdoor/
    * What's your ISP?  Cable, DSL, fiber?
    * What's your full setup? ISP modem => Old Linksys => EAP110?

    * Hypothesis 1: IP assignment between the ISP and the EAP110.  You're connecting your modem directly to the EAP.  The EAP isn't a router itself, but an Access Point.  It does try to get an IP assigned from the modem, but doesn't work well.  I would put the old router between the modem and the EAP110 and see what happens.
    * Hypothesis 2: Power issues.  Looking at the [documentation](https://static.tp-link.com/upload/manual/2022/202203/20220307/1910013169-EAP110_UG.pdf), when running on PoE, you need to run the EAP110 off of a PoE switch.  I'm guessing while the EAP does get some power from what it is currently hooked into, it isn't enough for stable operation.  Try connecting the EAP110 to a stable power source and see what happens.
    10 months ago

    I am a Pro Forecaster for INFER (formerly CSET Foretell). For a minimum 10 hours, I am paid $200 monthly.

    Info on the program: https://www.infer-pub.com/pro-forecaster-description

    In the attached screenshot, it shows Foretell in the memo line on the October and November payments (life got busy, and I didn't spend enough time on platform for the December payment).
    11 months ago