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Recent posts by Lyam Pelletier

I often do this recipe with whatever vegetables we have. This week was:

- Olive oil
- Onions
- Garlic
- Celery
- Red cabbage
- Parsnip
- Turnip
- Tofu
- Soy Sauce
- Maple syrup
- Homemade hot pepper paste
My bathroom door was making so much noise, it would wake everyone up at night!  I used coconut oil and now it's completely silent.
1 month ago
Here's the little spoon I carved un maple wood using my knife!
This youtube channel has a bunch of recipes from the depression era. And the host, Clara, is adorable!Great Depression Cooking
11 months ago
Thank you all for sharing! I had been hesitant about doing guerilla composting myself. Now I will take a look at bokashi for things my worms don't really want as is.
1 year ago
It is "Le temps des sucres" here in northeast Quebec! The maples have been giving the past few weeks event though there's been ups and downs in temperature.

You can see a tapped maple in the first picture. In the second picture, this is my sap collecting system as I go from maple to maple every day. And finally the well-anticipated product! I am proud to perpetuate this cultural tradition.
1 year ago
EDIT: added a picture showing the bucket contenance (16,6 L = 3,65 gallons)

After a few showers, I finally had enough water! I will keep collecting the water from the shower from now on, it is such a waste to let it go like that^^
The showerhead at my parents' house hadn't been taken care of for a while... I let it soaked in a bucket of vinegar for a few hours, then I cleaned it with an old toothbrush.
1 year ago
Here's my handwashed laundry!
1 year ago
Here's the dishcloth I knitted!  I used a 100% cotton thread and US 9 needles.
1 year ago