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I did some stuff before, then I decided to stop doin stuff and relax a bit, then I went to do some traveling, before I left for my travels I met this gal, incredible gal, blows my mind. A month later we packed up our stuff and her dogs and camped out in a yurt around the Gulf of Mexico, now we have two little lady-babies and are living the dream-life in the woods. I have gratitude seeping out of my eye-holes every morning when I wake up.
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Recent posts by Chris Vee

Thank you so much Thomas!

I used not quite a 3:1 mix-- closer to a 2.6:1 mix

AKA a 13:4 I guess...

The sand I used is from a local cement and masonry place that the sand grains come in all sizes from small to large, it feels especially grainy/rough in the hand. I got 2 tons for $60.

Sounds like for the rest of the project I may want to just go get that medium grain... I think I will.

Are you saying there is a decent chance the cracks did not come from doing too much cob at one time?

& I did line bricks and rocks all through the middle of the cob. I just didn't take pictures of it....

Thank you again so much and Cheers!!!
6 hours ago
So caveat: please don't be too hard on me. I know.

I was building a RMH by myself over the last 5 months and it was becoming tedious mixing and laying cob alone.

I enlisted a buddy to help me and we attacked the RMH... we laid far more cob in 8 hours than I would have imagined. Probably a literal ton of cob +-200 pounds.

So as it's been drying it has also been cracking.... I'm thinking I will fill the cracks w/ a clay slip that has a little sand mixed in but hoping to find a good way to do that or other options at this point.

My wife would be very unhappy if I had to tear down the cob to start fresh so I'm going to avoid that. Full stop.

Thanks y'all.

11 hours ago

Ned Harr wrote:I

I keep hearing about pawpaw fruit (a.k.a. Hillbilly bananas) but I never see them growing anywhere.

..One time in my 20s I went to this party where we ate these berries that make sour stuff taste sweet. That was fun...

I just planted a paw paw outside our window last season! I'll try and let you know how it goes.

ALSO-- Just bought a half-of-a-bull from Georgia= Bull Testicles!!! I will make them soon; have no idea how yet but figure the universe will help me figure it out like she usually does... what a world!!!

cheers all!
1 month ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:A heavy riser like that is going to work best when run for a long time each firing, so once the bricks heat up they can coast without taking more energy from the burn.

Awesome, the plan will essentially be to run it from about 11 a.m. to midnight each day throughout winter... does that sound right or should I consider starting it earlier each day so there isn't as much time to cool between night and morning?..
3 months ago
If anyone could please check out the video and let me know if you think that's sufficient to hold up a 5,000 pound RMH...

Thank y'all!
3 months ago
I appreciate all the feedback,

We are heating the coldest room of a fairly large 1 story home, it's an old prefab home and there are a lot of small "cracks"/ "air-leaks" so this should help heat our chilly family room and we will be working towards cycling some of the heat into the other main living area.

I angled the top bricks and used perlite to insulate. In the bottom-most and top-most of the insulation I mixed some clay slip in to give it form and to try and keep an angle to support fly ash falling toward an easy-to-clean access door. (only about 20% of the perlite is mixed with slip)

Then I used two 10" duct pieces cut to length and used metal screws to secure them where I wanted them snug.

3 months ago
Do you have critiques or recommendations?
3 months ago
Yup Yup!

the plywood is just the form... plywood & wood glue..

then the core is perlite & refractory cement... a huge chunk of mass? The core or the full-size fire bricks?...
3 months ago
So here’s my heat riser; I think I’ll cut the top layer of bricks to create an angle that allows the ash to naturally fall… then think I’ll use loose duct around the riser with perlite/clay packed in…

All thoughts & critiques very welcome.

3 months ago
Welp, it’s go time for me. Here’s how we supported the floor.

aaaaaand.. I finally got time to do some editing and uploading.

All feedback welcome!

4 months ago