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Recent posts by Kyle Hayward

I used three sister for Glass Gem Corn one year, good sized ears (not dwarf) and the prettiest corn you''ll ever see, but might be too expensive, oh and it dries and pops well!
13 hours ago
The intent of the forum is to share education, experience and information: specific to permaculture with many sub-categories.
Whilst it is in fact social, that is not it's Raison d'ĂȘtre.
2 days ago
My organic garden abuts the back of my garage which is cinderblock and absorbs and then radiates heat throughout the day. I plant my tomatoes there for that reason.
It is currently a light gray color and I'm thinking of painting it a more reflective white, because the garden  is partially shaded until about 11AM and so I thought this might help all the plants.
I'm also considering black to absorb more heat, but as it is, it seems to do a pretty good job of radiating the days stored heat now.
Anyone have experience with painting a wall white and if it makes a difference to the plants?
My favorite thing is that it's gotten me much more involved in permaculture and this spring I have been applying many of the methods I've read about on here.
A beautiful piece and it should darken nicely with age.
1 month ago
I saw it perfectly here in Ohio, the quality of light before and after was thrilling, definitely had a different energy to it...and the eclipse itself when the sun haloed/corona-ed the moon was incredible, I didn't know it would do that, I thought it just went was very "sci-fi-ish" I really enjoyed it and wasn't expecting to.
1 month ago
I just did a Southern Ute sweat lodge ceremony and I definitely feel grounded.
1 month ago
Make a solar dehydrator.
2 months ago