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Recent posts by Theresa Garrison

Used Dr. Bronner's peppermint castille soap.  Wow on the pungency of the peppermint.  Probably should've used less than two squirts.  Grey water friendly per

18 cups hot water + 2 squirts of soap to begin with.  Silverware first, then cups, then bowls and plates.  Rinsed with 2c boiling water from kettle.  Washed messy stuff next.  Rinsed with another 4c boiling water (more because I wanted to make sure the cutting board was sterilized).  Put the cast iron pans upside down on a hot stove to dry thoroughly.  The washing pan was dirtier than when I started, so I used another 4c of boiling water to clean it and wipe out the sinks.

Total water used - 18 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 28 cups

4 months ago
...It's hard to overcome this stigma because "normal" survivalists are hesitant to talk openly for fear of being immediately dismissed as crazies...


Until you have gained the trust of survivalists, you'll never know who they are.   We have a contractor friend that I never would've guessed if his son hadn't spilled the beans about the fortifications to his house.  And a retired police officer friend who has about $200,000 worth of firearms -- which, btw, hold or increase in value.  Another older couple well into their 60s who have paid off every debt and stocked their pantry with enough food to feed their block for years.  More than a couple of Mormon friends who have seven years' worth of canned goods (!) in their suburban garages.  And two Amish acquaintances that trade in firearms here in TN whose concerns are with encroaching government.

My point is that most people probably do know those who would be considered "survivalists" or extreme preppers; they simply wouldn't know before an emergency who they are.

"The first rule of fight club..."
4 months ago
We prepped for Y2K because of a better-safe-than-sorry mentality.  Afterward, we donated a lot of it to the local food bank and kept what was readily usable.  Now we are back to stocking up on things and learning how to make use of every bit of things -- like not throwing away chicken bones, veggie scraps, etc, repurposing things we already have, and changing what and the way we buy things.  I prefer "prepared" to "survivalist" though if my bad neighbor decided to take what was mine, some of the survivalist methods might come in handy.  
4 months ago
Why?  Other people.

Our area is great except for one bad neighbor who plays rap music at a level that shakes my walls (and I'm not even next door).  He is not open to any neighborly discussion.  I have tried.  "It's my property and I'll do whatever I want."  The rest of us suffer for it.  I'm downloading a NIOSH db meter, gathering information, and going to the police.  There ARE noise ordinances here that he is openly violating -- found out it's because apparently his relative is a Deputy assigned to this area and he's thinking he is immune.  We're in a pickle -- suffer through his nastiness or escalate it, fearing retaliation.

So, I dream of an intentional community like the nearby Amish, except for electricity and outdoor plumbing  There is one within a couple of hours from us: that seems to be thriving.  Everyone there works and it's working.  We do not subscribe to some of their core beliefs, so not a good fit for us, but if there was something similar that better aligned with our values, it would feel like a dream.
4 months ago
Can you make the heating graphic clickable into a larger picture?  Can't quite read it all.  Very nicely done and attractive as well as informational.
4 months ago
Washed them in the tub with a little vinegar. Used the plunger method (brand new plunger, not something that had been used).  Rinsed, squeezed, then hung to dry.  The blue robe will be hung up in the bathroom; that's why its folding is poor.  Loved the Wisdom Clothesline video!  The washing, not so much, but it's good to know if I had to do it this way, I could.

Items: skirt, robe, long pants, short pants, leggings, white socks, colored socks, washcloth, hand towel
4 months ago
Been working on this for a couple of weeks now, little by little.  Currently using the floor as my work area until I find the "right" workbench - "right" to me means free or from the thrift shop -- most of the organizing materials here are from either a garage sale or thrift shop.  Save where it's less important so you can spend where it's more important.
4 months ago
I used a pair of dirty socks.  One into hot water and vinegar, the other into hot water and hydrogen peroxide.  Let them soak and then agitated to get the dirt out.  Then hung in the sun for more than 6 hours.  Both did okay, but probably not well enough to wear anywhere out.  Will try lemon and salt next time we buy lemons. The hydrogen peroxide one is noticeably whiter.
4 months ago
Have been working on the Nest badge and this did not fit there.  Wondering if it fits here.

Railings were rusted with chipping paint.  I used a wire brush to take off the rust and chipped area, cleaned what the brush did not take off, prepped the area with repurposed cardboard that had too many stickers for the garden, and sealed it with rust-prevention paint that was left over from HVAC repair (did not find a permie-friendly paint equivalent - if there is one that will prevent rust, I would appreciate the pointer.)

4 months ago
- All food prep and preservation BBs strictly prohibit plastic, teflon or aluminum touching the food at any point<<

So, if my oregano comes in a plastic container or the cheese comes in plastic packaging, that's a no-go?  Not sure where I would buy bulk spices or waxed cheese around here...