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Recent posts by Ed Waters

We had a chef we worked with back in Watkins Glen.  Sold him 20 pounds a week while they were in season.  He make salad dressing and kept used it for the entire summer season.  The bonus was he would save the tips with the roots on them for us and we would plant them back in the woods.  They grew back the next spring.  Here in Maine we are getting a new patch established.  Currently some good prices on ebay for plants.  We process them like the chef used to and plant what's left in our woods.  
11 months ago
Don't know why you aren't seeing a shoot.  Kind of hard to miss.  If you do get them don't let them get very big as they get tough.
We have recently moved to Maine and left the GKH behind in upstate NY but ordered plants from Richters for this Spring.  I don't know how to post a picture or a link here.
I am not very good with any kind of tech stuff.  
Good King Henry aka Lincolnshire Asparagus is a keeper.  Greens in the early spring, then eating it like asparagus and then a grain in the Fall.  When we sold it at market there were folks that liked it more than traditional asparagus.  Never tried to harvest it as grain but I have read it was done way back when.  It is easy to propogate by splitting in Spring.

Another would be sorrel.  If you are in England you may not be able to get the profusion variety which is only available from Richters in Canada.  Never bolts even in the hottest summer and once again very easy to propogate.  

Ramps are only available in Spring but another one that spreads easily and reliable.  Here in Maine they are ready in early April.  Nature knows you are ready for a cleanse.  Tough to grow from seeds.  The plants will become available on ebay in March.  A pound of plants will get you a nice bed started.

Blake the simple answer is yes.  We used flurescents for years to grow micro greens in our living room for sale to restaurants.  We don't farm for money any more and are trying to come up with a system where we can at the very least grow leafy greens inside from November to Februrary.  We are on the 45 parallel here in Maine, and nothing much grows for 4 months.  We live on the coast and the winds are horrible.  We had greenhouses back in NY but I cannot imagine them lasting long here.  Organic mixed greens at the store are in the 12-15 dollars per pound range.  Old style flurescents are a pain and the LED grow lights are really expensive.  Recently started using a brand called Barrina T5 LED's.  6 at 4'-0" for $45 on Amazon.  They appear to be working really well.  Whether than can keep us supplied with greens remains to be seen.  

1 year ago
For those of you in apartments might want to try Barrina T5 lights.  On sale right now on Amazon 6 at 4' for 45 dollars.  A far far cry from florescents and a heck of a lot cheaper than leds specific for growing.  Working really well with lettuce and spinach as well as tomato starts.  Micros are doing well, and they seem to be working for the chestnut trees we started from seed.  
1 year ago
It is my understanding that if you shave the bark off before putting the sapling in the ground that it will not grow.  I saw this on a video about coppicing and pollarding.  Will try it this Spring.  They were using it for hoops for row covers.  They also sanded all the rough edges so that it would not tear the row cover.  Seems like a lot of work but we better get used to it based on the price of pvc and metal pipe.
1 year ago
The switch occurred quite a while ago.  Moved the manufacturing location from Finland to Portugal.  They still are the best.

Currently good pricing from https://www.abolox.com/replacement-blades     Remember to rub a little vaseline on the blade when you aren't going to use it for a while.

1 year ago
Getting started on building our garden.  Never been tried around here (Washington County) as far as I can tell.  I will learn how to take pictures and post them.  Here is a place where you can buy baby clams.  https://downeastinstitute.org/buy-seed/
1 year ago
Thanks Alex for posting this.  We live on coastal Maine and recreational clam but have never heard nor seen anything close to this being done.  We live very close to the Passamaquoddy Township and I have reached out to two friends there to see if they know anything about this.  Please, if anyone has any more information on this I would love to hear about it.  We live in an area with some of the highest tides in the world and wonder if that might be a problem.

Thanks again
1 year ago