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Eric Thomas

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since Mar 19, 2011
Northeast Oklahoma, Formerly Zone 6b, Now Officially Zone 7
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Our Oklahoma weeds and grasses LAUGH at string trimmers.  This is what we use when they get out of control.  Sling blade, or a cane knife if you're from down south.
1 hour ago
I've been thinking about a book project myself.  I'm cruising into slightly early retirement and I've had a project on my mind for a couple of years.  I thought about the same thing.  Answer: You have to ask. Some tips to getting someone to write a foreword.
1 hour ago

denise ra wrote:Eric Thomas,
How are the soles of your muck boots holding up? The soles of the Bogs muck boots I have wore out quickly.

Well, two weeks of almost daily wear in +90ยบ F and humid weather, I rather like them.  Soles seem to be wearing well but I'm really impressed with the fact that they breathe and unless I'm in the direct sun they're quite comfortable.  No more foot sweat than a pair of athletic shoes.  More expensive than the ones Anne opened the thread with (about $159, with tax) but they seem to be made of the same breathable material with a wicking liner.  I have a fused 1st phalangeal joint in my right foot, that seems to be the only hindrance to full comfort but it's not the end of the world.  I expect to get quite a few years out of them. 

I just ran into a kid at the local store who was recovering from a copperhead bite.  He said he took 8 doses of antivenom at $8,000 a pop, plus the LifeFlite, ER, transfusion, etc., said the total tab was a couple of hundred thousand.  The most expensive boots are cheap insurance if you're mucking around rocks, ditches, and brush. 
5 days ago
And the dimensions, knowing the density would go a long way to id'ing the material.  Were the bricks between the house structure and the back of the fireplace or flue?
2 weeks ago
How much do they weigh?
2 weeks ago
I have some certified extract Hibiscus on the way, should have it tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted. 
3 weeks ago
Blessing to you Travis.  Only thing I can think to say is that you're not alone.  You have an extraordinary family right here pulling for you. 

3 weeks ago
Sounds like a great opportunity to experiment with both Kim.  The whole medicinal herb thing is a rabbit hole I only recently jumped down, after a bout with cancer (I won) and hypertension on top of it.  Can you zero in on "weird"?  As in psychotropic weird? 
3 weeks ago
I recently posted this about Immortality Herb (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), or Jiaogulan.  The plant is growing slowly and not large enough to pull any leaves off yet.  Some of the published data show that it was tested and found to be about 85% as effective as the top-selling BP med.  As soon as I can pull some leaves off it I'm going to try it.  Sedentary lifestyle brought on by temporary career choice, some fairly serious medical issues unrelated to BP but aggravating it nonetheless, have caused mine to go up a lot more than I like.  Has anyone else had any experience with this plant? 
3 weeks ago
Ah...rather well considering I've only had them for about 2 weeks.  I'm wearing them a couple of times a week but I'll be taking two weeks of working staycation here at the ranch and I'll probably be wearing them every day.  I'll pay attention and keep you posted.

You called them 'muck' boots which to me denotes a pull on, solid top boot.  These have a zipper on the inside backed with the same material so they're waterproof.  

4 weeks ago