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Northeast Oklahoma, Formerly Zone 6b, Now Officially Zone 7
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Thanks Rebecca, I've read all of DtG's books and subscribe to his YouTube channel, he's awesome.  We've already adopted some of the techniques since we have an abundance of large sandstone boulders on the ranch.  I'll post a follow-up with pics.
1 week ago
Thanks Justin, now I'm pumped, I'm planting it in 2 weeks.  Sounds like kudzu with benefits... Thanks for the warning and the good thing about my deal with Mephistopheles is I get to play in the garden!  I'll post a follow up when it comes in. 
1 week ago
Anne, thank you for your concern,  I am indeed getting enough water because of an unrelated condition.  I have a water glass within arm's reach all day.  My interest is in indeed in the herb. I'm new to this, except for the old school herbs that were common growing up (black birch, willow, mint), I've never taken or had the time to delve into this area.  Immortality herb seems to have a lot going for it.  Lots to learn....
1 week ago
Thank you Justin, I'll watch this when I have a chance.  I read that it had an 82% efficacy for reducing hypertension compared to 93% for the leading pharmacological.  My hypertension is fairly recent, the result of a Faustian deal with my employer that lets me work from home (read: sit on my bum and stare at a computer all day).  Before that I drove for hours all over the mid-West and ate a lot of lousy food in restaurants.  Since it's mostly self-inflicted, it's going to be self-resolved.  It's coming down slowly but surely with exercise and diet, but at my age I think I need a little help.  I just got the plant, going in to the ground in a week or two. 

Does it grow as annual where you are?  I'm zone 7, cut sheet that came with it says it's a perennial to Zone 8.  Also says moderate shade in hot climates, we definitely qualify as that.

Thanks for the response and the resource. 
1 week ago
OK, I diligently searched all the fora for any posts on Immortality Herb (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) and found almost nothing, which, after researching it kind of surprises me.  Seems on the surface to be a right handy herb to have around.  Does anyone have any experiences to share regarding the use of this herbal for the treatment of blood pressure issues?  My doctor wants me to start a bp med, I don't; I resist taking any medication for any reason until I sort out the diet/lifestyle/etc. factors. 

1 week ago
18. Vegetable and Herb dryer - Paint It Black, and    No, paint won't stick to it, trust me, I tried.  I grew potatoes in the two that I have (sorry, no pics), worked great, no bugs or rot.  Both were from front-loaders and had an 8-inch tapered steel shaft coming out the back making it easy to spike it into the ground and stay put. 
1 month ago
Ha! I actually had a raw egg in my pocket a couple of days ago.  Decided to check the hen house (ongoing pest problem so I've taken to carrying my old trapline .22 loaded with birdshot), figured I'd collect eggs while I was there.  Ran out of hand space, put one in each pocket.  Inevitable happened, squish...

So that makes mine a 2.  I had a picture of my hat tan ring, can't seem to find it. 
3 months ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:I have conversations like this all the time at the farmer's market...

Buyer: "What's that?"
Farmer: "A carrot."
Buyer: "How do I prepare it?"
Farmer: "Add it to a soup or stir fry."
Buyer: "Uh, uh, huh? uh..... K. thanks. bye."

I really live in a different world.

Well, at least there's a spark of interest.  How much effort would it be to push someone who has at least that smidgen of curiosity over the edge of actually trying to cook?  I've been asked this so many times at the supermarket and it still amazes me.  I always take the time to explain (usually to someone with a cart stuffed with Tombstone pizzas, diet Pepsi, and Cap'n Crunch). 

My son is a chef.  He used to do in-home catering for wealthy types in the city.  He told me that he always had to check the ovens in these $$Mongo$$ custom kitchens because once he pre-heated one that (unbeknownst to him)  the owners had never used, it still had the plastic wrap on the racks and styrofoam packing blocks in it.  He says that at least 75% of the people he catered for never cooked anything in their over-the-top custom kitchens except coffee and in the microwave.  

We had a group here in town that held free cooking classes for disadvantaged folks.  They discovered that the biggest hurdle wasn't a lack of interest or engagement, it was a lack of basic cooking utensils.  They literally didn't have a pot to...well...cook in.  Once they equipped them with a couple of cheap pots and pans, a knife and a spoon, they went to town, by all accounts the program was a huge success.  Can't get out of the food desert without a camel. 
4 months ago
Just got off the phone with my boss, conversation was about just this.  Jack Welch, of GE said "negative people are poison to positive people."  Interesting article that was just circulated around our virtual office.  The cost of getting rid of toxic people has a cost/benefit ratio that makes it well worth an employer to be motivated to get them out of the arena a fast as possible.  Interesting note in the article, people who vigorously claim to be "rule followers" are usually not. 

We have toxic people in our group, they just take on a different shape as we're usually not in the same shop or office, we actually see each other infrequently so daily, and frequent, communication is text/voice/email.  I can attest that technology doesn't stop toxic people from poisoning the company well.  My former employer (medium size corporation) had a "be nice" rule that was enforced by a retired Marine boss; get along or get out, don't let the screen door slap you in the ass.  He had a list of behaviors that he wouldn't tolerate and if he spotted people being toxic more than twice you were GONE.  If you had hard-to-get-along-with peeps you had to get creative in dealing with them without becoming toxic yourself.  It was a nice, if boring, place to work. 
5 months ago
I have a secret spot like that.  OERB came in about 15 years ago and remediated an old oil well head mess (big poo pile of solidified crude oil).  They do a really nice job, for free (..almost, 0.1% wellhead tax).  You could put a nice bench there and sit, almost park like when it was finished.  They planted a couple of apples and peach trees.  It's out in the woods on an unoccupied 10 acre lot and I don't think anyone else knows it's there.  Dwarf trees but still a nice little haul if you get there before the deer.  It's starting to get overgrown now, I used to take my pruners and cut the saplings, not so much time for that anymore. Maybe this winter.  Thanks, Big Oil. 
5 months ago