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how about a 1/4 (or 1/2 or 3/4) ton truck and trailer? your mileage will be a little less but you'll be able to haul much more. leave the trailer home when you're hauling just a truck load and don't ever press hard on the accelerator. will yield good results mileage-wise and offer some hauling versatility to boot.
6 years ago
have you considered south-west virginia?  land is less expensive for something very similar.  i've been looking between asheville and roanoke and find better prices in virginia.

if i were looking for land, having some trees is better than none.

good luck.

Campy in Nashville, Tennessee, USA wrote:
I have read that these wall board products contain coal ash, aka fly ash.
There could be toxicity in them as a result.

this is absolutely true.  spoke with a coal-fried power plant engineer in 2004 about their chimney scrubber project and he informed me that the scrubbed particles were going to be used to make sheetrock.
7 years ago
not sure what you have in mind exactly so with that in mind...

how about raised beds around the shower or a slightly raised platform for the shower floor.  plant bamboo in the beds if your concerned for privacy and let it grow.  harvest shoots once your privacy screen is established.  saute and eat.
7 years ago
my mind is racing with ideas now - thanks! 
7 years ago

iseethelight wrote:
zenloki -
That's great. Have any photos or more details? How big and how deep are the pipes buried?

4" pipe has always been sufficient and it doesn't have to be buried deeply since it'll only carry water when its raining.  About 6" below grade is sufficient and keep in mind that eventually the pipe will surface.  Use the pipe with holes and face those downward.

Against the house either trench or box in an area of sufficient size to collect roof run-off.  The pipe is buried under the gravel and directly on top of an impermeable liner,  either 6mm black plastic or epdm pond liner.  The idea is to catch and hold the water here until its moved off by the pipe.  You definitely don't want water hanging out around your foundation.

Of utmost importance is getting the drainage correct so employ a level.

I don't have any pictures to share but I can draw a diagram if that will help.  If you have any other questions don't hesitate.
7 years ago

John Polk wrote:The only place I have ever seen ivy die was in New jersey ("The Garden State"!) LOL

Didn't you hear NJ changed their nickname to something more apt.  Its now called "The Chemical State."   
7 years ago
By all means do away with the gutters.
I've never seen much use for them unless you're collecting water.  I've installed a few ground level 'gutters'  some of brick and the rest of washed (non-packing) gravel.  From there the water can be moved away from the house a number of ways but my method was underground black corrugated pipe.  Works like a charm too and there's no ladder to climb or gutters to clean.  You just need a spot away from the house that can handle the roof runoff from the pipes.
7 years ago
Warren that's a great idea and this comes from someone who has house-mates now and for a couple decades now.  Too bad I'm not in Seattle or I'd be interested in your upcoming venture. 
If you're seeking advice:
Be crystal clear about expectations from everyone living there, yourself included.
Have a schedule of chores and split them among all members each week.
Set goals for your urban homestead and share this with potential house-mates.
If you're not seeking advice ignore the last four sentences.
Best of luck to you!

One more thing check out IC.org.  Its the intentional communities website and there may already be people in your area doing something similar that can advise you further.
7 years ago