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Thekla has been studying soil life and the process of soil development since 1965, also, the then new idea that fossil fuels were a limited resource.  She currently farms 2 1/2 acres of what used to be fine grained blowing desert sand but is now 4 inch deep soil, and counting!
Grand Valley of Colorado's Western Slope
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Recent posts by Thekla McDaniels

I have been deep littering my goats for several years now.

I am resting from cleaning out last winter’s bedding.  It’s at least a foot thick, more in some places.  It is sodden, and reeks of ammonia.  I have composted the deep litter in the past, and it makes great stuff.

This year I am using a small skid steer tractor, formerly I have forked it by hand , over a several month period.  I thought the mini skid steer would make this task “easy”, but no such luck.  I still had to hand fork the first half of the material.

I wonder how others accomplish the actual removal of the year’s litter.

11 hours ago
Just a quick note to say that cedar is fine, though still bonier than I would like, and her milk is fine and sweet tasting.

I am still giving her sunflower seeds, oats , kelp and molasses twice a day.

Thanks for all your ideas
11 hours ago

I hadn’t realized the safety issues with capes.  I never knew how dangerous they could be until I watched the video, and how lucky my family was to not have suffered similar fates while wearing capes!

That’s pretty funny
19 hours ago
Could you share your fabulous recipe for greens?

Thanks, I tire of my own recipes….

20 hours ago
And we haven’t mentioned capes and cloaks children’s pretend games!  Hours and hours of cape wearing play is very practical!
2 days ago
1st photo, a rectangle, I have knit OR crocheted,  a woven fabric would need LOTS of bias give if it were to work at all.

Note that the XXXs become the bottom edge, the curly line becomes the neck hole.

The unlikely placement of the edges joined together for the  seam are also noted

Second photo shows the garment once assembled.

And you can make it bigger or smaller longer or shorter by fiddling with the dimensions of the rectangle.

When I get too big a neck hole, it’s easy to make it smaller by adding a row around the neck edge.

I have made large ones that wrap the whole upper body, smaller ones that would fit a child or be added almost like a collar to an outfit.

I never investigated trying to remove the pointy corner from the hemline, because that is so much of the design.

As I stated, these were VERY popular at craft shows.  (pre-Etsy, even pre-internet 😉)

One woman bought 2, one for at the barn, and one for everything else.

I used at least 2 strands of yarn, a mohair to trap air to add to warmth, and a chunky wool so I could go fast with a large hook.  And then there was the color!  The options and infinite.
3 days ago
Harry Potter cloak of invisibility!
3 days ago
One thing about the ruana, it can be made with 2 lengths of (handwoven) fabric, with a simple seam at the back.

Very versatile, I had one and wore it a while, but it was made of very harsh wool , and in the end I gave it to someone else.

I made a few of softer fibers, ikat  dyed , woven, strips sewn together, very popular at the craft shows I was doing at the time.

I also have short cloaks I still wear, crocheted on giant hook…. Make one rectangle strip which is joined, one end attached to the side, leaving a hole, making a corner that hangs in the back, (or side).

I can undertake the challenge of drawing a diagram for the joining, and photograph an example, later, after I have tended to my morning chores.
3 days ago