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Recent posts by Phil Hawkins

I would have happily contributed to this Kickstarter, however I had already pledged a bunch of cash to the other Kickstarter RMH DVD project featuring the Wisners.

I'm sort of pissed off ... well, not really, I just wish that I had been able to make one project super strong rather than having resources split across two projects. It sounds like this project is much larger in scope, and (no offence to Mr Kennett) I would rather have ended up with the more detailed set of DVDs this project is producing, and I'm not going to buy both.

Then again, that's the free market, and I volunteered my cash, so it's my problem. I guess it would have been nice to feel like I was supporting the Wisner RMH DVD project, rather than just one of them.
10 years ago
Paul, given your background in the software industry, I assume your entrance was a little like this?


I'd clap too - God only knows what Steve Ballmer would do to you if he saw you weren't clapping madly.
The following represents my opinion, and in no way should be interpreted as suggesting anyone on this site is in any way less than perfect!

While I find the idea of human induced climate change totally plausible (CO2 traps water, water traps heat, exhibit A - Venus), I don't know that we can really point to particular things (like a drought, or storms) and say "See! That's it, right there!" Given the total global temperature variation at any given time (from super freezing to very hot) I don't see that relatively small increases (like a few degrees on average, based on worst case projections?) are likely to cause the Weathapocalypse. I find the likelihood that we destroy ourselves (through super dooper flawless totally well thought through science like GMOs) long before we see globally significant changes to weather patterns.
10 years ago
Just when I thought I had time to conduct this experiment, I have found a water leak in my farm irrigation. Whilst I may not have clay, I feel I am about to be intimately familiar with mud and tree roots... sigh.
10 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:But if you don't know what you posted to get an apple, how can it "condition" you to post a certain way?

We're a bunch of permaculturists, right?

Observe, observe, observe!
I'm leaning the other way - I'm using it as my sole source of verifying credibility. In my daily life now, when someone puts something foreword, I angrily yell "You better hope you got the apples to back that up, boy!"
Hi NJ, and thanks for the feedback.

My design has evolved (simplified) a little more as I got more experience paddock shifting. I am now looking at a single wider windbreak along the western (left) edge, and using my 'dogleg' approach to paddock shift to create the density in the wider paddock.
11 years ago
I recently (finally!) got a cast iron pan, and a matching spatula. It cost me $45 (for both, including shipping) from eBay. Based on Paul's article, I thought I may have to mill the cooking surface smooth, but it worked just fine as is.

It has been a complete joy to use thus far, and is starting to get a decent petina going.

The seller warned me that it is not recommended for glass cooktops, and I can see why - I think if you dropped it, it would crack the glass.

My one complaint (if you could call it that) is the integrated handle getting very hot, but I deliberately bought one like that because I knew buying something cheap would likely get a loose handle if it was attached rather than cast in.
11 years ago
You can lose apples?! I'm gonna have to stop flamebaiting the moderators...