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I have home movie proof that I started in agriculture at age 3 1943.
Longbranch, WA
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I saved a bag of Oregon [Washingto] holly Would you like some of them?
It looks like the wild lettuce I have posted about befor and eat regularly. It has some variability so selecting the seeds from the best tasting can get a land race that is best for your conditions. I have a lot of seed availabe so P M me if interested. It makes a shalow rooted fast growing edible cover crop.
4 days ago

How much do you enjoy the taste of daylily flowers? I adore them! 

Day lilies don't bloom over a long enough time for me. Evening  primrose and holly hocks give me fresh blossoms  every day all summer long.
Nectarines are not a big tree so it should fit in your space very easily. Because we have a severe peach leaf curl problem here I need to keep mine covered so it is in a high tunnel made from portable garage frames. It is in the middle between it's sister peach trees. all three are the product of seeds in the compost. They have to be pruned back anyway to keep the branches from getting too long and breaking under the weight of the fruit. New growth is long and flexible so could easily be tied to a cattle  panel
2 weeks ago
The first thing in building a small simple greenhouse is that the roof and north wall can be solid frame construction and insulated. Summer sun entering through the roof just overheats the greenhouse. winter sun being lower in the sky will penetrate all the way to the back wall if  the structure is not too deep south to north.  My greenhouse is made with six sets of sliding glass doors. which gives me six panels on the south side and three on each end. With the roof sloped to the north a gutter can collect the rain and fill a row of barrels inside the north wall for irrigation and heat heat storage. My glass is vertical and can be insulated at night in the winter with role down shades of old carpet.
2 weeks ago

  don't have a YouTube attachment. But I figured out the HTML to do it.

The HTML is done for you if you use the buttons at the top of the reply window. I know how to insert the quote above but it is easier to click the Quote button and control V..  If you have the URL of your Youtube or Vimeo  on the clip board click the button and control V and the video will be available just as you did.
1 month ago
I thought you knew how to tell the sex of a rabbit. You can't presume with rabbits; Always push back the fur between the back legs and look for a point or a slit.
2 months ago
Chicken tractors or rotational chicken free ranging is a good option. You can find segments on how that worked on the You tube channel Swedish Homestead has success with it.
2 months ago
Prioritize: Skip where neighbors have put up a fence, do areas where neighbors will be most sensitive to your animals getting in their yard, Do one roll at a time down your priority list.   Start with a T post pounder and puller.  Woven wire and T posts then are easy to put up and take down where adjustments need to be made in the future. To prevent the wire from being absorbed into the trees nail scraps of wood to the tree which usually will be pushed out by the bark as the tree grows.  Where there is woods on both sides use 4 foot fence and put it a foot or more off the ground, that will be enough to curtail wandering animals and people.  Where barbed wire exists temporally put in a few T posts where it needs maintenance to reinforce that it is a maintained boundary.
In my area I see where rich people have hired contractors to put in a chain link fence only to have it engulfed by impenetrable brush so just a woven wire in that brush would be sufficient.
2 months ago
Looks to me like the hen started to form a shell and an egg collapsed then that shell got stuck to the next egg or she may just wanted to give you a handle to pick the egg up with. I have 6 year old chickens that skip a day or three laying and then will have extra shell bits stuck to the outside of the next egg. So I think yours is an extreme example but not unprecedented.
2 months ago