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I have home movie proof that I started in agriculture at age 3 1943.
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Recent posts by Hans Quistorff

Grapes need a lot of maintenance.   They are intent on world domination, therefor the stories of them covering everything to the point of collapse and then  covering it again.  On a fence select a minimum of long vines and cut all side shoots back to two buds.  Once those shoots grow out and show fruit clusters start snapping off the tips of the vines past the fruit cluster to discourage the development of side vines unless you have space and support for them.  After harvesting the fruit start cutting back to two buds again.  If you wait to prune back until after they have gone fully dormant then they will blead sap in the spring.  If they are not bare vines without any webs of small vines heavy snow is apt to collapse the structure.  Vines that are not cut back just keep on with there intent to grow more vines without much effort to produce fruit.  Remember their intent is to dominate the world not feed it.  Denied  that goal they produce fruit with seeds if thy still have that genetics with the hope that their offspring will gain world domination.
1 day ago
If trained on a wire above the fence it works for me.
3 days ago
I have a steam juicer and a Champion juicer.  The steam juicer dose a good job of separating the juice hot and ready to seal for storage.  The remaining skins and seeds can be run through the champion mill to get the remaining pulp and some of the finely shredded skins and seeds which i freeze as a jam because it is very thick.  I mostly steam grapes and berries with chopped apples so that I get more freezer jam which I use and wind up giving away much of the juice.
3 days ago
Should I ask the local chicken lady ?  She also has ducks, turkey, geese and sells their eggs.   Good excuse to talk more to them about permies.com
1 week ago
If doing the box breathing above you detect that the ribs or abdomen are not expanding or contracting equally concentrate on expanding the tight area as you breath in and contracting the other as you breath out.  If this is too difficult try changing position, that is go from sitting to standing to laying until you find a position that unlocks the restriction.   Antalgic posture is avoiding pain by holding joints away from the pain stimulus and breathing muscles get locked in that process.   Positioning and breathing allow healing movement without stimulating the pain response.
2 weeks ago
To make a mold for your slipper you can use the method used for making a foot mold for custom orthotics.  It uses fabric strips with plaster of Paris like used to cast broken limbs.  The outside of the plaster slipper would be suitable as a mold around which to form your boot you would not need to recast an exact replica of the foot.m

how to make a slipper cast

It seem like if one has wood carving skills you could trace the shape of the foot on a board and gouge outthe shape of the bottom of the foot, cut it out and nail the upper to it around the sides.
2 weeks ago

 It seems to cut quite well when the grass is young in late spring, but as the summer wears on the grass falls over and it is much more of a struggle to do. However my husband seems to enjoy walking round with the petrol mower

  I consider it wisdom to switch from scythe to power scythe as conditions change.  The scythe depends on a consistent speed to cut uniformly With tangled conditions the speed can not be maintained but the power supplied to the little scythes on the blade keeps them at a consistent speed no matter what speed or direction of swing.  
3 weeks ago

Joylynn Hardesty wrote:I see only one entance to your acre. Are you able to scale your proposed fence in case of emergency? Widfire in not common here. But it can happen.

Another fence is here, with a less-impressive gatehouse structure providing egress.

May I suggest something I find verry effective and is edible as well.  New Zealand Spinach.  It is a self seeding vine  That in its native habitat grows in rich soil that gets shaded. It tolerates both heat and cold.  Has small leaves in bright sun but large leaves when shaded and well watered.  It covers my greenhouse floor in the summer when I move my planters outside.  Took some pictures of it now at the end of the season  before I clear it to bring the planters back in.
3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestion and hello neighbor. I didn't consider living on a boat until now, but compared with land buying and rent prices, it would be roughly equivalent to get a used yacht and rent a slip in a marina.

3 weeks ago