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Recent posts by Julie Bernhardt

Ok. Thanks.
I will wait until I have fruit to start one.
4 weeks ago
Can I make raspberry extract from soaking raspberry leaves in alcohol instead of using the fruit?

I have some leaves I dried for tea.

I noticed that the extract I bought from the store is clear, not red or purple like the fruit, but it might be artificial. I cant read the label other than the large print.
4 weeks ago
Thank you for answering.
I need to update my profile. We moved to New Mexico a couple months ago.

I have a small lot with just desert weeds that have seeded here. We are taking out everything and planting fruit trees. The soil is just sand and clay, no worms at all. A neighbor told me I can’t  have a compost pile unless its covered because of rats and roaches so I have been burying kitchen scraps and anything I can to enrich to soil.
It’s all different than what I was used to in Indiana.
3 months ago
I guess I’ll just put them out with the trash to be thrown in the landfill.
3 months ago
Can anyone tell me how long I need to let yuccas and desert willows sit in the sun after cutting them down before I can bury them?

I don’t want them to sprout again.
3 months ago
I’ve canned them too, and used jelly jars because I didnt want to have leftovers after opening a jar.
Ive also canned them with bell peppers and mushrooms. I always use a crockpot.
3 months ago
I will keep her then. I think the cork kept it alive. I have bottles with metal caps that are 2 and 3 years old and the mother has not grown at all in them.

Thanks for the quick reply.😊
5 months ago
Found this way in the back of the pantry.
Its from 2016
Do you think its still good?
I like the mother”worm” created by the bottle neck, lol
5 months ago
Thank you!

I will probably have them in the moving truck so they will be in a hot dry truck in the dark for a couple days.
I used to dip bearded iris in a bucket of water with a splash of bleach in it before mailing them. I hope that kills any borers that might be hiding. I’ve never had any pests on my daylilies. I got a daylily mail order that had a red worm on it once.
6 months ago
Oh I have to try the watermelon recipe!

I love watermelon but Im the only one in the house that does and since I cant eat a whole one I just never buy it anymore.
6 months ago