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Julie Bernhardt

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Recent posts by Julie Bernhardt

Can anybody tell me where I can buy some goumi berry plants near southern New Mexico?

I googled it and only Ison’s nursery came up and I wont buy anything else from them because I ordered from them last year and everything I got from them died.
Also it looks like goumi and goji seem to be interchangeable?
I have goji plants started from seeds last year. Im looking for anything that will grow in our alkaline soil and brutal sun and strong winds. I’m ammending my sandy soil but it’s going to take a while to even get it near neutral.

Are they easy to grow from seed?

2 years ago
Thank you both for replies.

I did a search for coffee grounds before posting. Idk how I missed that thread.

I defiantly have the same soil as the desert areas.
Just sand and gravel. The supposed lawn area  was really just goatheads had a little clay mixed in but nothing that would hold any moisture.

Im glad I don’t have to undo my mini compost bins. The neighbor said that compost bins draw rats and roaches but the rats are here anyway eating my mini watermelons, cucumbers and cantaloups.

2 years ago
I recently came across this article

I have tubes about 2 feet from my new trees that are 6 “ diameter and about 20” deep that I pour my kitchen scraps in. It’s about 1/3 coffee grounds.
Now Im worried that I shouldn’t have put them in especially since its not composted in another area.
My soil is not acidic. Its very alkaline but I know that the trees are all grafted to grow in this sandy alkaline desert soil.

I cant say if it kills worms because I haven’t seen even one worm here. Whoever lived here before we bought the house last year had a grass lawn.
2 years ago
Ok. Thanks.
I will wait until I have fruit to start one.
3 years ago
Can I make raspberry extract from soaking raspberry leaves in alcohol instead of using the fruit?

I have some leaves I dried for tea.

I noticed that the extract I bought from the store is clear, not red or purple like the fruit, but it might be artificial. I cant read the label other than the large print.
3 years ago
Thank you for answering.
I need to update my profile. We moved to New Mexico a couple months ago.

I have a small lot with just desert weeds that have seeded here. We are taking out everything and planting fruit trees. The soil is just sand and clay, no worms at all. A neighbor told me I can’t  have a compost pile unless its covered because of rats and roaches so I have been burying kitchen scraps and anything I can to enrich to soil.
It’s all different than what I was used to in Indiana.
3 years ago
I guess I’ll just put them out with the trash to be thrown in the landfill.
3 years ago
Can anyone tell me how long I need to let yuccas and desert willows sit in the sun after cutting them down before I can bury them?

I don’t want them to sprout again.
3 years ago
I’ve canned them too, and used jelly jars because I didnt want to have leftovers after opening a jar.
Ive also canned them with bell peppers and mushrooms. I always use a crockpot.
3 years ago
I will keep her then. I think the cork kept it alive. I have bottles with metal caps that are 2 and 3 years old and the mother has not grown at all in them.

Thanks for the quick reply.😊
3 years ago