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Certified Raw Food Nutritionist. Ordained Essene Minister. Born and raised in City of Angels. Creative Director, UX architect, Published author, Organic gardener, Preservationist, 30 years Veg*n
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seeking fearless happy high vibe person or people to enjoy our garden duplex... serious inquiries only please.

LOCATION - Near the Huntridge Theater district... just south of Circle Park in a safe family-friendly neighborhood. downtown urban adjacent
Property is made up of 2 homesteads across the street from each other - part of a roughly .25 acre total with 5 separate residences total - NON GMO organic garden with  40+ fruit-nut bearing trees in various states of maturity and room to grow more in raise beds.

This particular home that is available is
3 bedrooms
1 bathroom
huge closets
hip vibe
loads of privacy
near public transportation
covered carport parking - dedicated parking spaces.

***** SORRY - NO PETS. (fish or bird okay)
no smoking. no drugs.
clean, safe, secure and health oriented property.
$1200 month (PLUS electricity and natural gas) - Partial barter and single resident discount negotiable.
Owner occupied landlord pays water trash and sewer

OR If 3 people wish to go in a divide up the house - we could do something like $500 each with utilities included.

1 month security deposit required. 1 year lease.

Tell us about yourself and whom the home will be for,
what you are looking for,
when you want to move,
for how long,
please confirm you read no smoking and no pets.
and whatever else you think is important
If you have social media - let's see if we have mutual friends?
Just send whatever you think tells your story!

keywords: good natured people who love america, vegetarian, vegan, spiritual, SOBER, sober living, peaceful, quiet, yoga, garden, happy, healthy, holy
4 months ago
We are looking for 2 companions for my aging patents with dementia. They are fiercely independent and can bath and feed themselves, so the care itself is lightweight. BUT are also very forgetful. So it is that time of life they need monitoring.

About the space:
Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley - walking distance to markets (1/2 mile walk to ralphs, gelsons and trader joes), etc and close to all major transportation.
100% drug-free and smoke-free household.
Vegetarian friendly. not required - just be into healthy food generally.
Okay - here is where it gets good... My dad was into planting food-producing plants. There are grapes, tomatoes, lemons, grapefruits, heirloom bananas. Because we are lifetime members of California Rare Fruit Growers association, we have added 2 avocados, 3 oranges, peppers, moringa, a papaya, more bananas, and an ice cream bean tree. and there is potential for more beds and raised beds for seasonal greens.
So we'd like to find someone who would like to spend time in the Garden. And did i mention there is a swimming pool?
There are 2 large unfurnished bedrooms with room for home office in each... there is a shared bathroom between used by these rooms. One room has hardwood floors. The other will have new carpet.

The barter:
We are offering a free room in exchange for a few hours of care each day. Since we hope to have 2 'helpful' people in house, the hours and responsibilities can be shared and flexible and worked out between the 2 caregivers.
Responsibilities will include: making sure the food in the house is fresh, making sure they eat, making lunch or dinner once in a while, taking them to a weekly Saturday Mass and the supermarket once in a while, keeping the house clean.
Great opportunity for a writer or artist or anyone who works from home.

Things my folks are into:
ballroom dancing, watching ballet and tennis, tesla coils and pyramids and little miniature villages.

Lastly, I run a kind of cooperative community in downtown Las Vegas and a huge fan of permaculture. We'd be open to working with whomever lives with my parents in adding more permie aspects to the property: rainwater, greywater, composting, whatever is your passion. let this be a win-win-win for all involved. Please tag anyone you think might be a good fit. We will require a background and credit check and there will be a formal contract.
Thanks for your interest.
Just a gentle reminder to everyone that the National Heirloom Expo is coming up soon...

September 10, 11 & 12, 2019. 9 AM to 9 PM.

I am doing a panel along with John Kohler (OKRAW and Growing Your Greens) about plant-based lifestyle on Tuesday at noon. If you have never considered the connection about food and addiction - well, that's what I'll be sharing about!
If you miss the talk, then look for the WholeWayHome booth where I'll be sharing my book, Kiss Addiction Away, I'll be there and will also be happy to share about our urban desert homestead in las vegas.

1 year ago
It's our favorite conference of the year and a wonderful place to meet other permies and learn learn learn about growing food! We drive in from Las Vegas!
They have a seed exchange and we'll be bringing our heirloom banana seeds from Hollywood, CA.

September 10, 11 & 12, 2019.
9 AM to 9 PM.
One Day Ticket $15 or Three Day Pass $30 (Purchased at the gate) and Children are always Free!

Look for the WholeWayHome booth where I'll be sharing my book Kiss Addiction Away I'll be there and will be happy to share about our urban desert homestead in las vegas.
We'll also be on a panel with John Kohler on tuesday around noon.
love nor cal. i lived on the peninsula for a while. it's pretty ideal up there. why leave???
we just got back from the heirloom festival in sonoma and brought back some plants to experiment with in our climate!

a lot of las vegas is actually unicorporated county land, so restrictions are very loose - that is how and why the whole 'strip' was born...
but we are downtown, so we have a few more restrictions. we do not have livestock, however, we know you can have chickens - we just have not set that up yet. our primary goal is show that you can grow a lot on a small urban plot. we also teach now and then about raw foodism.

ultimately we are thinking that it would be nice to homestead on another spot on the planet, too. so would like to keep in touch with your findings - i hope you will report them back here.

i will also pm you with my email...
7 years ago
Hi Perry,
Can you update this thread and let us all know how it is going there? what is the current situation and what does the outlook look like?
How have your plantings and plans been going?
7 years ago
you don't say where you are now? but if you need a place to hang while you find your european community, check out our post...

7 years ago
New to this permie forum, but been on bbs for 15 years... thrilled to have found you'all! and it seemed like the best place to post our opportunity.

Opening for a full time resident member at our urban homestead in downtown Las Vegas, NV. There is a lot of good stuff brewing in Vegas these days... and a very cool active permie group. Our focus at our home is on growing organic vegetables and herbs, both culinary and medicinal, creating a food forest on a small urban property and teaching people about healthy lifestyle. We have raised beds, tools, a vast library. And there are lots of shared perks around the house... infrared sauna, gravity machine, rebounder, vitamix, excaliber dehydrator, whole body vibration, etc...
My husband and I are into food self reliance and permaculture, and are eventually looking into chickens (for eggs) and bees. We also do food preservation activities such as dehydrating and fermenting. We do NOT eat meat, so prefer someone who is vegetarian and/or raw vegan oriented or at least willing to be veggie in the home. AND the residence is geared toward alcohol-free and drug-free and GMO-free lifestyle. We value communication, ethics, abundance, spirituality without dogma, privacy, freedom, work, play, art, music, learning, and growing. No pets on property.

We are looking for someone with experience or interest in organic gardening, construction skills, green building, of course (experience in permaculture a plus) and someone who has experience and willingness to teach and work.
We also have a Meetup Group and would love to bring someone in who is excited about offering periodic workshops to the community in herbs, homesteading skills, or whatever you like. We are partnering with the Real Food Las Vegas and the new local Food Hub to raise our community consciousness. We would love to find a co-creator who has energy and ideas to add to this community.

Full time resident.
Private single twin bed room with semi-private bath. Occasional visitors may share bath.
Available in October.
Regular work hours in garden are expected and a contribution for rent & utilities is also expected (may be negotiated depending on your ability to pay and willingness to work).

Sorry, no pets (unless it's a chicken!) and no smoking.

PM me if interested, or feel free to ask questions here if you have them.

7 years ago