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Sergio Cunha

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since Jun 18, 2014
Was a bank clerk for quite a few years, now bamboo furniture maker, social phobic, love to grow my own food, not so bad a Cook, politics slightly left, I thing we must change the system we're living in.
Southeast Brazil
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Dale Hodgins wrote: There are also inferior grades of bamboo that are treated as a weed. These things can be had for the labor of cutting them.

Bambusa vulgaris. The yellow ones with thin green strips.  My grandparents used to grow coffee seedlinds in them. It will get rot in a few months on tropical climate.
6 hours ago
There is a quotation from a Brazilian writer, Nelson Rodrigues, that says: " there are situations where even idiots lose modesty". Of course, I don't tell that out loud.
3 months ago
If I can give you only one piece of advice when buying land then it would be: ACCESS. In my experience, good road access can make the difference between failure or succes  of homesteading.
When I bought my land eight years ago I had visited several pieces of land for sale. Then I had to decide between two: the small piece of land I bought and live now with no spring but good access...  or a piece of land three times larger,  with two springs but bad access.  Now I know If I'd choosen the second one I would have commited a huge mistake.
3 months ago
Bamboo groves! Bamboo is a very resilient being.  And I can make so many things out of bamboo that it makes me wonder If I lived on the far east long before... Yet bamboo groves are so soothing for the soul! The shade, the calm noise of wind on the leaves, the smell...
3 months ago
I really hate jobs, rat races, bla bla bla...  Homesteading allows me not to have one and feel self confident at the same time. I can provide for myself! Those things are sooo libertarian!
4 months ago
First of all,  don't use any heavy machinery around the spring, or you can seal it for ages.
Try to check if the spring is silted. One way to do that is to look at trees on the UPPER side/slope of the spring. If their roots are appeearing clearly outside the soil,  like skipped veins, then there's a good chance of silting.
Check also the under slope of the spring, looking for cattails. Cattails are one of nature's way to avoid nutrients from silt being lost to the sea. Some cattails are just ok, but a lot of them means they are thriving on the nutrients being washed away from the upper soil.
If the spring is silted , measure the flow of the spring. Use your hands to clean any leaves on the spot. To measure the flow use a small spout, a bottle or bucket and a chronometer. Check how much water flows in one minute. Write down the flow and the hour you made that.
If the spring is silted, try to desilt it using hand tools. Dig carefully right on the spot of the spring. If the flow of water increases fast, stop digging.
Go there the next day and measure the flow again at the same hour.  Springs can change their flow according to the hour of the day.
Compare both flows. If the flow increased related to the first day, then it is silted for sure. Dig a little more, leaving the spring water runs freely.
You can dig half  a meter around the spring. More than that and you could "hurt" the spring.
If it is too silted, there's not much you can do.
If there's cattle roaming there, fence the spring using barbed wire. The fence should be at least 5 meters radius from the spring. The long, the better. 50 meters would be great. Don't put the lowest barbed wire too low. It should allow small wild life access the spring.
Plant trees.

6 months ago
Bamboo leaves. They're nice because they won't rot fast. I just rake the dried leaves from bamboo groves.
6 months ago
Regardless the way you organize eggs, it's advisible always keep them with the larger end up, the same position they are stored at the supermarket.
The reason for that is because eggs have a tiny air chamber at the larger end. If the eggs are stored with that air chamber downside, it will force the whole egg, making it get spoiled faster.
7 months ago

Angelika Maier wrote: I wonder apart from the better holding of water on properties could you actually make rain by planting more trees?

Bill Mollisson answers that with a big yes. It's on the Designers' Manual, chapter 6, Trees and Their Energy Transactions. He explains how trees change water cycle, making rain.
What I wonder is what's the size/area is needed for each region to be reforested to make rain.
8 months ago
If your land has dew at night, a cheap way to harvest water is to put stones around your plants. They will condense water at night.
I suggest you try that in a few plants as an experiment. Take pictures of those plants before you put the stones.  In a few weeks/months you can compare the results.
9 months ago