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since Jun 18, 2014
Was a bank clerk for quite a few years, now bamboo furniture maker, social phobic, love to grow my own food, not so bad a Cook, politics slightly left, I thing we must change the system we're living in.
Southeast Brazil
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Recent posts by Sergio Cunha

Hi guys,
Please, can someone help me on this?
Is it really necessary to add manure to berkeley compost? I`m prunning the hedgerow of my place and I don`t have manure available now.  I intend to make two piles 1cubic  meters each and I need to make the compost fast - one month would be ok. I have a few buckets of well mature humanure, but that`s all. I will use a shredder to make the material very fine.
The hedgerow is mainly Mimosa caesalpiniaefolia, a small leguminous tree. I will shred the leaves and all the wooddy stems that are one finger or less in thickness.
1 year ago
"I am not the owner of the world, but I am the owner's son."
1 year ago
I probably have Asperger´s syndrome, so I don`t like getting social. Today I was told that a party I had to go next friday was cancelled and, frankly, that makes me happy. I allways try to avoid that kind of social "meetings" because is stressfull to me.
Being away from people for quite a few days would be relaxing. I plan to enlarge my vegetable garden, prunning a hedgerow, and read fiction books I love so much.
1 year ago

Tereza Okava wrote:here in Brazil we can only get jars like the ones above ^^.
And they're not cheap (best I've seen them is 2.50 per jar). Lids are cheaper.
I love the all-glass ones, wish we had them here!!


If you google "weck jars Brasil" you"ll find them. But they are horrible expensive.  Even more expensive than buying in USA.
As for cheap mason jars in Brazil , buy them at beekeeping supplies stores... They are way more cheaper there.
1 year ago
well, I attended a couple of courses in food preserves. All the instructors said to keep the mason jars preserves in a dark place to make it last for many years. They said preserves on the shelves of supermarkets have a shorter expiration date because they´re exposed to  the light.
1 year ago
You can try soaking your clothes for twelve hours in diluted EM (efective microrganisms).  Then rinse and dry them in the sun.
It works for most of my smelling clothes, but  then I live in a tropical climate.
1 year ago
Carnations are a nice plant to decrease nematodes on soil. I grow them as a companion plant to carrots and sweet potatoes, as these two are prone to be damaged by nematodes.
Researchers say three species are particularly good at that:  Tagetes patula, Tagetes minuta andTagetes erecta.

Mike Jay wrote:
Thanks for the video Sergio!  Why do they sand the inside of the top piece of the bottle?

the sanded surface of the bottle causes the inside water to rise by capillary, which increases evaporation and more easily attracts the mosquitoes.
1 year ago
People around hier make a smaller version of that trap. It is made of plastic botles. It's used inside or outside our houses.
This video is in portuguese, but you get the ideia:
1 year ago