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Recent posts by Tim Siemens

We have a Pampered Chef press that works well. https://www.pamperedchef.ca/shop/Kitchen+Tools/Food+Prep/Garlic+Press/2576
 Its not stainless but it is sturdy.
4 weeks ago
Following up a few years later.  At this point, I just dig a hole in the garden and bury the bones and guts. Animal remains currently buried include bears, elk, cows, bison, rabbit, and chicken.  I usually add about a foot of wood chips on top to soak up the smell and that slows down the dog. I have learned that I can't let the dog watch me digging or he will come back later and re-excavate. We do burn some bones in the wood stove and the add the burned bones to the compost pile.
1 month ago
There are likely permies who would happily share a chicken picture for you to paint; and likely a story to go with it. I don't have chickens or I would be the first to contribute. This would help with avoiding open source or purchased chicken pictures and allow you to paint 100 different chickens.

2 months ago
Have you heard about the new game, silent tennis?  Its just like regular tennis, but without the Racquet.  Turns out, its not much of a hit.
2 months ago
When is a bicycle not a bicycle?... When it turns in to a driveway.
7 months ago