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Recent posts by Tim Siemens

My pressure canner has a warning sticker stating that the " surface of the pot may be hot when in use".  I am concerned that if the pot is not hot then you are  using it wrong.
3 weeks ago
Looks like an interesting idea.  I will look forward to seeing how it works.
1 month ago
Haven't done it myself but it sounds like a good idea as long as someone stays on top of keeping it organized.
2 months ago
We do most of our own butchering, so periodically we end up with a lot of bones.  Bones take a long time to break down in compost but they contain a lot of useful minerals.  So the questions is: would it be better to make bone char or will we lose to much of the benefits?  Any one have experience with the benefits and disadvantages with bone char?
4 months ago
If your looking for scrape metal, especially small pieces.  Check the dumpster at welding shops.  Lots of shops will throw out smaller pieces that aren't worth the bother to keep on the stock shelf but are plenty big enough for home projects.
5 months ago
The exposed meat above the liquid won't be a problem and will keep fine, though it may be a little dry which won't matter for dog food and if using for people will likely not be noticeable after mixing it into what ever you are cooking.
5 months ago
We feed all the mice we trap to the dog.  We also save scraps when ever we butcher game.  We freeze it in 10 lbs bags and then when we need it we boil it like a stew.  The dog loves it and the broth makes the dry dog food a little more exciting.
5 months ago
The alpine meadows of the mountains of northern BC is my favourite terrain.
6 months ago
A vegetable is a plant or the portion of a plant used for food. So whether it is a legume or fruit or berry or tuber, it is a vegetable. As a child, I told mother that ment that chocolate and sugar are vegetables.
6 months ago
A couple of thoughts in no particular order.

When planning the root cellar location, consider the route you will need to take to haul all you potatoes etc through the house.  There is a reason many old cellars had an out side door.

If it was my house, I would want a much larger kitchen and a pantry that was at least 8x8ft.  Depending how much food preservation, butchering etc you plan to do, you may want more  counter space.  Also, things like canner, large stock pots or a meat grinder take up a lot of storage space on a small kitchen.