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You mean like.... Community Supported Literacy or Community Supported Learning?  
1 year ago
Would a foundation of papercrete or the like make a difference?
There's very heavy monsoons out here and I've looked at the straw clay bricks, papercrete bricks as an outer layer over the bales.
My only concern is perhaps the foundation cracking?
Definitely going for an adobe look!
3 years ago
Hello! Hope to learn something new and maybe win a book!
Strawbale is great in Arizona, thinking of it for property line walls.
3 years ago
My name is Kristen, I'm travelling with my partner Alex of 2 years. We're looking to learn new skills and work at a farm.
We're available anytime now, to late July, as we've committed to an Internship at another farm during that time.

If interested in having a us for a few months please let me know! Sometime after our Internship ends we'll be around looking again, if someone's interested in a later date.

Here's a little info
Kristen - I have a passion for all things sustainable and I love nature. I have a strong work ethic, I communicate well, I'm self-directed, and honest. When I worked at a farm called Southwinds I learned Transplanting, Planting, Harvesting, Weeding, Watering, General Labor, Organic Methods, and Worked the stall at Farmer's Markets.
Alex - I'm a former U.S. Marine with a strong and dependable work ethic.  I have a respect for nature and wish to learn the skills to live sustainably and harmoniously with nature.  I'm self motivated, honest, and honorable.  I have no farm experience but I am willing to learn and I enjoy physical labor.  

If you'd like more info, I have resumes I can send through email, you can reach me at
4 years ago
Hello, my fiance and I are very interested in living on-site a permaculture, ecovillage, intentional community, or similar places.
Our names are Kristen and Alex, you can reach us by email if you are still looking.

I was wondering if you would be able to provide more info on your land...what kind of animals do you have, if any, and how big the garden is. Also if there are any other projects. (Bees, earthhome, hgulkur, you name it!)
Is the food offered organic? Are there any permaculture systems in place?
And what amount would the end season payout be?
4 years ago
Hello, my name is Kristen, and there's also Alex.  
We're a couple that are very interested in living self sustainably, healthy, and surrounded by nature.  ^^  We love animals and gardening, and in fact I, Kristen, have worked on an organic farm before for 3 months in Arizona at SouthWinds farm.  We don't smoke ciggarettes, but the opportunity to grow herb sounds exciting! We'd becoming from Texas but we're available as soon as we could get there, maybe about a week.     Alex loves moving and might be able to show you a bit of Movnat, which he is certified in as a level 3 instructor if you were interested.
In any case, let me know! My email is
5 years ago

Jay C. White Cloud wrote:Hi Nate, et al,

I must say, when I think of young facilitators that are coming to the "natural build" and permaculture venue the more thorough and balanced way, you are one of the folks I think of. You are really internalizing the approach needed to become a great lead facilitator yourself, by listening and exposing yourself to as many different instructors as you can...while you read and study from other sources...planned excellence IMHO. Charlie is a perfect role model of a great facilitator. You and he are the complete opposite of so many I have of late been experiencing that just have such a narrow perspective and skill sets, further exacerbated by the belief..."we know enough..." That "attitude" tells me they know what they think they know and only use the metrics they themselves create to evaluate themselves...Not a good standard. Mentorship and feedback from peers is how we grown as humans and as facilitators.

Thanks again for taking the time to post.



6 years ago
The chickens wouldn't be hooked up to a tiny plow, how it works is you have a "cage on wheels" and nice the chickens over to the spot you want by simply pushing the construction. You could modify the hen house to have such a function by making it moveable and stack those functions. Chickens love to scratch and this takes advantage of that while controlling where it happens. I also think pigs are a great idea, but chickens as said above eat insects, and mulch the ground.
6 years ago