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you can use this, never tried yet. http://www.filmsforaction.org/articles/a-new-browser-plugin-lets-you-access-millions-of-scientific-papers-for-free/

otherwise, sci-hub.io works really well, but is not legal in all countries. Always check your legislation. Some asian papers are not in there, but most western publications are available.
3 months ago
The russian cultivars, edible raw, are available on fruitiers.net as a swap.
I know of aromatnaya, which is available

and m... wolgogradskaja
which isn't available right now.

You can also try to go trough greffer.net.
4 months ago

yes, barbed wire is available, as you said littering quite some places. The problem I see with it is that it needs at leas 3 wooden or metal posts.
Any thoughts on it?

What kind of plastic did you use? Netting, or the translucid one?

I don't know if the AK47 is my favorite, due to lead poisoning. More like a viking fighting ax and going by night into the corrals... No, seriously, the diseases and parasites are always trying to solve the problem, if only vaccination and treatments didn't interfere...

5 months ago
for example, on alibaba.com (yes, plastic trash. But it should have a long term positive impact on the area)


How quick would the plastic disintegrate in the UV?

What alternative exist?
5 months ago

What kind of tree guards can be used in a place where nomads need to quickly pass trough with goats and sheep?

It would of course be in cooperation with the pastoralists, and they would benefit from these trees

The areas would be the lower parts of the mountains, where the sediments deposit rock mulch and accumulate water. The growing vegetation in mainly unpalatable, and the pollarding techniques are known there. The problem is that no trees can establish there due to the browsing pressure of the livestock passing the places. Water is sufficiently available under the rock mulch layer, so the only problem is to protect the trees for a few years.

For your information: on the picture below, everything was forested with a closed canopy forest (Quercus ilex & Cedrus) except the upper parts, too cold for trees.
A pollarding of Fraxinus, Morus, Gleditsia, Robinia, etc. would produce a shitload of fodder, as seen in older pollarded Fraxinus.


5 months ago
Once upon a time, there was someone working and traveling in semi-arid to arid landscapes in Arabic countries. He was there to work for peace, against the land degradations at the source of wars, according to the article in the ecologist linked below.

As he was invited to quite some houses, to drink tea under pictures of Sadam Hussein, to carefully eat meat with the right hand using bread instead of a fork, he noticed that even people with a very low income had a television, and most of them a DVD-player. This got him thinking that to share information with this mostly analphabetic population, videos could be a way. But this guy does only know a few other languages, no Arabic...

Does anyone have good videos to burn into dvds? Like: Allan Savory's movies; Geoff Lawton; Stefan Sobkowiak’s "Permaculture Orchard"; Yacouba Sawadogo; Dirt;  etc? Mainly on rangeland management, agroecology, maybe community forestry...  Would probably be better than the soap operas and ads for plastic wrapped products seen daily on TV now.

Why land degradations lead to war:
It seems that this area could also become like this, according to the land degradation.

One of the videos to burn on dvd (Arabic with english subtitles)

Thanks for your help, and peace
Hi all,

I am looking for Spanish language permaculture resources. When someone who speaks english wants to know more about it, I can point him or her towards quite a few websites, youtube channels, movies, blogs, forums...

But I do not know anything in Spanish language. Can anyone point me towards something?

6 months ago
Hi Joseph and Karl,

if you want to conserve the pollen on a low tech way for over 2 years, there is a quite cheap way of deyhdrating it in vacuum.

It would be way easier to cross a good producing Sweet Potato with the day length insensitive one this way.

Sorry for the french article, but I have no time to translate right now. Look at the pictures to understand