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Recent posts by hans muster

This guy is drilling wells in sand and clay soils, with a simple attachement to a power drill.
15 min video

2 weeks ago
Thanks for the positive replies (pm, thumbs up, apples, and pie!)

The progress appears to be good, I hope they can get enough in the last 5 days!
1 month ago
Ernst Götsch, the guy from syntropic agriculture, has a nice video on soil restauration with diverse tree planting in a tropical, brazilian climate. The end gets philosophical, the beginning explains a little bit the process

1 month ago
there is a kickstarter on a movie on solutions to climate change here.


From what I saw, it looks quite promising: I really liked the few easy steps they presented, like sealing the leaks in the gas pipelines reducing emissions by 6% globally (!). It is in one of the videos if you scroll down.
Maybe someone else is interested?

1 month ago
Anyone dug an artificial bat cave finally, and want to share a picture?

The Monkton bat cave seems interesting and feasible with concrete pipes, a picture of a drawing can be found at the bottom of this link
10 months ago
Paul: I didn't see your message, because I also usually don't log in.

I look quickly through the messages, and look if I can contribute somewhere, which makes me log in. That's not feasible anymore like this.
11 months ago
Is it possible to redirect https://permies.com/forums/recentTopics/list to the workaround above? Because I'm not always logging in when I visit the website, only when I think I can bring something in. I find the whole "pie" stuff annoying.

Lisa Sampson wrote:It might be a result of cross breeding.  One of the big GMO crop companies developed a red and blue cotton a few years ago to avoid using aniline dyes to dye the cotton and planted a bunch of up in Missouri.  The neighboring farmers who all had white cotton planted sued because their crops came out pink, baby blue, and in a few cases a weird streaky mix of white and color which rendered their crops unsalable and the seed unusable.  The fields had to be burned.  

You got my attention: do you have any more information on this?
I have never heard of colored GM cotton, although I have of many different colored cotton types.
1 year ago

Lauren Ritz wrote:

hans muster wrote:Lentils show xenia only for one specific color, orange. With beans, o

When you say that, is the orange the female or male parent? Or does it matter?

the male parent was orange if I remember well, couldn't find it right now. And similar to what Joseph just mentioned, the color of the cotyledons, which are orange because of the father, wash out and show up in the seed coat, are therefore visible in the F1 seeds. (visible inside the pod of the female parent)
1 year ago