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The bison are in the Park in Siberia!!!

A picture can be seen here

The way they are on the feed (jumping on a bale), it looks like they were hungry... No more info, hope all are fine.
1 week ago

Nathanael Szobody wrote:Jeremy,
The alternative to defecation out in the bush is defecation in a latrine. Have you been in one? There's urine all over the ground you have to walk in, and if you shine a flashlight down the hole the blackwater glistens with fly and roach larva. Because the place stays wet the diseases stay alive and are carried by every fly and roach that goes in and out of there--not to mention on my own feet as I leave the place! African latrines are an unmitigated disaster. And think of the lost nutrient! All of that manure that used to be placed in the surrounding fields through open-air defecation (and somewhat sterilized with intense UV rays) now gets encapsulated in a pit, often times lined with brick and ciment.

not to mention that all the nutrient (think blue baby syndrome) and pathogen (think anaerobic, the same conditions as in the intestine) flow with the groundwater into the next well with deep pit latrines.

You may be interested by "smart sanitation solutions" https://www.samsamwater.com/library/Smart_Sanitation_Solutions.pdf
The ArborLoo which you use takes the first place, I think in many situations it is the optimal system.
1 week ago
They were in Sussuman two hours ago

which means they only have 350 km left, or 8 hours of drive in ideal conditions, untill they reach Seymchan. There they will take a boat till their new home.

Hope everything goes well, because there is a video of how they cross a "wet road" with the truck, it looks like they are driving through a river...

Is there enough feed? Are the bison healthy? Will the boat work out? Is the mechanics of the trucks coping with the road conditions? No idea, just wishes...
2 weeks ago
@CK: I also hope they arrive safely, this is the most important. On such a long road so much could happen... Bison are made to roam, not to stand in a vibrating box. The faster they arrive, the faster they recover from the stress of the travel.

As some people enjoy the updates, here more news:

They passed Irkutsk, and are now driving away from lake Baikal (the biggest sweet water lake of the world, by the way).  

In my last message they had 101 hours left on OSM, now they have only 81 hours left till Seymchan, where the boat will take them downriver.

I think where they are now they can still find bactrian camels, which would be way easier to introduce to the pleistocene park than importing the bison from a few countries further. They want to introduce the camels to eat the shrubs, and because it was an important member in the pleistocene fauna there.

For pictures of the animals currently introduced to the park see the following
I think of the musk ox and the european bison they only have males for now.
4 weeks ago
For the ones interested in a short, well-researched text explaining 1) degrowth, 2) the green new deal, the following article may be interesting for you.


It also compares them, and the flaws according to the author.

It is only a 6 minutes read!
4 weeks ago
The 12 bison moved today from Novosibirsk to Krasnojarsk, which is, according to openstreetmap.org an 11 hour drive by car, and they drive a truck.

101 (yes, one houndred and one) more hours to drive till Seymchan, where the boat is waiting to bring them to the Pleistocene Park. How will the roads be, can they drive as fast as till here?

Who opens the bets on when they arrive in Seymchan?
1 month ago
Has someone heard of hogtree.com, or Eliza Greenman lately? Is she doing her stuff and has no time to post, or went something wrong?

To L. Tims: Yes, the will get fat faster if it has more energy. But also a pig can eat only so much, and if it has only sugar without protein will not be healthy.
1 month ago
According to the tracker, the twelve bison on the way from Denmark to the Pleistocene Park in Siberia are now in Novosibirsk, almos half way.

If I understood well, they drive by truck till Seymchan, from where they will continue by boat.
Below the map of the road ahead. On the tracker above you see the starting and ending point when you zoom out.

Hope everything works out fine, they are a bit scarce with information, which is no wonder after driving for hours and hours on roads which may not be in the best conditions I guess.

1 month ago