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since Mar 15, 2017
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On my upteenth 'restart' in a 100+ year old house with a special needs 8 year old, an old Jack Russell and a half acre of waterlogged river side property. Trying raised bed no dig gardening and a mini-fruit orchard initially.
Eastern North Carolina, United States
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I'm loving these photos!  And have comfrey and wild rose envy  Thanks for sharing with us.
I added 25.00 more in hopes a few more of us would in the 100 and up group.
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:From the kickstarter comments:


There are just two people in for the audiobook reward at this time.  So not a really big winner so far.  

Hi Paul, I have a question.  Is it *only* the 40.00 backers that receive the audiobook? I quess I should clarify here, I pledged more than that by quite a bit.

And if you point me to the person who wanted the e-book after pledging for the audiobook, I'll gladly share one of my codes with that person, if you're cool with that (or is that not allowed?)


1 month ago
I surely don't have any content to present (hah!), but I will be there for this one as well. I still haven't read everything from the last of Paul's kickstarters, or the books I supported yet.  This might be it for a while, as my pay was cut in half (lost all overtime) - but maybe now I'll have time to read and plant and stuff

Best wishes to another huge success, Paul & Shawn!
2 months ago
Can you put some seeds in with my towel?  LOL!  Those flowers are incredibly beautiful - I'd like to grow it just for those.

I've worn a lot of linen, but know nothing about how it goes from plant to tunic, so this should be exciting

Best wishes!

PS. That lamb was the cutest thing - I kept playing that part over and over, haha.
8 months ago
How lovely and wonderfully built (as I sit here in my 89F office)  LOL!  I wanted to jump into the video  
10 months ago
Wow, what a fantastic giveaway!  I'm excited for whomever wins

And thanks for the all of the links, Nicole.  If I don't win, at least I know multiple places to go to order.
10 months ago
Thank you, Mike!  I'll see if I can get up the nerve to ask once I find one within driving distance.  

Honestly, I'd have never known that was possible. I learn so much here - mainly how much I don't know, lol!
10 months ago

Abe Coley wrote:
However, I get those mill scraps delivered for free via dump trailer to my house every week, so time-wise i don't think it's going to be any faster or less work to go out and harvest wood myself.

How did you go about making that kind of arrangement???  I've been depending on the frame of mind of the Lowe's garden center staff to let me dig through their dumpsters, lol.  I did a lot of it last year and got some decent stuff, built a small garden bed or two.  I have a tiny Honda Fit, so can't haul much inside and no hitch.  Might be a far stretch to set up the same gig here, but thought I'd ask how you did it.

10 months ago
Is it possibly some form of blister beetle?  They seem to mate underleaf in similar fashion.  I couldn't find one of the same exact coloration, but here is a similar snout.

Some other examples:

At least it's not one of these (and it flies!)

Well, I learned more about beetles than I ever knew before, so even if it is a mismatch, I know more than I did twenty minutes ago, lol.  Good luck!
10 months ago