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On my upteenth 'restart' in a 100+ year old house with a special needs 8 year old, an old Jack Russell and a half acre of waterlogged river side property. Trying raised bed no dig gardening and a mini-fruit orchard initially.
Eastern North Carolina, United States
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Can you put some seeds in with my towel?  LOL!  Those flowers are incredibly beautiful - I'd like to grow it just for those.

I've worn a lot of linen, but know nothing about how it goes from plant to tunic, so this should be exciting

Best wishes!

PS. That lamb was the cutest thing - I kept playing that part over and over, haha.
4 months ago
How lovely and wonderfully built (as I sit here in my 89F office)  LOL!  I wanted to jump into the video  
6 months ago
Wow, what a fantastic giveaway!  I'm excited for whomever wins

And thanks for the all of the links, Nicole.  If I don't win, at least I know multiple places to go to order.
6 months ago
Thank you, Mike!  I'll see if I can get up the nerve to ask once I find one within driving distance.  

Honestly, I'd have never known that was possible. I learn so much here - mainly how much I don't know, lol!
6 months ago

Abe Coley wrote:
However, I get those mill scraps delivered for free via dump trailer to my house every week, so time-wise i don't think it's going to be any faster or less work to go out and harvest wood myself.

How did you go about making that kind of arrangement???  I've been depending on the frame of mind of the Lowe's garden center staff to let me dig through their dumpsters, lol.  I did a lot of it last year and got some decent stuff, built a small garden bed or two.  I have a tiny Honda Fit, so can't haul much inside and no hitch.  Might be a far stretch to set up the same gig here, but thought I'd ask how you did it.

6 months ago
Is it possibly some form of blister beetle?  They seem to mate underleaf in similar fashion.  I couldn't find one of the same exact coloration, but here is a similar snout.


Some other examples:



At least it's not one of these (and it flies!)


Well, I learned more about beetles than I ever knew before, so even if it is a mismatch, I know more than I did twenty minutes ago, lol.  Good luck!
6 months ago
This is gerat stuff :)  I need to scour the board to see if there is an explanation of that sink in WillowBank - I could use something like that as a temporary measure.  And now I need to also search the forum for Sepp Holzer grain, too.

Thanks to both you and Justin!
6 months ago
A stove that comes with a COOK???  What an awesome marketing tool :D :D :D  (should have asked Paul to make that a stretch goal, hmmm)

And what a beautiful stove!  I've never heard of that one, but the features sound fabulous.
6 months ago

Kyrt Ryder wrote:Depending on the nature of those special needsand the boy's age, safe tasks helping you figure out those repairs could be really good for the kid.

Not to derail the thread, lol - he is quite gifted intellectually.  The issues are primarily violence and anger management related, along with some socialization issues. They are not sure if there was frontal lobe damage as an infant, or whether it is simply highly functional ASD (originally Asperger's) with a nice does of Oppositional Defiance Disorder due to being given away.  The way I live is not how he was ever used to living, so that adjustment has been difficult. Our circumstances are not meager, just we've had some ongoing issues with the functionality of the house and systems.

I've taught him to use a drill (he helped assemble some furniture)
He is allowed, with supervision, to use the hammer and nails to practice hammering straight, and pull-out.
He had a small hatchet, with which he helped me to chop up forest found wood, but he snuck it out and then lost access when the neighbor saw him throwing it up into the air (I was working)

He's quite the firebug, so while I let him participate in outdoor fires (camping, just hanging out in the back), all flammables have to be hidden out of reach.  The rocket oven outside at least isn't attached to the structure, so that lessens any huge impact he might have on the house if/when I get it built and it is a regularly used thing.

I taught him about spray paint on some small projects, but then he snuck the paint out and 'decorated' a lot of things I didn't want decorated :/

He has helped with the gardening, but it's not terribly interesting to him unless there are bugs or worms involved, lol.  

And he helps with hauling water, particularly if he gets to fill the squirt gun when he's done!

It would be easier if I were more skilled, or was male and younger!  He loses interest when I'm just trying to think out loud, but can be helpful when directed and supervised.

I'd be glad to have some suggestions, as I raised all girls and he's my first boy - totally different interests/activity levels/thinking patterns.

Maybe there is a better place than here for those types of suggestions/guidance (mods feel free to move this or whatever)
6 months ago

Kyrt Ryder wrote:

S.M. King wrote:
It will be nice when homeowner's insurance gets over the issue of these things when properly installed - that will open up a lot of opportunity for creative cooking!

That's why I'm not a fan of expensive housing.

Insurance is just one more monthly obligation.

Granted if you lack building skills and the time/will to develop them that's not really on the table.

We definitely agree on this topic. I don't currently have HOI, as I bought my house, erm, creatively.  However, it needs major work done maybe sooner than later (no running water and inadequate heat) and if I use an equity loan they will require the insurance.  And no one would ever accuse me of having an expensive house - LOL!  I'm sure the neighbors were hoping I'd tear it down :)  

There is hopefulness for the future that I will be able to learn some of the skills many here have already mastered, refined and improved upon. Right now, working full-time, caring for a special needs boy and cranky old Jack Russell and creatively dealing with housing surprises that pop up unexpectedly keep me fairly hoppin'!  I did get in a tiny garden plot this year, and learn the lay of the land, but have yet to even create a permie plan for the area.  There are so many inspirational threads here that if I am not careful, I'll grow glued to the chair after working all day in front of a computer already.

So much to learn, such limited time.
6 months ago