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*Update 04.2020: Currently living in my schoolie and working full time, while traveling the Western US. Greatest thing I've ever done!!
No child anymore, and my dog passed. Just me, myself and I at the moment
On my upteenth 'restart' in a 100+ year old house with a special needs 8 year old, an old Jack Russell and a half acre of waterlogged river side property. Trying raised bed no dig gardening and a mini-fruit orchard initially.
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I was stunned when I went in just a couple of hours after and saw fully funded - and I still jumped in, lol.

Yahoo, wtg team 😊
1 year ago
So glad to see everyone up and at 'em again.  The flowers and other plant growth are beautiful!
2 years ago
This is so interesting!  And the photos are lovely.  Everything that surrounds this book makes it sound interesting to read.  I don't think people often think of what happens between the story idea in someone's brain, and the work and diligence that comes after to flesh that out with true data and recreating close to reality.  With sci-fi, fantasy and otherworldly type writing, the writer can create their own reality.  Writing something grounded in the real world means far more factual work I think.

Do you find that being out in natural surroundings boosts your creative thought process, as well as being out of your normal 'comfort' area?  It has felt that way to me over the years, so I was just curious.  Can't wait to learn more and will check out the excerpt, thank you.

3 years ago
Great to 'meet' an author.  I'm always curious how long the research takes for an undertaking such as this.  Look forward to learning more, cuz...books!
3 years ago
That is beautiful work and stellar determination.  Well done.
3 years ago
I have to agree with those who say it depends on the person. I grew up in the tropics and still have a hard time with the heat. But I can camp in snow and at 13 degrees and do fine!  I can always put on more clothes/socks to get warm; hard pressed to unclothe enough to be comfortable AND keep professional on conference calls

Without running water, as I live here, I'd be hard pressed to be anywhere near comfortable when I work without my little window unit a/c. I basically live in one room during the summer (currently it's 102 per my AccuRite, feels like temp of 120). But the a/c does put out water, which I catch to flush the toilets, and my electric bill is fairly reasonable even with it.  This house has nailed shut windows for the most part, and is all chopped up, with no good air flow. That also plays a lot into how well one can adapt and make do.
3 years ago
I'm loving these photos!  And have comfrey and wild rose envy  Thanks for sharing with us.
3 years ago
I added 25.00 more in hopes a few more of us would in the 100 and up group.
3 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:From the kickstarter comments:


There are just two people in for the audiobook reward at this time.  So not a really big winner so far.  

Hi Paul, I have a question.  Is it *only* the 40.00 backers that receive the audiobook? I quess I should clarify here, I pledged more than that by quite a bit.

And if you point me to the person who wanted the e-book after pledging for the audiobook, I'll gladly share one of my codes with that person, if you're cool with that (or is that not allowed?)


3 years ago
I surely don't have any content to present (hah!), but I will be there for this one as well. I still haven't read everything from the last of Paul's kickstarters, or the books I supported yet.  This might be it for a while, as my pay was cut in half (lost all overtime) - but maybe now I'll have time to read and plant and stuff

Best wishes to another huge success, Paul & Shawn!
3 years ago