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Everything worked when I purchased the hugul micro doc. Would suggest indicating that upon purchase you will receive an email with more info and a download link. I hadn't realised that I should be looking for an email that I could download the video from. I had actually been wondering if there was a way for me to download the video that was made available to me in the forum that had the purchase link.
3 years ago
Oh this is wonderful I have never been approached by such a forward and loving robot. Thanks for the admirable email. I love you too​ gir bot
i payed through paypal with no issues. then i had to scroll down and found that the video was now available. will this video be available for me to view indefinatly or is there a way i can download it now to watch later? i began to watch it just to make sure that it does work and it does but i dont have time to watch the whole thing right now.
And another hopefully better one. I have played around a bit with the configuration and this seems to work the best. It works really well surprisingly though I'm not entirely sure why. I thought I would have a dueling chimney problem but it doesn't even though I'm beyond the 1/3 length of the heat riser length by four inches at least
3 years ago
Thought the explanation of the cap was a lil confusing and hard to explain so here's a pic 😁
3 years ago
Peter van den Berg,

so honored to speak to you. thank you for sharing so much of your experience publicly. if it wasnt for your forum and ernie and erica"s book i wouldnt have been able to build this heater. i checked out the detection device and it says it is a carbon monoxide alarm. sorry for the confusion and thank you for your time.
3 years ago
ok so i have an update and a question. the heater has been working pretty awesome at heating the house and i still havent even built the mass. so that being said i am very happy with it. we did have some smoke back trouble after extending the pipe. i found that extending the feed by one layer of bricks and then capping the top off with two bricks kinda acting like a cover and then leaving the brick out in the front of the feed as the air intake solved this for the most part except when we would load too much fuel  in the feed it would block the burn tunnel and we would get smoke back. i also found a couple places where the pipes were pitched backwards or near level and i adjusted that yesterday so that there is more of a rise toward termination. seems to be working better just from that small change. i still will keep the "cap" on at night just to be sure there is no potential smoke back as it has been so effective at reducing that issue. i know this isnt ideal and wouldnt recommend to anyone that they build a rmh with smoke back without knowing the danger and understanding the risk.

whenever there was smoke back it is usually due to human error but the room for error is much greater because of this design. i think the main issue is i pushed the limits on how long the exhaust should be. i could easily shorten it but am curious as to whether just sealing the core with cobbish (right now the core is still basically just fire brick and the clay slip has broken so the most of the joints are taking in air) and adding the mass will help with the issue of smoke back. Does anyone else think it will help? i wonder if the mass will actually have a negative effect and it get worse. anyways if it does i will just have to shorten it (dont really want to because i want maximum heat exchange).

my question is i have yet to tape all the joints mainly because when the exhaust was shorter i didnt think it was necessary because the joints would be air intakes(which isnt ideal but not hazardous to health) rather than places i would be concerned for air leaking out. i could even take a cleanout cap off and watch the air rush past the opening though it would cause smoke back at the feed. when i extended the exhaust i did become more concerned about this issue of potential leakage from the seams but am wondering if that is a real concern now.

i wanted to know if it was a real problem so i kept most of the joists untaped and have kept a co2 detector in different places around the heater and the detecter has never detected a single ppm. is there something i am missing? have never seen any smoke come out of these opening either. is there other gasses that people are concerned about and thats why they tape all the seems? i guess im just unsure as to why people tape all the seems when i cant find any evidence of it being a problem with my system that isnt really that wooshy.

thank you for any advice guys
3 years ago
oh man i feel like a dummy. sorry i forgot to post the link. let me know if this works http://www.pbs.org/video/2365935530/
this documentary was very good. we just finished watching it with the kids for homeschool and i had chills quite a few times. it doesn't teach you anything about permaculture but I felt it was a good look into how we humans have messed up our environment and how we need to be more considerate of how we live which made me keep thinking about permaculture being the solution. overall i thought it was good history lesson on the use of pesticides and chemicals. does anyone else have any other good documentaries in mind that would be educational for the kiddos