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Around here we have whitetail deer.  When you scare them, they run off with their tails in the air.  That raised tail is an alarm signal that the other deer recognise.  Some white flags the same size and shape as a deer tail will repel the whitetails.  Are yours Sitkas?

1 week ago
That's Justin Rhodes I have been following his Youtube channel for a while now.  I do not recall the specific breed.  But, those pigs are particularly small and nonagressive.  He will broadfork the entire area while the livestock is there (as a form of exercise).  Also, when he finds deep rooted weeds with the broadfork he dumps grain down the holes so the pigs will go after it and dislodge the roots. So, this is not a labor free  method.  But, he is getting help with tilling and fertilization from his livestock.
1 week ago
In my experience, mouse traps work well if you bait them without setting them.  I use peanut butter for bait.   This gives me the opportunity to monitor whether I have a mouse problem.  When the bait disappears I know there are mice.  Only then do I set the trap.  By then I've trained the mouse to be careless and it will be in the trap shortly.
1 week ago
I realize I'm late to the discussion.  But,  here in central Missouri there are many "earth sheltered homes", basically a south facing walk out basement without the upper stories. This might be the half step closer to the home you want to build.  Go looking for one of those contractors and you might find someone you can work with.
1 month ago
It looks to me like maybe some variation on  a cocktail shaker.  What is the approximate volume of it?
2 months ago
Is it an ice reservoir so you can cool a drink without watering it down?
2 months ago
If I was looking for a tenant in Salem I would have mentioned how close it is to the Current River.  There is a significant tourist trade with trout fisherman and camoeists visiting the area.  This might provide an additional market for any produce from the farm and possibly revenue from camp sites.  Just a thought.  
I watched some of your YouTube videos, and to brutally honest they weren't that interesting.  With that said, those individual videos don't tell a story.  If you were to string all that video together and add a narrative that told the story of how you built all of this, or alternately how the parts work together as a permaculture system then you would have something worth watching.

I recent came across a Curtis Stone video about how he wants to do something different.  In the video he talks about how the YouTube algorithms work and what he has to do to attract viewers.  That might be useful to you.  

I can see this sounds harsh.  But, it is intended to be constructive criticism. You've done most of the work don't give up now.
3 months ago
I was out in the garage the other day and noticed my plumb bob hanging from a nail with about 6 feet of string attached.  It is brass,  weighs about 8 ounces and it has a steel point.  As I stood there I realized if you could hold the string and throw it like a rock from a sling.  It would be a very deadly weapon.  

But, if I had to choose I would take my shotgun. I have used it to harvest more wild game that I can list and I fear going hungry more than being attacked by wild animals
6 months ago
    I have some thoughts about relationships from an evolutionary perspective.  I have heard it suggested that a relationship is transactional in nature.  The hunter gatherer man can kill more dinosaurs than he needs to feed himself.  He trades this surplus to woman, who can provide the children that he can't.  Those hunter gatherer archetypes are still alive and well somewhere deep down in our psyche.  The woman if she is going to take on the task of raising the mans offspring to adulthood she wants a long-term commitment.  The man wants access to the woman (we all know where babies come from).

   In your own case,  you said your ideal situation would be to work one week a month to cover expenses the farm would not provide.  I did the math on that it comes out to about $12k a year.  Not a lot of money for smeone that wants an urban lifestyle.  You said you wife is unwilling to take care of herself enough to bear children.  Also, she is talking openly about divorce.  As for the last item, that's  none of my business.   My point is nobody seems willing to bring to the relationship what the other wants or even what they themselves should expect.  It looks to me like both of you have already given up on this and are only trying to avoid the pain of divorce.  As an earlier post pointed out divorce is one of the most painful things in life.  It seems to me you need to decide whether to invest that pain to make the life you want a reality.

   On the subject of land and farming...  I grew up in Cedar Rapids IA and currently live in Columbia MO.  What passes for a green thumb in Iowa and what it takes to eak out a crop in Missouri are vastly different.  That inheritance might buy more acres in Missouri.  But, it won't  be any more productive the land it would buy in Iowa.
6 months ago