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Recent posts by Lori Dorchak

Lovely video! You make it look almost too easy!
2 years ago
What cute bunnies
The log/stump hive is pretty cool
How does that work?
2 years ago
Hi David
Love to see what you have accomplished over the past 2 years!
2 years ago
Thanks, Karen
I followed your instructions and it appeared to work
I guess I won't really know until I hit the submit button and look at this post
2 years ago
Thanks, Todd
I have lots more beautiful photos on my nature journal blog but I don't know how to put it at the bottom of all my posts. You know where lots of people put quotes and links? Can anyone help me with that?
2 years ago
After seeing all these great bird pictures, I had to share this little falcon nesting in a pine in my yard. He is a Chimango Carcara.Very common in southern Chile.
My kids had to climb the tree to snap this photo with my ipad. Isn't he adorable?
2 years ago
The fastest bestest way to cook beans is in a pressure cooker. They can be done in 20 minutes
or I just let them set on the back of the wood cookstove for the afternoon when it's already going
2 years ago
Well, this is a very interesting subject for me as I am in the process of designing my kitchen. I thought it might be useful to try and apply the permaculture principles of design. Not all seem to fit for a kitchen and I am fairly new to these principles so all may feel free to correct me or add on to my thoughts.
1. Relative location- location in the house with easy access to the dining and living areas creating an ease of flow from one room or area to another with easy access to outdoor living areas, also
But this may apply to the placement of appliances in the kitchen- the stove - fridge- and sink should form a rough triangle for ease of use- the dishwasher next to the sink or a drying rack next to the sink, racks for pots and pans near the stove- spice rack near stove - a baking station or dehydrating or canning station so all items are easily accessible- pantry or shelving easily accessible without table impeding the flow - easy access to the kitchen garden or windowsill garden and a root cellar
2. Each element performs many functions - my wood cook stove heats water for the bath and for radiant heating of the house while I cook my food. the sink and dishwasher could drain for a grey water system- using space under the stairs for desk and shelves for storage, hanging racks for easy access to pots, pans, utensils, drying racks for clothing, shelves for spices with hooks for measuring spoons and cups
3. Each critical function is supported by many elements - water - if you are on city water, what is your back up? well, cistern, rain barrels, bunches of milk bottles stored under the sink? what is you back up for hot water? solar hot water heaters, wood stove? electricity back up - solar for general power or a biodiesel generator, wood cookstove for cooking- propane fridge or cold storage in a root cellar or outdoors in a box in cold climates or maybe a chest freezer as these retain the cold much longer during a temporary outage- kerosene lanterns for lighting
4. Zones & sectors zone 0 could be the stove, the heart of the home, zone 1 the sink and fridge, zone 2 table, storage, pantry, cupboards, zone 3 the root cellar and the garden I am not sure how this knowledge would be applied maybe for location as in Number 1
5. Using biological resources not only using solar and wood for burning but this may apply to the materials you use to construct your kitchen- using wood for counters, stone for the sink, just using natural materials- you can also take this a step further in the items you use in your kitchen - for example: glass or metal or wood instead of plastic- and for reusing items and recycling
6. Energy Cycling using wind and solar power or hydro; composting or vermi composting kitchen waste or just feeding it to your chickens or pigs, grey water usage for watering the orchard, collecting rainwater for dishwashing
Well, I'm not sure how the last 6 principles would work for the kitchen but this list has really got me thinking about my new kitchen and I can't wait to get into it!
I used Deep Green Permaculture website to get the list of design principles and he had some good thoughts about them,too.
Permaculture is about self sufficiency on many levels.
2 years ago
Count me in!
Maybe we can share our addresses thru the purple mooseages
I'll even write my letters by hand
the old fashioned way with my goose quill and inkpot
just joking on the quill
2 years ago
Well, I guess I did know!
and it works
3 years ago