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Recent posts by Lyda Eagle

I like the idea of the extra bonus for the first 48 hours.  Of course that could be because I was planning on supporting it as soon as I got the notice it was up and I am greedy and always like to have more, more, and more stuff!!! :-) LOL   And since most other people are a bit greedy too it might convince them to go ahead instead of waiting to pledge their support.   But, as I have said before, what you get for the amount that you pledge is more than generous!!!  And just what I  have seen/heard from post and podcast, I think the book itself already rocks and is something very needed.
14 hours ago

David Huang wrote:For what it's worth here is my edit of the two paragraphs to make a better flow.

"Ten years ago a newspaper columnist quit her “trying to be green”
column after one year. Readers would write in, telling her what to put
in the column. Eventually those messages came with the words “or
else.” She decided to end the column after receiving death threats
from several readers. To respond to this travesty, I needed the Wheaton Eco Scale.

Because every person who reads this book will be at a different point on the
journey towards ecological awesomeness talking to others about their
journey can be inspiring, humbling, annoying, or infuriating. In order
to help you understand your relationship to others on this path, I
came up with this scale.  If you don't agree with it I encourage you to make up your scales
instead. It’s fun!  Since it's creation, the Wheaton Eco Scale has been handy for hundreds of things."

I might consider dropping the part about the scale being handy for hundreds of things.  In my reedit I moved it to the end of the two paragraphs as I feel like it's a separate element that breaks the flow of the general idea when placed in the middle.  I'm not sure that part is needed, based just on what I'm reading in these two paragraphs.  I suspect its usefulness will become self evident through the course of the book.

I like how this reads and I think keeping the "handy for hundreds of things"  is fine to leave in.

I know this is totally off the topic, but when I read the tiny ad I cracked up.
[color=darkred]How do they get the deer to cross at the signs? Or to read this tiny ad?

Because several years ago I was listening to a guy on the radio joking about how they shouldn't put up the deer crossing signs in busy areas as he had almost hit a deer that day. Then this lady calls in and was asking "WHY" they did that??  That she had seen the signs in many busy areas and really thought they should be moved to some place with less traffic..... I thought at first it was part the show but no..... she kept going on and on and was getting upset that the two radio host were making fun of her. One guy then tried to explain it to her. I don't believe she ever got it. So yes, the Wheaton Eco Scale can be used in many situations, because we do all come to see things from VERY different levels of understanding.

1 day ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Molly Kay wrote:Thought it was a chair.

I always thought it was an excellent couch image.   Now that you said that, I can't stop seeing a chair!

I have requested a larger couch!

If you turn the couch/chair/loveseat upside down it looks like a smiley face, kinda like a frogs face or a hippo .....  :-)
1 week ago
I like putting them in a pressure cooker.  Makes any kind of meat tender and tasty.  I either make some kind of soup, dumplings or I will then put it in the over to crisp up the skin.
1 week ago

paul wheaton wrote:praise my budget!  praise it!

  ALL PRAISE be   to the  PAUL WHEATON PIE CHART  budget of monies !!!  ;-)    
oops   I mean  
Paul's PROFESSIONAL pie chart of AWESOMENESS budget of monies !!
1 week ago

Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote:We are planning to offer kickbacks to people who promote the kickstarter. This is open to anyone who wants in. If you let us know that you are interested, we'll set up some spiffy links and send them to you once the kickstarter is live. If someone supports after clicking those links, then we'll send you a cut.

Below is what we are thinking of offering. The idea is to double incentivize extra support - more money from more backers and more money per backer.

In the past people have asked for a link and then only had 1 supporter - they were giving themselves a discount. So... If you bring in 2 or more supporters:

I would like to help promote the kickstarter. Not sure how much I could really do, since I live like a recluse:-),  but I know I would be posting it on FB and talking about it anyway. I will do all I can. I think this is a great idea and long overdue. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. So I am sure other are too.

1 week ago
I vote for No. 3.  All the images are great,especially like No. 1, but since most would see them in a thumbnail simple and bright will be more catching.  I do hope the other two are in the book somewhere.    
1 week ago
Tracy,  Love the pictures! They are great. My favorite is the woodpile vs gas!!!    :-)      
1 week ago
This is great to see some of what goes on during the winter.  Looks like you are learning a lot and having fun doing so. Thanks for sharing,love the pics.
Here are some easy ones that I like. Just knit and purl stitches and they are not to hard to adjust the size on if you want to make them bigger.  If using for a hot pad you might want to use two of them if something is really hot.