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Mother of boys on the autism spectrum and a daughter who isn't. Interested in natural living, permaculture, music, history, books, and all kinds of other things.
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Wisconsin, Zone 4b
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Recent posts by Molly Kay

Bearing in mind that with my screen settings the colors will probably not look 100% the same in person...

I like the purple but it's a bit too bright for my tastes (not that it would stop me from buying a deck).
Green, Blue, and Sepia are my favorites.
Black and white looks nice but I think the contrast is a bit too high for me.
2 weeks ago
Fantastic collection here. Thanks to all who contributed!
3 weeks ago

paul wheaton wrote:

I like the idea that 20 people show up next week.  Lots happens.  All of my stuff is on rails.  

Months later Tommy is gone, and there are still 20 people here helping each other with heath stuff.  

Years later it is still going.  Our gardens are massive.  Our values are even better.  Our community is spectacular.

That's right. Focus on the big C: community!

Sorry to hear about Tommy. Glad you're on the right track. I'm not a great cook myself, and can't travel right now, but you have my prayers and good wishes, Paul.

And since I did read the first post completely I'm not recommending a thing in the way of treatments or changes. Just...laugh as often as you can. Laughter is good for all of us.
Congratulations, new stewards!

Steven Lindsay wrote:bootup

I like this, but spell it BootUp maybe?

Jordan Holland wrote:

Maieshe Ljin wrote:

This might be one of the habits for such an old environment playing out right now—bypassing feeling and going right into trying to solve a problem. But whatever it is, wild places seem to allow space for negativity and hope alike—instead of fighting for space in a cramped, contracted mind, they can both exist simultaneously.

Very astute! Nature always finds a balance, and we come from nature.

Admitting upfront that I have not read the article posted in the OP (at least, not recently, it does ring a bell so maybe I've read it before) nor the one posted just before my writing this about positive mindset, but I want to say that I agree with the above. Balance is key. Balance is also often frustratingly hard to find. Also, I took an online course about mindset, and I have to say that having a generally positive mindset (as per my understanding of the term mindset) can be a good thing. It's not the same as always being positive (something I find impossible). We humans have this tendency to use the same words but with different meanings for them and it's really hard to understand each other as a result. The "mindset" in that article might not be what I'm thinking of as "mindset."

Anyway. This thread reminds me of something I saw on Pinterest, which I've had to edit because the original wording doesn't include the "toxic" part but really should...

The antidote to negativity is not toxic positivity, it's warmth.
Toxic positivity tells a sad person there's no reason to be sad.
Warmth asks the sad person if they want to go get some ice cream.

To me, that illustrates the whole point so well. I think warmth could even be changed to sympathy or empathy, both of which seem in short supply in the world.
6 months ago
I have four children. Three are on the spectrum. I wish there were more resources available in our area, and in general. It would be amazing to be able to live a full-out permaculture life in the country, away from highways and trains. That's the dream, but reality keeps making it seem farther and farther away. I'd love a permaculture approach to helping my boys. I'd love any approach that we could use. We don't live in a great area resource-wise, and moving isn't an option.

At the moment, things are okay, but I worry about their futures, especially our youngest who is the most affected by ASD and is Type 1 diabetic as well.

7 months ago
What a beautiful cover! Congratulations on finishing your book.
8 months ago

Thekla McDaniels wrote:I favor original covers, painted by real people, for specific books.

I thinks the publishers could afford to pay the artist a reasonable fee.  I believe it contributes to the problem of costs, that top CEOs get exorbitant incomes, and bonuses for increased profit margins.

We could have original cover art but for the epidemic of greed which has gripped USA’s community.  

PS the display of reused stock photos was an eye opener for me!  I mostly live in the world i prefer, had no idea such a thing has been going on!

It's gotten worse. I've seen stock photos on novels published by some of the bigger companies.
8 months ago
Friday is pizza night. Not alliterative, but's pizza!
8 months ago