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Mother of boys on the autism spectrum and a daughter who isn't. Interested in natural living, permaculture, music, history, books, and all kinds of other things.
Wisconsin, Zone 4b
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Recent posts by Molly Kay

Cool category! I've actually done some of those.
18 hours ago

Lyda Eagle wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:

Molly Kay wrote:Thought it was a chair.

I always thought it was an excellent couch image.   Now that you said that, I can't stop seeing a chair!

I have requested a larger couch!

If you turn the couch/chair/loveseat upside down it looks like a smiley face, kinda like a frogs face or a hippo .....  :-)

You're right! At first I thought hippo but I can see frog too. Good thing I have a laptop or I might have hurt myself. :)
1 day ago

Mike Jay wrote:Maybe it's a love seat?  Snuggly place for two to save the world together.  Awwwwww

You know, some people figures would give it scale. Love the world, love each other, love your sofa.
3 days ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Molly Kay wrote:Thought it was a chair.

I always thought it was an excellent couch image.   Now that you said that, I can't stop seeing a chair!

I have requested a larger couch!

Sorry about that. My bad deed for the day I guess. LOL
3 days ago

Mike Jay wrote:I like the sofa in combination with "luxuriant".  That gives me a feeling of cozy laziness.  Kind of like a hammock for cold climates.

Hadn't thought of that. Good point.

Thought it was a chair.
4 days ago
Luxuriant environmentalism seems...kind of long. Short and sweet might work better, but is there a shorter way to say that and still convey the message?

Just throwing out random (and probably terrible ideas) here...

Armchair world-saving
Low energy luxury
Be a hammock hero (okay that's more an image 2 idea)

I don't know. Luxuriant makes me think of shampoo and hair color commercials, but that could be just me.

I like the way it looks with the book tilted like that.
4 days ago

paul wheaton wrote:praise my budget!  praise it!

I hereby praise the budget. :D
5 days ago
In thumbnail size, the apple draws the eye much better than the others. While that could mean overshadowing the book a bit, anyone who actually reads the info will know you're not doing a Kickstarter to sell apples.

In full size I like the food forest best. The hammock is cute but that one is too busy for my eyes (but to be fair I've got a migraine and shouldn't even be on the computer...bad me).

Would love to see the food forest with a bit more color to it, not necessarily full color, but maybe the drawings in green to go with the book cover.
5 days ago
Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I was sorry to read about the loss of your first. My mother had three miscarriages and told me that it helped her to name the babies she lost.

I've had four children, and the hardest births for me were the first and third. The third was induced with pitocin, and I don't recommend that if you can possibly avoid it--my body was so not ready and that made labor harder. For the first and fourth I was very glad to be in a hospital because of complications with me (the first) and the baby (the fourth, and she's fine now). The second could have been done at home except for the epidural...the only one where I had an epidural, and by far my easiest delivery. It's worth noting that I'm a major wimp when it comes to pain, and didn't have much success with breathing techniques or anything else I learned. No advice for natural anything, as I was very conventional at the time all of my children were born. Though I can say that my mother had natural childbirth and did fine with all seven of her deliveries.

The one book I read was The Girlfriends' Guide To Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine. Not everything in it applied, but it's pretty lighthearted and covers things you might not expect, so I do recommend it. Aside from that I talked to my mom--the expert--and my sisters and friends who had been through it. The best advice usually comes from people; the books can't cover everything.

Pay attention to any cravings you have. During my pregnancies I mostly craved foods that were high in protein and calcium, both very important for my health and the babies' development. Remember that some fats are good, and fat is important for fetal development too. Don't overeat, but don't restrict yourself too much either. Remember to drink a lot of fluids, especially good old water. Rest when you need to, but be active if you feel like it.

For the first few weeks (if you are able to stay home for that time) sleep when the baby sleeps as much as possible. You'll both be recovering from the birth process, so don't push yourself too much.

You can do this!
5 days ago

Steve Thorn wrote:

Molly Kay wrote:Maybe Salome. Fourth down.

I bet that's it, great find Molly!

Thanks. I'm loving that site. Going to create my own apple database from it, and add info from other sites as I run across it (like zones).
3 weeks ago