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Mother of boys on the autism spectrum and a daughter who isn't. Interested in natural living, permaculture, music, history, books, and all kinds of other things.
Wisconsin, Zone 4b
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Recent posts by Molly Kay

Trace Oswald wrote:I'll take some pictures of the ones I made.  They are a quick, fun project.

I'd love to see them, Trace!
4 days ago

Trace Oswald wrote:I made a lot of Dragon Eggs a few years ago from an Instructable I stumbled across.  They were such a hit at Easter, the whole family wanted some.  Instructions for making that type are found here:
Dragon Eggs on Instructables

Those look really cool! All I do is paint, but I'm experimenting with different techniques and materials to see what effects are possible.
5 days ago
Hope I put this in the correct forum. A while back many of us were pledging rewards for things done by boots, and I pledged a custom dragon egg for anyone who built a sort of permaculture Little Free Library.

I apologize that some of the pictures are kind of fuzzy--the light really bounces off these suckers when the camera flash goes off, especially if I put the top coat on before remembering to take pictures.

First up are three inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire.
5 days ago

Bryan C Aldeghi wrote:

Im not sure that 95% wouldnt want the signatures.  It was a pretty important feature when the book was discussed pre-kickstarter. The book signing and audiobook were the two most popular additional features.

I agree, Bryan. I don't know about in the permie world in general but in the book world a book signed by the author is a big deal. I almost squealed out loud in a second-hand shop once when I found a signed copy of a book by a now-deceased author of some note (whose writing I love). And I don't squeal, generally. Also, I totally bought that book.

On Kickstarter it's a standard thing for book projects, and there are people who might actually decide against supporting a project that doesn't offer signed copies. Not a huge number of course, and certainly not the already devoted permie crowd, but you never know who will be browsing around for things to throw their money at and even a small number of new recruits may be worth having the option of signed copies in the mix.
1 month ago
I'm a 4b with a favorite apple tree rated for zone 5 or warmer. I wrote to an apple website about the possible consequences of zone pushing on this scale for apple trees and this was their reply:

That should still work, but you might find that the tree struggled in a bad winter. However by planting it in a sheltered location and perhaps taking steps to protect it from extreme cold the tree would probably be fine.

So I'm guessing in a really really bad winter, there's going to be some damage unless I can move the tree indoors (fairy godmother, where are you?) but I can take steps to minimize the worst of it, and most winters probably wouldn't hurt it much. I wouldn't expect to get top productivity, but I'm okay with that as long as the tree is healthy and produces something most years.
1 month ago

David Huang wrote:Funny, at about the same time you were making this post, Shawn, I was making a post on my FB page to push the audio book stretch goal.  It doesn't look like much of a response so far unfortunately, but we'll see what happens.  I'd very much like to see the audio book happen too!

I don't know how many people I know would be interested in the audiobook but I've got some friends who could be persuaded based on donations to libraries, so that's what I'm pushing at the moment.
1 month ago
Upped my pledge. It's not much but every little bit counts, right?
1 month ago

Chris Kott wrote:I agree with and respect your position, Paul.

At the same time, Bryan has a point. My cost to support this endeavour is already approaching $50. And my personal want is simply to have a hard-copy of my own.

So if there were an option to top up my total out-of-pocket expense to $50, which would maybe cost me $10 more, I would almost certainly be amenable.

But there's no way I can justify topping up to $100 plus shipping.

And it's not because I don't value permaculture; I am already giving what I can.

But I hope there are elements of the demographic for whom this strategy will work. This endeavour certainly deserves it.


And you too are correct.

I don't see any reason for those who can't afford to offer more to be disgruntled about not getting shinier rewards. We're all getting a lot for our contributions.

There undoubtedly are people who could afford to support this kickstarter at the $100 level but don't for whatever reason, whether it's not believing in the message as much as others or something else entirely.

At the end of the day, Paul and Shawn have to do what works best for them, makes the most sense, and doesn't have them killing themselves trying to meet all of the stretch-goal-swag obligations. You can't please everybody, and the most important part of all this is to get the book out...the rest is frosting.
2 months ago