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Recent posts by Hank Waltner

Jenny Jones wrote:Good luck and it's great to see a youngster interesting in gardening

Thanks. I'm not overly good at gardening but i figure if i start now i can get pretty good. I believe that small scale agriculture and working with Gods creation not against it( Permaculture) is the way to better the world for our short time on it.
3 weeks ago
Burl Smith. I would love that do I owe you any thing or you want seeds from success. I’ll send you a purple mooseage later today
3 weeks ago
prepaid card that makes sense i learn something new everyday here even about non permies stuff
3 weeks ago
If you needed cash for the seeds i would have to mail it.

I also relize if some one wanted me to try growing plants and harvest seeds from them i could. I live in grow zone 3
3 weeks ago
Hi guys and gals. I was thinking about all the great plants I keep reading about and how I just gotta get them. I have one problem being 17 I don’t have a credit or debit set up. I operate entirely on cash. None of the stores in my rural area sell good heirloom seeds or perineal(typo). So I was wondering if anyone hear would want to donate or sell me some of their seeds. Things especially like Siberia bean trees and linden seeds. Sunckookes and comfory. If interested please send me a message.
Ps I’ll take any old seed you don’t want to plant.Thanks
3 weeks ago
Are you talking winter boots or just all around mud boots??
3 weeks ago

Rob Lineberger wrote:I can't address the multitool, and it's not folding, but if you're looking for a portable shovel, the Cold Steel Spetsnaz Tactical Camp Shovel should be on your short list.

These work great. I even use them to chisel I’ve fishing holes. Plies if you carry a multi tool you can use the shovel to cut a long handle then put it on with the multi tool.

P.s. lots of fun to throw.
2 months ago
I know this isn’t a new idea it’s just my take on it.
Also be aware it’s might have misspellings. And the coloring looks like a 2 grader could have done better. Buts hears my idea based on Paul’s methods.
3 months ago
The daily life of my dreams would be...
Get up eat breakfast and then feed my animals. Then I would go and do as I pleased. I wouldn’t halve to go to work. Wouldn’t half to make money. Instead I could weed my garden and chop fire wood so as not to be hungry or cold. I guess my limitations ate the rat race and lack of self sustainability.
3 months ago
The added life needs to be easy established due to almost guaranteed winter kill and or droughts
3 months ago