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(See) born 1974 as a rice farmers daughter married to a German (Will) with Aquaponics experiences.
Plan: our 8 acre permaculture farm incl aquaponics greenhouse and worldwide collected fruit trees...Dogs, Pigs, Fowls, Capybaras and lots more..
Ban Mak Ya Thailand Zone 11-12
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Day 4.
Main task was as usual digging the lake and landfill.
In total 552 truck loads have been dug and moved.

It is getting foreseeable that our calculations are on the spot and we will gain around 80cm (2' 7" about) which will lift the 6.6 acres above all surrounding paddy fields.
Happy days, despite I have lined up another job in Taiwan (February till October) I am now feeling that the rat race is soon left behind me and I actually started this year my retirement dream.
All plans and dreams becoming reality step by step.

- The lake grows bigger
-  the land gets filled just enough to stand over the rice fields and not too much to choke our teakwood trees which were already on the land.
- "Sister" Jan (actually our household lady) keeps an eagle eye on the passing trucks, complains if one comes not full enough and she bought a ticket block where she hands out for each load 1 ticket to the truck driver to control the amount of loads shifted.
No cheating, she is not shy to give the big one with her 35 years of age...

10 hours ago
Your climate looks for me hot enough to grow Vetiver Grass rows to reshape the slope slowly to terraces.

Vetiver Grass is unbeatable for erosion control and will not spread or seed itself.
The roots can grow in sandy soil up to 12 feet and more so it neither minds droughts or water logging.
Also it works as a great water hold back hence more can drain in the ground which allows you a wider range of trees.

When the risk of fire is present mow it down to 10" and you gain a lot of free valuable mulch to build up your terraces with fertile soil.

If you wanna start go on google earth and screenshot your land.
Then paint(box) into this screenshot a roster of 2x2 meter squares  and measure the land levels, so you create a topographical map and can stipulate where you want to plant the barriers.
(I have 6.6 acres so I made 10x10 meter squares)

I attach my topographic map for a better understanding and a link to my post here about starting my Permaculture Food Forest.

Good luck and enjoy your project
15 hours ago
day 3

at sunset 350 truck loads of dirt have been excavated and spread where it was planned.
After two meters red sandy loam we hit on pebbled clay well compacted as the surveyor us told..

This layer will be the foundation of the lake.
Pretty happy because the 1st 2 meters are draining and then its waterlogging.
So the small creek driven by a solar pump in now confirmed to do the same job as swales do.
Watering the trees and gardens alongside just a bit more spectacular with streams and meanders...

...the turtle came out of our existing pond and I could bring it in time to neighbor's lake just as the first knifes got sharpened.

1 day ago
and then the Cavalry moved in.
We agreed per truck load dirt distributed all over the land to pay 200 Baht (5,62 USD)
This price includes an excavator and operator plus a tractor with driver.
Shaping the landscape and digging the lake incl. pumps to keep the water level low.

Because we cannot drain the water over our land we had to visit the owner of the neighboring land.

An utterly happy old man welcomed us into his house and repeated many times that he is so happy to have finally neighbors to here in the middle of nowhere, we had to sit a while for a palaver an then the pumps were running..
2 days ago
Day 2

...who has been or lives in Thailand will know that the spirits of the land have to be persuaded.
Beside the biggest chicken from the market, some fruits, sweets, rice, soft drinks and of course a bottle Thai Whiskey starts the ceremony with some wishes and promises the footprint we leave one day will be for the better...

This is an important step before anyone or any machine touches the land or before a foundation of a house will be set..

2 days ago
Hi all,

After documenting our 8 years of pre planning, pre planting, try and error on small scale in my tread:

The long way to our dream in Thailand, (to go)

I start herewith the tread:

The long way to our dream in Thailand, Part 2. The real life comes

...and also here I will use this forum to keep record for myself and off course giving all info about blood, sweat and tears so our members can be almost "life" gather experiences how to set up a permaculture food forest.

I will also come up with details that might help some people here dreaming their food forest but not realizing how much time and work needs to be put in to get it going.

Day one:

The most important part of a permaculture is abundant Water!
Our recent King of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej created some guidelines which, brought many farmers into a better and self sustaining life.

So also my wife and I will follow these guidelines pretty straight forward.

Yesterday on day one the family came and we started with the lake, of course after persuading the spirits on the land to give us luck, prosperity and allow us to change the land for the good.

I hope you like it...

2 days ago
In the small countryside villages of northern Germany we are naturally a bit more locked when it comes to social contacts.
It takes a while or decade that outsiders are integrated but will always be the newbies.

In our history the main event was kicking the neighbor tribes butts and only as the Romans and Spaniards tried to conquer us and the Franks tried to make us Christians the tribes fought together and were pretty successful.

This is still in our nature and I can live with it.
Until I moved to Thailand and married a Thai wife.
Just about everyone wanted to know me better and be a friend.
It took me years to get used to it, I responded friendly, was polite and beside T tried to keep social distance as a Frisian.

Walking helped a lot, but also participate in all events like harvests, parties but even shopping to show your face helps to get more contact.
I am quite happy with that what I am, a Frisian and if you do not have to say something, mind your business and go your way.

I guess to be a newbie or a cool fellow is all about the interests and character the individual person has...
3 days ago
if you can make another hole same size in the other corner of the room you will increase the air circulation significantly and the above room will heat up faster.

Only one active inlet and no passive outlet will create an over pressure in the room above and whisking the air in the top room.  
4 days ago
Just as my 5 cents:

You say you have unlimited water due to a deep well.

This is not right, you will be taking part of the overall existing groundwater depletion because you might end up to go deeper and deeper to get water.
This means you take the chance for your trees to raise the groundwater table forever.

The rest of your project is a fantastic idea and challenging.
Veggies, you could grow everything in Greenhouses with evaporation cooling and solar energy.
Check Aquaponics, instead of investing in fertilizer you have fish who does this job.
Even the fish will not be profit but you can breaking even and grow your veggies for free. (2nd class or unsellable veggies are fish feed as well - Tilapias)

In public are many characters who green the desert, just see what Geoff Lawton did or see why (nowadays domestic) animals an essential role playing, when it comes to re greening the desert is Allan Savory another Name to look after...

the best of luck with your project..
4 days ago
Mom's Potato salad, which I hated as child because of the fresh onions and cucumbers inside, but after my taste buds were developed my favorite salad.
I get often visited by German expat friends telling me that this is the best potato salad they ever tasted.
One of them is a quite posh kitchen chef from Bangkok and is still guessing what I do different.  

1.5 kg potatoes boiled and rested well over night

The "secret" cream:
2 egg yolks
4-5 soup spoons vinegar
4-5 soup spoons oil
1 tbs Mustard (Dijon or similar)
1-1.5 soup spoon sugar
4 - 5 spoons cucumber pickling water

The "trick":
300 - 400 grs Lyoner or German Fleischwurst (Bolognia or Mortadella, but best is Lyoner striped in 1/4" strips)
150-250 grs Mayonaise (depending how creamy you want your potato salad)
4-5 pickled cucumbers sweet sour finely chopped
1/2 finely chopped onion

...mix all together, taste it if more salt, pepper, sugar or cucumber water is needed. If it tastes well balanced pour it in a bowl with the potatoes and lift it with two spoons carefully around the potato slices.
Soak it in the fridge for at least 12 hrs and lift again before serving..

Last, the "culinary perfection":
3-4 hard boiled eggs finely chopped or sliced covers the entire salad in the bowl after its well mixed.

Quite sophisticated and a bit more work but for special events like Thanksgiving you want to stand off the crowd.
People will wow and ask questions when they try it!

5 days ago