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(See) born 1974 as a rice farmers daughter married to a German (Will) with Aquaponics experiences.
(Will) born 1962 German out of a family of greenhouse farmers in the Netherlands farmers and seafarers in Germany.
Plan: our 8 acre permaculture farm incl aquaponics greenhouse and worldwide collected fruit trees...Dogs, Pigs, Fowls, Capybaras and lots more..
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A well grown rice field rat (caught far away from Villages) is high priced in Thailand.
Tastes like rabbit I would say after trying it.
2 weeks ago
got another one right out of the life...

you might be a permie if...

... your farm gang is catching eels in the drying out pond and you tell them the biggest eels are hiding in about 2-3 feet depth.

You do not bother the fish, but happily realize that they just found the best clay for a cob house right below the top soil in your own land.

2 weeks ago
You might be a permie if,

your wife calls out for a BBQ and all think a Goat would be nice.
Well knowing your farm team you go an buy 2 living goats and watching the sad faces because nobody want to slaughter them.

The two new hedge clippers do a great job pruning the trees and the female goat is now awaiting her first baby
2 weeks ago

What my wife does is just pay for the baler to go to a friend's field and bale up the loose straw. I can't remember exactly how much this is, but it's somewhere around 20b a bale. So many people around here have a few rai that they use to grow rice on, it's easy to find someone willing to let us do this.

we harvested around 300 Bales from our own rice fields.
The baler owner charged us 15 per bale, fair enough.
Next year again...
2 weeks ago

Lucy Pritchard wrote:Hi everyone

I'm in New Zealand and I have two pet goats. They have their own Facebook page: Tiggles and Giggles.

I have skim read these comments. No-one seems to have mentioned that acorns (especially green ones) can be fatal (too many tannins). I fence my boys away from the big oak tree in late summer/autumn.

Also, referring to the picture of goats up a tree, I have been told the poor things get put up there as a tourist attraction.

First of all, the goats in the trees are living in Morocco, hence there is no lush green to graze on.
They really climb into the Agan trees and eat the fruits.
Families later collect their dung for the seeds in it and produce one of the world's most expensive oil.

My two goats were meant to be a BBQ sponsored by me, but we didn't realize that the farmer sends them alive.
Hence the names:
Boonrod (Survivor)
and Super, because there was at the begin (we were unprepared that our BBQ was alive) no fencing from Bamboo and Eucalyptus trunks high and strong enough that both not managed to escape as they liked, especially the Billy Goat (Boer).

When I go out with them they prefer Leucaena Trees over all and if they stripped these trees down they chose as next Moringa..
I doubt they grow in NZ..
1 month ago

Jeff Lindsey wrote:

The mad German scientist and inventor Jorge Sprave  (may he sling forever) and his homemade Rambone slingshot have a lot to do with that. Sprave has also revolutionized the pistol crossbow, the stick bow, the catapult and anything else he can weaponize.  Ever wondered if you could launch an old circular saw blade through a police riot shield? Sprave knows these things.
Slingshot Channel

A properly strung Rambone is much easier to carry and conceal, as accurate, as powerful, and faster to load than a wrist rocket. They are also cheaper and easier to source rubber for.  Here's an expert in their use.
How to shoot

You must have missed Joerg Sprave as he served himself a headshot with a huge slingshot against a target leaning onto his garden shed.
Nice round hole luckily between the eyes and not in the eyes.

He was weeping big time for his wife with blood rinsing out of his forehead ..

This guy is dangerous and no one should try to copy him...

I prefer my recurve 37lbs.
When the crows are attacking my little chickens and they do it just for fun,
from 50 Yards I join the fun.
One got hit and a dozend will escape and sure remember.
Now it's even enough when my dogs carry a stick they fly away.
2 months ago
Here a design that is almost a one shoe fits all except predatory airborne animals..

The wall is a requirement from our Department for Fisheries to raise and farm Red Claw Crayfish which are in Thailand considered as Invasive Species.

The Fence alone can be measured from the ground using the numbers but since grass grows fast higher the hot and cold wire is pretty useless then.
Snakes and rats will be not stopped I reckon.
2 months ago
Coop in the center, 4 door are 4 pastures if separated by a fence.

Predator Problem:

First of all you serve your chicks on a golden plate as there is no hiding place like trees and shrubs.
Know that chicken are naturally jungle/forest fowls, you need trees and shrubs in such an area.

My paddock is 2000sqm or 1/2 acre.

There are all sizes in and my losses are near zero. (I had to shoot a crow who was a little nasty and loved to "play" with the little chicks)

Beside my docile Brahmas (near 200) I have 2 Thai Fighting Chicken as "bouncers" and they do a great job too let it be snakes or birds of prey..

But first of all you need cover, little chicks are artists when it comes running through a dense shub and no predator stand a chance to follow it.  Also the turned over cement bucket has a reason. I just try it but it seems if a chick cant reach the coop this one is well accepted and protects great.
2 months ago
You get always that ONE Rooster that is over involved and might just to sort the pecking order.

I have now 200 Brahmas and 150 Plymouth rocks and some Roosters are like this. (Have been, now BBQ or still in the freezer)

It could be that your rooster had a low ranked (pecking order) favorite girl which gets attacked by the high ranked Leghorn girl (they can be a bit more aggressive)
The one he loves doesn't be neccessarily the Nr one in the Coop...

If he goes so hard on her then he isn't the right one to breed.
You need to chose always the most docile one.

I have a very lovely Brahma Rooster as long its about girls, but when a predator or snake comes, in he goes completely berserk.
That's what you want..

It could also be that there is not enough space for them and he wants reduce the amount of chicks.. But that's more unlikely.
2 months ago
Regarding Permaculture I am not fearing competition but appreciate any followers who want to learn or pick our lads and lasses brain on site.
(Or mine after my return from my last year offshore in September 2024)

So visitors are always welcome to see and have a walkaround on our farm in the pre succession stage.,103.0856743,388m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu

all the best for you project..
2 months ago