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born 1974 as a rice farmers daughter married to a German with Aquaponics experiences. Plan: our 29 acre permaculture farm incl aquaponics greenhouse and worldwide collected fruit trees... and lots more
Chon Buri Thailand Zone 11-12
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Hi all,

I had an interesting discussion with our doctor onboard of our vessel.

He is 74 years old and has a Professor and 3 MD degrees and is actually retired.

His job on the ship he only does as a hobby and being under people as he said by himself after his wife died in a accident 3 years ago.

Every meal he was sitting in the mess room and watching the people and so he also was watching me.
It caught his eye that I am not a denier of meats of all kind and have for breakfast every morning 3 fried eggs and bacon on toast.

I eat some things from the salad bar and veggies. I not like rice. pasts and occasionally a potato if we have gravy available.

He asked me to come into the ships hospital where he did a cholesterol test on me.

Starting with a "I knew it before" he said that my result is in the lower range.
Then he asked what I feel when I see the buffet every mealtime and how I approach it.
Furthermore he wanted to know if I feel guilty when I take more meat and skip some healthy things.

I responded that I go along the trays and if I feel that I really like it I will have a grab. If I not feel that I would enjoy it I not take it.

Then I told him that I never was seriously sick and also a flu has always had hard times coming on me.
Also that I had dengue fever 3 times I mentioned.

To not looking like I brag too much I told him that I agree with him and should look a little more to boost my immune system by eating the right things.

He replied with the words:  
"Will Lad, that is what you are doing every day without paying attention. You take what your body ask you to take and leave what your body not wants.
The moment where you are purposely stuffing into yourself what your instinctive mind didn't ask you for, things will go wrong.
Your immune system is designed to be at 100%, which means it can counteract with diseases and also will live with them, which means it will allow them to be into your body up to a certain number."
The moment you purposely overdose yourself with goodies and try to boost your immune system to 110% you will starting to kill yourself.

The only thing beside the immune system is your guts, they like it colorful as much possible so a fruit will not do bad.

I agreed on this one but told him that I am living since 2002 in Thailand and that my father in law has almost every fruit tree growing where I always have a pick.
1st of all do the fruits taste complete different than the store bought here on board and I am used to eat fruits with spots, damages and marks as I can be sure that there are things on (good or bad) that keep me actually strong and resistant.
And father never will touch any pesticides...  

He ended the chat with. Just go on and do what you always did.
No animal in the world bothers when his appetite says I have to eat this because I have fever or my guts doing not right. The nature tells us if we are able to let her drift us her way.
That's what its all about using instinct which that we humans are calling common sense.  

I have the feeling this man go the point..

If I think of my Granddad and Father, they were living 93 and 89 years of age and never bothered their food.
Fat or not fat, fruits or no fruits, they just grabbed what they wanted to bite into. Beside this both were smoking upto 40 fags a day and loved a good beer to it.

I don't know if this topic will bring the people on the barricades who were reading 100's of books about putting health control into a clockwork, which I didn't and never bother.
The words of this old Doctor made just so much sense to me..
Back to Topic,

using wind is sure some good energy which has only ONE significant glitch.

As above mentioned you need free access and no obstacles and here is the point.

The power becomes costly because you need to build your equipment where the wind blows and that can take lots of unplanned delays because of the wind.
Its one experience that I made in 20 years with all wind farms.

But finally it paid my real life farm and I give up my job and retire in my permaculture food forest...
The rat race has either reached also into offshore where studied youngsters dictate the progress and are stunned that the nature not listens to them, neither do I.
3 days ago
As 9 years old child we were living opposite of an old Blacksmith who loved children.
The horseshoe hanging for decades above my parents garage door for good luck is still in good shape and is now inside my stepbrother's party shed above the bar.

Decades later at the age of Google and some dangerous YouTubers gave me a lot of Ideas:

2007 = My first Viking Sword shattered into pieces like Glass made from leaf spring steel
2014 = My first Kukri Knife, I pretend it was traditionally made from a leaf spring lost a good quarter of the blade edge by knocking down a 5 inch Birch tree
2018 = My first Shredder blade made a hell of a noise in my self-made wood chipper as it broke out of the disc......
Now: I still believe in leaf spring as best steel for making cutting tools....

well, there is some need for good information because I never will give up.
Forging is something really cool, but the stress relieving and its times and temperatures are a thin line between pleasure and pain.
5 days ago
Hi from a Wind Farm Project in Taiwan.

Producing electricity is for some the red blanket but as I am working since 2002 in Wind Farms I can say that some had a return of investment after 4 years.

But that's not the meaning of the post I reckon.
Just the most simple way using wind power is used since millennia by throwing your corn into the air and separate the dust and husk from your harvests.
Curing expensive hams like the Parma relies fully on wind or more a slow and gentle breeze
Everybody has made the use of wind in the back on a push bike to get faster home
Windmill water pumps are using since 2000 years wind
If you are in the desert/tropics and get the chance to sit in a wind tower you will love the wind
a wet towel around your drink container does magic in the wind - see evaporative cooling
Stack ventilation is quite common for passive cooling in the house -see Beddington city in the UK
Many tools could be driven by wind if you can control the RPM by pitch control
6 days ago
Hi all,

now since the Land is planned roughly in parts like too forest, house garden, Nursery, Aquaponics Greenhouses and  visitor's department......
basically all questions that I could sort with my wife you together we have a last but major obstacle to solve.

The Lake, wisely as water is a main subject we want it big enough.
130*45/90 meters as this is given by the topographical map we created.
Big enough also foreseeing to feed later the Greenhouses, but also as a fishing lake or at least to get some Arapaima in (or whatever).

Now, most if not all fishing Enthusiasts, Koi Lovers and Lake Owners would keep the level with a Pond Monk (see picture 1) which is the most standard and approved way.

But thinking of the amount of water that comes in one of Thailand's thunderstorms or in the rainy season itself I am looking also at the physical opportunities, which an overflow has.
Thinking here to let the Nature do it's job I got the idea to use it as a vacuum cleaner to at least get partial the the dirt like silt or rotten stuff from the bottom.
Furthermore I guess especially in tropical weather it would be a pity to lose the from the rain oxygenated surface water instead of sucking the low oxygen water about 6 meter deep from the bottom.
(see picture 2)

What is you opinion here. Is it wishful thinking or would this be a better option of an overflow?

1 week ago
I was reading a few times through your posts and get the feeling you want to break things over your knee.

Nature works slow and in steady pace so best is watching it and act when you see what goes right or wrong otherwise you will spoil you Mushrooms with soda and whatever other mix you have created because you didn't give it time to work.
Finally you will end up with a black soil spot (like the Pee corner) where nothing will grow for years.

I am myself sure a dogfight planter and stuff way more into the spots than actually can grow there, but when the plants push themselves (I like to call it creating a dogfight) out of their way I will let them do.

What is left over at the end is what CAN grow there and delivers a bowl of salad or even a permanent side dish for every Sunday roast.
The job of the dying plant is then the mulching job.

As long the dogfight is on I choose another spot an do the same.

No Soda, No Salt and Pepper Bomb, booster and changing with buffer or Cinnamon against fungus, just growing.
If it won't grow in the first spot I might come in the 2nd or 3rd as a plant that even takes over the spot.

Take your time and don't get over excited.
A common English joke about us Germans, so old but still asked many times.

How many Germans you need to change a light bulb?

my response:

Only ONE, we Germans are efficient and have no sense of humor.
2 weeks ago
In the early days cucumbers were poisonous and only all trials with cross pollination brought the edible cucumber.

Especially regarding the cucumber family you need to be careful because also some poisonous wild ones could cross-pollinate your hybrid and might kicks their offspring back further than the Bronze age.

I am German and got told this by my Grandfather and he learned this by his Grandparents which makes this for me a well known fact.

Unfortunately this poor German fellow and his wife didn't have such Grandparents...
2 weeks ago
As you only want to convert "manageable" sizes of your garden I would recommend to give it a good go once instead of fighting the clay for years.

Rent a motor hoe, buy lots and lots of wood chips and compost (more wood chips as compost somehow disappears fast) plus use all fibrous stuff you get hands on and then mix it with the hoe into the first 30cm.
It will create sure a big disturbance in the soil life but it also boosts it in future.

You might get in the first year some bended carrots but when the wood chips turned into soft matter your no till garden is ready and at least 30 cm deep.
Then let the time (Worms & Co) do the job and keep the mulch layers maintained, the no till ground will then improve fast year by year.

NEVER try to use coarse sand to improve the drainage of the clay beside you want to make it a concrete like driveway.