May Lotito

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since Jun 11, 2020
I am relatively new to permiaculture, only stumbling upon this website in 2019. It opened a new world to me and I have been learning and practicing ever since. I have tried composting, hugel beds, biochar, mulching, polyculture,growing vegetables and fruit trees,raising chicken and building wildlife habitats. I am seeing improvement in soil quality which then bought in healthier plants and a greater diversity of critters on my land.
I keep on learning and making my little contribution to the Permie community.
Thank you.
Missouri. USA. Zone 6b
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Nancy Nix-Rice. Sewing and styling

The Vivienne Files. Art, colors and wardrobe planning

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2 days ago
Mix and match scrap busting utility sewing:

Home dec + fleece/ minky into pet beds
Fashion fabrics + quilting cotton into sun hats
Found three coordinating pieces to make a apron
4 days ago
I have a half apron and two of the  bib style. Next one I am going to try the Japanese type with cross over back. Faster and easier to put on.
6 days ago
I grew Aonaga jibai cucumber (baker creek) for the first time last year. I preferred it to my other variaties like straight eight.  The Jibai cucumbers were prolific and very sweet with small seed cavities. I used them young for salads and stir fries and older ones for soup.
I gave my kids a pile of one inch PVC pipes with different connectors. I cut the pipes to certain length so if they make a roof with 135 degree connector the ends will match. They got creative and were  busy for hours.
1 week ago
Perfect new year present from nature.
2 weeks ago
Yes, there is a hotline. Also one number to contact department of agriculture. I will call tomorrow. All the trees (over 12) on the parking lot of local library died suddenly in 2020. I haven't checked closely and not sure of tree species but it could be the same infection.
2 weeks ago
Thanks all. There is another tree close to my power line, more likely the electric company will deal with it. Then I will get the lots of wood and chips from it.
2 weeks ago
Several trees in the neighborhood had lower branches dying and leaves were pretty spare in summer. I checked this one by my property and saw big pieces of barks are falling off the truncks.
There were small holes on barks and tunnels on tree trunk. Is this an ash tree being attacked by EAB?
This is a big tree over 40 ft and just 12 ft from the road. I am afraid it has to come down before next storm brings down big branches. Will the DOT routinely check for such potential threat or I have to notify them?

2 weeks ago
I visited thrift stores to learn how clothes wear and tear. Failures in buttonhole and other types of closures are one major reason the previous owners had to give up the items.
Try adding a cord when fixing buttonholes, that should greatly increase the stability.
Getting the right fit is tricky, good luck with your coat.
2 weeks ago