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Kaitlen Osburn

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since Aug 03, 2020
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I run a high school drama program, a performing arts festival, and also direct and write plays in the Twin Cities. When I'm not doing those things, I'm usually tending to my plants, fermenting something, or reading.
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Recent posts by Kaitlen Osburn

I like to clean the windows in the Fall - so that the most sunlight can get in during the dark days of Minnesota!

I cleaned some stained glass as well, and WOW is it brighter in here!
2 years ago
Here is the 4th species, replacing the cucumber in this post:

I saved some of my bush beans this fall, and put them back into the packet I bought them in - zero waste!
2 years ago
I made a simple (but delicious) salad from foraged lamb's quarters and added foraged purslane and cauliflower leaves from my garden and parsley. I made a lovely lemon vinaigrette to go on top. Yum!
2 years ago
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2 years ago
Lots of wild and volunteer plants around this yard this year!

There is some purslane growing, which until recently I thought was a terrible weed - nonsense! - I'll likely use some in a salad tonight with some Lamb's Quarters (goosefoot, chenopodium). I also found a small cedar tree growing, and trees are useful for all sorts of things including sucking some of that CO2 back down into the soil. In our front yard, there are lots of sunflowers growing and milkweed. The sunflowers I imagine are volunteers from our neighbors, who plant their whole sidewalk area with sunflowers each year. I've been waiting for some to grow on our side! The milkweed popped up from plants last year, and we even saw some monarch caterpillars feasting on some earlier this summer.

Volunteer - Sunflowers, Milkweed
Wild - Purslane, Cedar tree, Lamb's Quarters

My 'technique' was just to let them grow, and clear a bit of space around them when they were small to ensure adequate sunlight.
2 years ago
Up at the Lab, we used the very fun excavator to prepare our Hugelkultur beds.

This was a very fun day.
2 years ago
I created a trail at Basecamp near the parking lot to ascend the berm.

I planted tillage radish, lamb's quarters, orchard grass, and buckwheat along with a sprinkling of crimson clover.
2 years ago
I made a small insect/bird waterer for our porch using an old serving dish that has been decommissioned from the kitchen. It's near a bird feeder and all of the porch plants, so it will get lots of action (and has, as it's been in use for several weeks now!)
2 years ago
There is a lot of pineapple weed tea in my future. During a drought, it's one reliable plant you can count on to still grow!
2 years ago
This birdhouse is designed for wrens, chickadees, or other small birds who are insect eaters because it would be nice to have less mosquitos and grasshoppers.

It's made from a log. The interior is 4"x4"x8". The bottom of it swivels open to allow for cleaning. neat!
2 years ago