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BB20 Certification: 20 PEP Badge Bits

To apply, please show you have earned 20 PEP Badge Bits.
:: At least 20 :: Any PEP Badge BB, Any Level :: Oddball, 1 Full Point Equivalent To 1 BB ::

Earners of BB20 Certification are currently entitled to a packet of Sepp Holzer grain to be mailed within the U.S.  If you wish for a packet of 42 grains to be mailed to you, please post saying so to this thread and a staff member will contact you to coordinate details. This is not a forever thing.

Sometimes, PEP events will only be open to people who have earned a minimum number of PEP BB's. One of the numbers I've seen thrown around is BB20.
Current BB20 Event at Wheaton Labs: https://wheaton-labs.com/bb20/

"The Double Trouble!"

For clarity, one need not pursue BB20 Certification on their way to PEP1 Certification.
Confused? Start Here: https://permies.com/wiki/skip-pep-bb
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Hello!  Here's my completion list.  Do I get the spiffy new badge?

1. https://permies.com/wiki/115130/pep-commerce/PEP-BB-Commerce-sand-Residual#1023499
2. https://permies.com/wiki/124801/pep-dimensional-woodworking/PEP-BB-dimensional-sand-siding#1012826
3. https://permies.com/wiki/126296/pep-dimensional-woodworking/PEP-BB-dimensional-straw-deck#1011685
4. https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/PEP-BB-foraging-sand-fresh#936251
5. https://permies.com/wiki/40/99344/pep-woodworking/PEP-BB-roundwood-sand-spoon#933817
6. https://permies.com/wiki/111860/pep-foraging/PEP-BB-foraging-sand-dry#932840
7. https://permies.com/wiki/105983/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-Food-sand-salt#932834
8. https://permies.com/wiki/105851/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-Food-sand-vinegar#932825
9. https://permies.com/wiki/10/99566/pep-woodworking/PEP-BB-roundwood-sand-bench#932810
10. https://permies.com/wiki/99631/PEP-BB-woodland-sand-deadchain#932145
11. https://permies.com/wiki/99576/PEP-BB-woodland-sand-livechain#931961
12. https://permies.com/wiki/99621/pep-woodworking/PEP-BB-roundwood-sand-drypeghooks#928052
13. https://permies.com/wiki/98655/pep-woodworking/PEP-BB-roundwood-sand-hook#927967
14. https://permies.com/wiki/105866/pep-tool-care/PEP-BB-tool-sand-hatchet#926393
15. https://permies.com/wiki/10/99537/PEP-BB-woodland-sand-deadbow#925731
16. https://permies.com/wiki/10/99526/pep-dimensional-woodworking/PEP-BB-dimensional-sand-sign#925624
17. https://permies.com/wiki/30/99244/pep-woodworking/PEP-BB-roundwood-sand-compoundmallet#923376
18. https://permies.com/wiki/30/98371/pep-woodworking/PEP-BB-roundwood-sand-club#923292
19. https://permies.com/wiki/99528/pep-dimensional-woodworking/PEP-BB-dimensional-sand-birdhouse#923273
20. https://permies.com/wiki/105490/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-darn#922800
21. https://permies.com/wiki/111863/pep-foraging/PEP-BB-foraging-sand-dish#921694
22. https://permies.com/wiki/105492/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-patch#921687
23. https://permies.com/wiki/103204/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-egg#921672
Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

You DO get a spiffy new Badge! Eight, to be exact. BB20 Certification granted! (and Air Badges)

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Approved BB submission
I think I'm good here.

1 -  dandelion root decoction https://permies.com/wiki/108826/pep-natural-medicine/dandelion-root-decoction-PEP-BB

2 - plantain leaf poultice https://permies.com/wiki/119132/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-Sand-PlantainPoultice

3 - dry red clover blossoms https://permies.com/wiki/138317/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-dryredclover

4 - natural medicine journal  https://permies.com/wiki/108702/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-journal#main-menu

5 - see a patch https://permies.com/wiki/105492/pep-textiles/Sew-patch-PEP-BB-textile

6 - knit a hot pad https://permies.com/wiki/20/101122/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-hotpad

7 & 8 - fresh forage 1 lbs black raspberries and over 4 lbs black raspberries for one of the foraging electives https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB

9 - foraged and dried over 10 lbs of cherries https://permies.com/wiki/7/111860/pep-foraging/PEP-BB-foraging-sand-dry

10 - clean animal shelter https://permies.com/wiki/110323/pep-animal-care/Clean-Shelter-PEP-BB-animal

11 - insect water station https://permies.com/wiki/108073/pep-animal-care/Bee-Insect-Watering-Station-PEP

12 - sprouting chicken grains https://permies.com/wiki/107962/pep-animal-care/PEP-BB-animal-sand-sprouts

13 - milking a goat - https://permies.com/wiki/107922/pep-animal-care/PEP-BB-animal-sand-milking

14 - water bath canning https://permies.com/wiki/133684/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-Food-sand-waterbath

15 - solar rice cooking https://permies.com/wiki/106011/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Solar-Oven-PEP

16 - bake two loaves of bread https://permies.com/wiki/102815/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-bread

17 - dehydrate in solar dehydrator https://permies.com/wiki/105828/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-dehydrate

18 - cook rice in rice cooker https://permies.com/wiki/106008/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-grain

19 - make a soup https://permies.com/wiki/102827/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-soup

20 - make a pizza https://permies.com/wiki/103081/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-pizza
Staff note (Nicole Alderman) :

You are now BB20 certified!!!

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Hurray! I have 20 BBs (even 21! Or maybe even more ... ):

My BBs:
1. https://permies.com/wiki/10/105492/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-patch#1008986 (patch)
2. https://permies.com/wiki/20/101122/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-hotpad#1024299  (knitted hot pad)
3. 1 https://permies.com/wiki/20/105490/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-darn#1017444 (darn 1, a hole in a blanket)
   2 https://permies.com/wiki/30/105490/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-darn#1067615 (darn 2, a hole in a sock)
4. https://permies.com/wiki/10/105756/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-basket#1073024 (woven basket)
5. https://permies.com/wiki/10/102584/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-pillow#1136294 (pillow)

Food preparation & preservation:
6. https://permies.com/wiki/105983/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-Food-sand-salt#1020972 (fermention in salt brine)
7. https://permies.com/wiki/20/105912/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Stir-Fry-PEP-BB#1134014 (stir fry)  

8. https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1138272 (fresh harvest, blackberries)
9. https://permies.com/wiki/111861/pep-foraging/Cup-tea-PEP-BB-foraging#1140357 (cup of tea)

10. https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-sand-sweepfloor#1136282 (sweeping a floor )
11. https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-sand-rag-clothes#1135698 (make rags)
12. https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-sand-rag#1136291 (rag system)
13. https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-oilydish#1137539 (clean fat dish)
14. https://permies.com/wiki/111580/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-utensils#1136463 (oil wooden utensils)
15. https://permies.com/wiki/111302/pep-bb-nest-sand-rug#1136458 (clean carpet)
16. 1 https://permies.com/wiki/108730/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-dishes#1135695 (wash dishes without diswasher; had to wash more dishes)
    2 https://permies.com/wiki/108730/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-dishes#1137536 (washed more dishes)
    3 https://permies.com/wiki/108730/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-dishes#1138242 (about the soap I used )
17. https://permies.com/wiki/108429/pep-nest/Laundry-Hand-PEP-BB-nest#1137610 (wash laundry by hand)
18. 1 https://permies.com/wiki/108852/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-kitchen#1135696 (clean kitchen)
    2 https://permies.com/wiki/108852/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-kitchen#1138641 (cleaned the table too)
19. https://permies.com/wiki/108791/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-bathroom#1136452 (clean bathroom)

20. https://permies.com/wiki/101705/pep-community/PEP-BB-community-sand-map#1132647 (make a map)

Greywater & willow feeders:
21. https://permies.com/wiki/113674/pep-greywater-willow-feeders/Reuse-Water-Shower-PEP-BB#1141014 (use water from the shower)

Staff note (Mike Haasl) :

Congrats on BB20!

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I pursued these twenty bits for the purity of it all but now I see that I can now obtain Sepp Holzer grains without shady backroom deals and third party couriers in Ireland, which is quite a relief.  Yes please, I would like some.

So, I have earned ten bits. These went into the BB10:

1) Lash something 10' to a vehicle without dying
2) Sweep the Leg
3) Spring Cleaning
4) Make a firestarter from an oily dish
5)  Pee on a Plant
6) Make tea from plants you found laying around
7) First Aid for your First Aid Kit
8) Wash Dishes by hand, then wash your hand
9) Make an egg slide around in a cast iron skillet
10) Stir Fry!

These I submit for BB20:

11) Pollinator gatorade station

12) Not the sharpest knife in the drawer

13) Eat a bunch of plants, but not if you grew them

14) Zip it, pal!

15) Dry out your peppermint

16) Turn a branch into a smaller branch

17) Bake a loaf of bread, and also a backup loaf of bread

18) Make sand soup.  Oh, sorry, that's for a sand badge in soup.

19) Cook rice with fuzzy logic

20) Make a natural medicine journal to help you recover from all the BBs

Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

Congrats on BB20, Rob! Thanks for sharing a few laughs.

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I still have 2 pending certification, but since the total is 26, it already meets the criteria regardless. It's about time I actually get the certification note for having 20. :) As to the grains, I would absolutely love them.

Food Prep: fried egg, stovetop grain, stir fry
1 https://permies.com/p/1147590
2 https://permies.com/p/1146164
3 https://permies.com/p/1146169

Textiles: darned sock, crochet washcloth
4 https://permies.com/p/1006401
5 https://permies.com/p/1142500

Nest: all 14 for Straw level
6 through 19 https://permies.com/p/1139615

Tools: sharpen a knife
20 https://permies.com/p/1145635

Plumbing: leaky faucet, leaky toilet, zipclean a drain, decalcify a faucet
21 https://permies.com/p/1148343
22 https://permies.com/p/1146219
23 https://permies.com/p/1148777
24 https://permies.com/p/1147913

Commerce: Earn 100 online
25 https://permies.com/p/1143850

Homesteading: First aid kit
26 https://permies.com/p/1146858
Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

Congratulations on BB20, D!

Inge Leonora-den Ouden
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Ash Jackson wrote:[...
Earners of BB20 Certification are currently entitled to a packet of Sepp Holzer grain to be mailed within the U.S.  ...

And not only within the US! Thank you Ash for sending me the Sepp Holzer grains!
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Natural Medicine


Food Prep & Preservation


Woodland Care








Greywater and Willow Feeders


Staff note (Mike Haasl) :


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Here is my application for BB20. If there are grains still available, I would be most interested.
1. Develop a possible residual income stream   https://permies.com/p/1145799
2. Sell "goods" (something you made, grew, or foraged)   https://permies.com/forums/posts/preList/115132/1150443#1150443
3. Move, charge and replace a lead acid battery   https://permies.com/wiki/112694/pep-electricity/PEP-BB-electricity-sand-charge#1152700
4. Replace Flood Light with Motion Detector Flood Lamp   https://permies.com/wiki/110819/pep-electricity/PEP-BB-electricity-sand-tiny#1160609
5. Troubleshoot and fix an electrical appliance - 0.5 to 4 points   https://permies.com/wiki/138791/pep-electricity/Troubleshoot-fix-electrical-appliance-electricity#1155926
6. Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet   https://permies.com/wiki/30/103204/pep-food-prep-preservation/Fry-egg-cast-iron-skillet#1156252
7. Cook Grain on a Stove Top   https://permies.com/p/1155244
8. Bake a pizza   https://permies.com/p/1151079
9. Reuse Water From a Shower   https://permies.com/wiki/113674/pep-greywater-willow-feeders/Reuse-Water-Shower-PEP-BB#1152479
10. Give Urine to Growies   https://permies.com/wiki/113116/pep-greywater-willow-feeders/Give-Urine-Growies-PEP-BB#1150958
11. Sand, Prime, and Paint Rusty Equipment   https://permies.com/wiki/110160/pep-homesteading/PEP-BB-homesteading-sand-big#1153443
12. install, replace, or recharge a fire extinguisher   https://permies.com/wiki/109632/pep-homesteading/PEP-BB-homesteading-sand-fire#1152371
13. Grease Hinges   https://permies.com/wiki/112744/pep-bb-nest-sand-hinges#1159401
14. Patio Ramp   https://permies.com/wiki/90/97787/pep-oddball/PEP-Badge-Oddball#1158361
15. Clean/Decalcify a Shower Head   https://permies.com/wiki/112762/pep-plumbing-hot-water/Clean-Decalcify-Shower-Head-PEP#1160345
16. Club style mallet from hand tools   https://permies.com/wiki/60/98371/pep-woodworking/Club-style-mallet-hand-tools#1159415
17. weave a basket   https://permies.com/wiki/10/105756/pep-textiles/Woven-basket-PEP-BB-textile#1163207
18. Sewing on a button   https://permies.com/wiki/101131/pep-textiles/Sewing-button-PEP-BB-textile#1162330
19. Create a textile toolbox   https://permies.com/forums/posts/preList/127762/1154871#1154871
20. Sharpen a knife   https://permies.com/wiki/20/105867/pep-tool-care/Sharpen-knife-PEP-BB-tool#1145778
Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

Congrats on BB20, Kevin!

Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

(I also granted your Plumbing and Oddball Air Badges. Enjoy!)

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Here are my 20 BB links.  I am excited to be eligible to visit you next month!




Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

Congratulations on BB20! Looking forward to seeing you at BB20/2020!

author & steward
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I'm excited to be applying for my BB20!

1. https://permies.com/wiki/133684/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-Food-sand-waterbath#1139503
2. https://permies.com/wiki/106011/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Solar-Oven-PEP#1143953
3. https://permies.com/wiki/10/106008/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Rice-Cooker-Crock#1148029
4. https://permies.com/wiki/20/102815/pep-food-prep-preservation/loaves-bread-PEP-BB-food#1148030
5. https://permies.com/wiki/105828/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-dehydrate#1166998
6. https://permies.com/wiki/10/103081/pep-food-prep-preservation/Bake-pizza-PEP-BB-food#1152085
7. https://permies.com/wiki/129032/pep-natural-medicine/Dry-peppermint-tea-infusion-decoction#1144278
8. https://permies.com/wiki/108702/pep-natural-medicine/natural-medicine-reference-journal-PEP#1149815
9. https://permies.com/wiki/116040/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-sand-infusion#1150562
10. https://permies.com/wiki/115792/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-sand-comfreysalve#1152239
11. https://permies.com/wiki/119139/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-peppermintinfusion#1156916
12. https://permies.com/wiki/115734/pep-natural-medicine/oregano-leaf-tincture-PEP-BB#1166262
13. https://permies.com/wiki/108969/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-thymedecoction#1166482
14. https://permies.com/wiki/20/105492/pep-textiles/Sew-patch-PEP-BB-textile#1147158
15. https://permies.com/wiki/50/105490/pep-textiles/Quick-darning-PEP-BB-textile#1152593
16. https://permies.com/wiki/111863/pep-foraging/Prepare-dish-PEP-BB-foraging#1147707
17. https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1148984
18. https://permies.com/wiki/111861/pep-foraging/Cup-tea-PEP-BB-foraging#1164899
19. https://permies.com/wiki/112201/pep-foraging/lbs-seed-balls-bombs-PEP#1161009
20. https://permies.com/wiki/108540/pep-animal-care/Clean-Chicken-Nest-Boxes-PEP#1168352
Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

Congratulations on BB20 Leigh!!

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I realize I've got a couple more BB's beyond 20 now so it's high time I apply for my BB20 badge!  :)

Here are the first 10 I used for BB10 and a link to that application if you want the live links  

1. Built a kindling cracker  (If you've got a RMH, and you should have one, this is a "must have" tool in my opinion.)
2. Developed a residual income stream.  (Would you like a Huang Raising Hammer?)
3. Sold goods I've made. (Can I interest you in some art?)
4. Cooked some grains in an instapot.  (It was tasty as a Spanish rice dish.)
5. Powered up the chainsaw to cut down a dead tree.  (Lots more standing firewood to cut thanks to the emerald ash borer!)
6. Got a good arm workout sawing down another dead tree.  (We tend to forget that the crosscut saw was a marvel of technology at one time.  Sure beats gnawing down a tree with your teeth!)
7. Put together a small 12 volt DC solar system. (Specially designed for camping.  Ok, it's really for car camping.  I wouldn't want to carry the battery or solar panel in a back pack!)
8. Raised a small copper bowl. (This is what I've been doing for my day job!  So it was an easy, if time consuming, one for me.)
9. Made some copper tongs.  (I don't know why most metalsmiths purchase flimsy, cheap copper tongs when it's so easy to make superior ones with basic metalsmithing skills.)
10. Was an electricity oddball, replacing my home system solar battery bank.  (Ouch, but this was an expensive BB to do!  Hopefully I can make this new battery bank last 10+ years.)

Here are 10 of the new BB's to make a total of 20:

11. On a crisp fall day I went out and foraged many pounds of apples.
12. In preparation for the winter heating season I did the annual clean out of my RMH.
13. Naturally this also leads to me starting and operating my J-tube RMH.
14. Cooked some grains in a second way, this time on my stovetop.
15. Had a home cleaning frenzy where I cleaned my bathroom.
16. Had a home cleaning frenzy where I cleaned the interior of my freezer.
17. Had a home cleaning frenzy where I cleaned the interior of the refrigerator.
18. Had a home cleaning frenzy where I swept the floor.
19. Had a home cleaning frenzy where I cleaned the kitchen.
20. Had a home cleaning frenzy where I wiped down some condensating windows.
Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

Congratulations on BB20, David!!

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Woohoo, I got to 20 :)









Staff note (Ash Jackson) :

Zoe, Congratulations on BB20!!

master steward
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Jordan, it would not let me edit the previous post (too much time passed?) so am reposting them.  Thanks.

Residual Income https://permies.com/wiki/115130/pep-commerce/Develop-residual-income-stream-PEP#1170559

Map https://permies.com/wiki/10/101705/pep-community/PEP-BB-community-sand-map#1172097
Brand a Location https://permies.com/wiki/10/101686/pep-community/Brand-location-PEP-BB-community#1179420

Food Prep
Cast Iron restore https://permies.com/wiki/150054/pep-food-prep-preservation/Restart-Cast-Iron-Skillet-food#1172488
Rice in rice cooker https://permies.com/wiki/10/106008/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Rice-Cooker-Crock#1177741
stir fry https://permies.com/wiki/30/105912/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Stir-Fry-PEP-BB#1177746
stew https://permies.com/wiki/30/102827/pep-food-prep-preservation/cook-soup-stew-pottage-chowder#1177943
bread https://permies.com/wiki/30/102815/pep-food-prep-preservation/loaves-bread-PEP-BB-food#1178510

Self-Clean Oven https://permies.com/wiki/111397/pep-nest/Run-Cleaning-Oven-PEP-BB#1170925
Oil Wooden Utensils https://permies.com/wiki/15/111580/pep-nest/Oil-Wooden-Kitchen-Utensils-PEP#1171237
Burnables https://permies.com/wiki/119012/pep-nest/Set-system-collecting-burnables-PEP#1171676
Sweep Floor https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-sand-sweepfloor#1172794 (it's on page 6 -- I can't seem to get it to go straight there)
Deep Clean Frig https://permies.com/wiki/15/112676/clean-interior-fridge#1177649
Condensation https://permies.com/wiki/7/110624/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-wipewindows

Animal Care
Watering station https://permies.com/wiki/10/108073/pep-animal-care/Bee-Insect-Watering-Station-PEP

Natural Medicine
dry lavender https://permies.com/wiki/129035/pep-natural-medicine/Dry-lavender-blossom-tea-infusion#1172964

button jar https://permies.com/wiki/127759/pep-textiles/button-jar-PEP-BB-textile#1177698

First Aid Kits https://permies.com/wiki/109015/pep-homesteading/PEP-BB-homesteading-sand-firstaid#1178098
Fire Extinguisher https://permies.com/wiki/109632/pep-homesteading/Install-Replace-Recharge-Fire-Extinguisher#1180343

Dandelion tea https://permies.com/wiki/111861/pep-foraging/Cup-tea-PEP-BB-foraging#1179883

Showerhead https://permies.com/wiki/112762/pep-plumbing-hot-water/Clean-Decalcify-Shower-Head-PEP#1180400
Staff note (Leigh Tate) :

Congratulations Julie! You've earned your BB20!

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Approved BB submission
I was reviewing my PEP stuff tonight and discovered I have juuuust over 20 certified BBs and a few more on the way! Super excited and indeed interested in the Sepp Holzer grains if they’re still part of the deal.

1. https://permies.com/wiki/113969/pep-textiles/Crochet-dishcloth-PEP-BB-textile#1155331
2. https://permies.com/wiki/10/102584/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-pillow#1165424
3. https://permies.com/wiki/60/105490/pep-textiles/Quick-darning-PEP-BB-textile#1187745
4. https://permies.com/wiki/30/105492/pep-textiles/Sew-patch-PEP-BB-textile#1187752
5. https://permies.com/forums/posts/preList/110451/1139610#1139610
6. https://permies.com/forums/posts/preList/112726/1141860#1141860
7. https://permies.com/wiki/112675/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-alice#1149298
8. https://permies.com/wiki/111580/pep-nest/Oil-Wooden-Kitchen-Utensils-PEP#1173171
9. https://permies.com/wiki/110624/pep-nest/PEP-BB-nest-sand-wipewindows#1168381
10. https://permies.com/wiki/20/103204/pep-food-prep-preservation/Fry-egg-cast-iron-skillet#1144725
11. https://permies.com/wiki/20/105983/pep-food-prep-preservation/Salt-brine-ferment-pickle-PEP#1164755
12. https://permies.com/wiki/10/105851/pep-food-prep-preservation/Pickle-vinegar-brine-PEP-BB#1169941
13. https://permies.com/wiki/133684/pep-food-prep-preservation/Water-bath-canning-PEP-BB#1169935
14. https://permies.com/wiki/10/106008/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Rice-Cooker-Crock#1175300
15. https://permies.com/wiki/10/103081/pep-food-prep-preservation/Bake-pizza-PEP-BB-food#1184938
16. https://permies.com/wiki/40/102827/pep-food-prep-preservation/cook-soup-stew-pottage-chowder#1186562
17. https://permies.com/wiki/40/115132/pep-commerce/Sell-goods-grew-foraged-PEP#1167765
18. https://permies.com/wiki/118748/pep-commerce/Perform-sort-labor-internet-paid#1170777
19. https://permies.com/wiki/120/97787/pep-oddball/PEP-Badge-Oddball#1183944
20. https://permies.com/wiki/130/97787/pep-oddball/PEP-Badge-Oddball#1188897
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Note: Congratulations on earning your BB20!

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Approved BB submission
I would like to apply for BB20 certification and to ask for some Sepp Holzer grains :)
Just got Sepp's book for St. Nick's day tomorrow and am excited to dig in!

All of my BB's are listed on this other post: https://permies.com/p/1164026
Staff note (gir bot) :

Mike Barkley approved this submission.
Note: Certiufied for 20 BB points. Contact Ash Jackson about Sepp grains.

Staff note (Mike Barkley) :

Also ... go Bobcats.

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Approved BB submission
I would like to apply for BB20 certification.  Here are my 20 BBs:

Food Prep (5)
Cook Grain on a Stove Top - PEP BB food.sand.grain.stove
Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet - PEP BB food.sand.egg
Cook Grain with a Rice Cooker, Crock Pot or Instapot - PEP BB food.sand.grain.rice
Make two loaves of bread - PEP BB food.sand.bread
Grind 2 Different Grains into Flour - food.straw.flours PEP BB

Homesteading (5)
Check Septic Tank Status - PEP BB homesteading.sand.little.septic
Drive a Truck and Trailer in Reverse - PEP BB homesteading.sand.reverse
Check a Game Cam - PEP BB homesteading.sand.little.cam
Lash Something 10' or Longer to a Vehicle - PEP BB homesteading.sand.little.lash
Use a 3 point hitch implement on a tractor and do work for 15 min - homesteading.straw.three PEP BB

Earthworks (2)
Three Scoops with an Excavator - PEP BB earthworks.sand.threescoops
Fix Road Pothole/Puddle - PEP BB earthworks.sand.pothole

Foraging (1)
Cup of tea - PEP BB foraging.sand.tea

Animal Care (3)
Make a Brush Pile - PEP BB animal.sand.pile
Clean a Shelter - PEP BB animal.sand.cleanshelter
Clean Out 4 Chicken Nest Boxes - PEP BB animal.sand.cleanbox

Gardening (1)
Seed saving - PEP BB gardening.straw.seedsaving

Greywater and Willow Feeders (1)
Give Urine to Growies - PEP BB greywillow.sand.urine

Nest (2)
Set up a system for dealing with wood ash - PEP BB Nest.Sand.Jeeves.WoodAsh
Oil Wooden Kitchen Utensils - PEP BB nest.sand.utensils
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Leigh Tate approved this submission.
Note: Congratulations on earning your BB20!

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Approved BB submission
Here's my BB20 application!

I used these for BB10:

And here are another 10 to get me to BB20:
Gardening.Straw.Seedsaving: https://permies.com/p/1215516
Commerce.Sand.Sell pc labor for at least $100: https://permies.com/p/1134031
Commerce.Straw.Residial income streams: https://permies.com/p/1249682
Commerce.Straw.Internet labor $500: https://permies.com/p/1216359
Nest.Sand.Sweep floor: https://permies.com/p/1220421
Nest.Sand.Burnables: https://permies.com/p/1220435
Natural Mediciae.Sand.Dry peppermint: https://permies.com/p/1133135
Natural Medicine.Sand.Journal: https://permies.com/p/1248377
Food prep.Straw.water bath canning: https://permies.com/p/1139030
Textiles.straw.start a button jar: https://permies.com/p/1217595

CORRECTED: 1132331 should have been 1134031 in the BB20 list. Got my spreadsheet color coding mixed up!
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Someone flagged this submission as not complete.
BBV price: 1
Note: https://permies.com/p/1132331 is duplicated in the list of 20.

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R Parian approved this submission.
Note: Congratulations on achieving BB20!

Kevin Wilson
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If the Sepp Holzer grains offer is still open, I’d love to receive a packet if it can be sent to Canada!
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Approved BB submission


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Ash Jackson approved this submission.
Note: Congrats on BB20!

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Approved BB submission
I would like to apply for BB20 certification!

Completed BB's:
1. Water from dishpan
2. Install AC outlet
3. Repair light switch
4. Label breakers on electrical panel
5. Make a natural medicine journal
6. Sweep a floor
7. Grease hinges
8. Make rags
9. Oil wooden utensils
10. Clean a kitchen
11. Clean an area rug
12. Develop a residual income stream
13. Perform labor over the internet
14. Repair a toilet seat
15. Clean a shower head
16. Simple beginner bird house
17. Wood box
18. Make a sign
19. Simple open toolbox
20. Cook grain on stove top
21. Fry an egg on a skillet

Awaiting approval:
1. Wash dishes by hand
2. Clean a dish without soap
3. Clean a faucet aerator
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Mike Barkley approved this submission.
Note: Well done. Enjoy your new BB20 badge.

master steward
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I noticed that M Broussard's name had a LOT of air badges underneath it. I went to her BB Profile and counted up 30 completed BBs! So, I've awarded her the BB20 badge!
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Approved BB submission
Greywater and Willow Feeders - Sand Badge
1. Give Urine to Growies
2. Reuse Water From a Shower
3. Use Water From a Dishpan to Flush a Toilet or Water Something

Metalworking - Sand Badge
4. Dress up a mushroomed chisel or splitting wedge

Roundwood - Sand Badge
5. Green wood stool with dry wood legs
6. 2 coat hooks from a small branch crotch

Foraging - Sand Badge
7. Cup of tea
8. Prepare a dish (4x completed!)
9. Dry harvest list

Textiles - Sand Badge
10. Woven Basket
11. Quick Darning

Textiles - Straw Badge
12. Create a textile toolbox

Nest - Sand Badge
13. Oil Wooden Kitchen Utensils
14. Wash Dishes by Hand

Commerce - Sand Badge
15. Sell "goods" (something you made, grew, or foraged)
16. Perform some sort of labor over the internet and get paid
17. Develop a possible residual income stream

Commerce - Straw Badge
18. Perform Labor Over the Internet and Get Paid $500

Tool Care - Sand Badge
19. Sharpen a Hatchet

Tool Care - Straw Badge
20. Sharpen an Ax
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Note: Congrats on BB20!

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Approved BB submission
I have completed over 20 BBs
Use water from a dishpan: https://permies.com/wiki/30/116798/pep-greywater-willow-feeders/Water-Dishpan-Flush-Toilet-Water#1282092

Three scoops with an excavator: https://permies.com/wiki/20/99575/pep-earthworks/Scoops-Excavator-PEP-BB-earthworks#1285721

Chop and drop: https://permies.com/wiki/40/98575/Chop-Drop-PEP-BB-gardening#1285910

Start a rocket oven and bake something: https://permies.com/wiki/10/106186/pep-rocket/Start-Rocket-Oven-Bake-PEP#1284917

Wax/oil wraps: https://permies.com/wiki/151807/pep-textiles/wax-oil-wraps-textile-straw#1285736

Natural Medicine
Dry mullein leaf: https://permies.com/wiki/129033/pep-natural-medicine/Dry-mullein-leaf-tea-infusion#1282414
Make a comfrey poultice: https://permies.com/wiki/119135/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-Sand-ComfreyPoultice#1284571

Sweep a floor: https://permies.com/wiki/55/110451/pep-nest/Sweep-Floor-PEP-BB-nest#1283561
Do laundry by hand: https://permies.com/wiki/30/108429/pep-nest/laundry-hand-PEP-BB-nest#1285403
Manually clean an oven: https://permies.com/wiki/112675/pep-nest/Manually-Clean-Oven-PEP-BB#1283534

Sell goods: https://permies.com/wiki/40/115132/pep-commerce/Sell-goods-grew-foraged-PEP#1266359

Natural Building
Make 12 adobe bricks: https://permies.com/wiki/10/102588/PEP-BB-naturalbuilding-sand-adobes#1283384
Use cob to fill between logs in a WOFATI: https://permies.com/wiki/103323/PEP-BB-naturalbuilding-sand-cobfill#1282499

Food Prep and Preservation
Cook soup: https://permies.com/wiki/50/102827/pep-food-prep-preservation/cook-soup-stew-pottage-chowder#1263477
Salt brine ferment: https://permies.com/wiki/30/105983/pep-food-prep-preservation/Salt-brine-ferment-pickle-PEP#1285737

Fresh harvest list 1: https://permies.com/p/1263296
Fresh harvest list 2: https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1263312
Fresh harvest list 3: https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1266900
Dry Harvest 1: https://permies.com/wiki/28/111860/pep-foraging/Dry-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1281327
Dry Harvest 2: https://permies.com/wiki/35/111860/pep-foraging/Dry-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1285491
Prepare a dish https://permies.com/wiki/35/111863/pep-foraging/Prepare-dish-PEP-BB-foraging#1263916
Cup of tea https://permies.com/wiki/30/111861/pep-foraging/Cup-tea-PEP-BB-foraging#1266167
Make 4 lbs of seed balls: https://permies.com/wiki/112201/pep-foraging/lbs-seed-balls-bombs-PEP#1283655

Animal Care
Collect a Dozen Eggs : https://permies.com/wiki/21/134516/pep-animal-care/Collect-Dozen-Eggs-PEP-BB#1252879
Daily Check for Fowl : https://permies.com/p/1252948
Make a Bee/Insect Watering Station: https://permies.com/p/1254360
Clean a shelter: https://permies.com/wiki/110323/pep-animal-care/Clean-Shelter-PEP-BB-animal#1252887
Feed appropriate kitchen scraps: https://permies.com/wiki/108296/pep-animal-care/Feed-Kitchen-Scraps-PEP-BB#1261310

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Kevin Wilson approved this submission.

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Approved BB submission
I think I've finally reached BB20!

1. Develop a possible residual income stream (Commerce): https://permies.com/p/1153334
2. Perform labor over the internet and get paid $50 (Commerce): https://permies.com/p/1153350
3. Perform labor over the internet and get paid $500 (Commerce): https://permies.com/p/1290362
4. Make a ginger root decoction (Natural Medicine): https://permies.com/p/1302932
5. Do laundry by hand (Nest): https://permies.com/p/1185682
6. Wash dishes without a dishwasher (Nest): https://permies.com/p/1252867
7. Oil wooden kitchen utensils (Nest): https://permies.com/p/1290327
8. Sweep a floor (Nest): https://permies.com/p/1170971
9. Set up a cloth napkin system (Nest): https://permies.com/p/1163311
10. Run a self-cleaning oven (Nest): https://permies.com/p/1171325
11. Mend a hole - quick darning (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1163304
12. Sew a patch (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1172092
13. Weave a basket (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1298474
14. Knit a hotpad (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1253144
15. Start a button jar (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1240773
16. Hem trousers (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1226510
17. Fix stitching on a leather bag (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1226524
18. Sew a cloth feminine pad (Textiles): https://permies.com/p/1300060
19. Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet (Food): https://permies.com/p/1240585
20. Cook a stir fry (Food): https://permies.com/p/1240722
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Mike Barkley approved this submission.
Note: Congrats on BB20!!!

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Approved BB submission
20 BBs as Follows:

Animal Care:
Birdhouse: https://permies.com/wiki/107920/pep-animal-care/Build-nice-birdhouse-specific-species#1304377
Insect Waterer: https://permies.com/wiki/25/108073/pep-animal-care/Bee-Insect-Watering-Station-PEP#1304632

Excavator: https://permies.com/wiki/30/99575/pep-earthworks/Scoops-Excavator-PEP-BB-earthworks#1304644
Trail: https://permies.com/wiki/99625/pep-earthworks/PEP-BB-earthworks-sand-bermtrail#1304639

Wild and Volunteers: https://permies.com/wiki/122923/Encouraging-volunteer-wild-plants-PEP#1304778

Twine: https://permies.com/wiki/20/105498/pep-textiles/twine-PEP-BB-textile-sand#1295851
Basket Weaving: https://permies.com/wiki/30/105756/pep-textiles/Woven-basket-PEP-BB-textile#1295719

Food Prep:
Grain in an Instant Pot: https://permies.com/wiki/20/106008/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-slow-cooker-PEP#1296033
Grain in a Solar Oven: https://permies.com/wiki/106011/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Solar-Oven-PEP#1296034
Grain in a Rocket: https://permies.com/wiki/20/106017/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Rocket-Stove-Haybox#1296037
Dry Food in a Solar Dehydrator: https://permies.com/wiki/10/105828/pep-food-prep-preservation/Dehydrate-Food-Solar-Dehydrator-PEP#1296739

Fresh List: https://permies.com/wiki/40/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1296750
Dry List: https://permies.com/wiki/42/111860/pep-foraging/Dry-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1304382
Tea: https://permies.com/wiki/30/111861/pep-foraging/Cup-tea-PEP-BB-foraging#1296755
Seed Balls: https://permies.com/wiki/112201/pep-foraging/lbs-seed-balls-bombs-PEP#1297206

Beautiful Sign: https://permies.com/wiki/156717/pep-greywater-willow-feeders/Add-Wood-burned-Oil-sealed#1296744
Reuse Dishpan Water: https://permies.com/wiki/30/116798/pep-greywater-willow-feeders/Water-Dishpan-Flush-Toilet-Water#1304353

Natural Medicine
Poultice: https://permies.com/wiki/119135/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-Sand-ComfreyPoultice#1296742

Lash 10' to a vehicle: https://permies.com/wiki/109659/pep-homesteading/Lash-Longer-Vehicle-PEP-BB#1304365
Rock jack: https://permies.com/wiki/118356/pep-homesteading/PEP-BB-homesteading-sand-big#1304360
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Luke Mitchell approved this submission.
Note: Congratulations!

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Approved BB submission
i think I have this badge....and on my way to the big 40!
natural medicine
1. https://permies.com/wiki/108969/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-thymedecoction#1305729
2. https://permies.com/wiki/152801/pep-natural-medicine/infusion-thyme-leaf-PEP-BB#1305712
3. https://permies.com/wiki/152262/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-drystingingnettle#1305690
4. https://permies.com/wiki/115734/pep-natural-medicine/oregano-leaf-tincture-PEP-BB#1305674
5. https://permies.com/wiki/166072/pep-natural-medicine/rosemary-infused-oil-Medicine-sand#1305671
6. https://permies.com/wiki/162897/pep-natural-medicine/rosemary-tincture-PEP-BB-medicine#1305670
7. https://permies.com/wiki/152250/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-dryoregano#1304830
8. https://permies.com/wiki/152263/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-drythyme#1304826
9. https://permies.com/wiki/129033/pep-natural-medicine/Dry-mullein-leaf-tea-infusion#1304823
10. https://permies.com/wiki/129034/pep-natural-medicine/Dry-chamomile-blossom-tea-infusion#1304820
11. https://permies.com/wiki/138317/pep-natural-medicine/Harvest-Dry-Store-Red-Clover#1304811
12. https://permies.com/wiki/166076/pep-natural-medicine/Harvest-Dry-Store-Rosemary-medicine#1304808
13. https://permies.com/wiki/119139/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-peppermintinfusion#1303577
14. https://permies.com/wiki/108855/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-sand-nettledecoction#1303555
15. https://permies.com/wiki/116044/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-oil#1303404
16. https://permies.com/wiki/152273/pep-natural-medicine/Create-infusion-dandelion-leaves-PEP#1303471
17. https://permies.com/wiki/152795/pep-natural-medicine/infusion-red-clover-blossom-PEP#1302440
18. https://permies.com/wiki/129043/pep-natural-medicine/Dry-raspberry-leaf-tea-infusion#1302099
19. https://permies.com/wiki/116043/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-sand-infusion#1302075
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food prep
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Approved BB submission
I got 20 badge bits!
If the offer is still open, I would love to receive a packet of Sepp Holzer Grains, though I would need to do additional research to do them justice in planting properly.

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Approved BB submission
It will be a while until I get bb40, work season is starting back up. But for now!

I'm probably not the only one, but I've been really looking forward to doing the tool care work. I really like hand tools and their maintenance...

1 gardening - chop and drop
2 textile - mend a hole in gloves
3 textile - quick darning
4 roundwood - shaving horse
5 roundwood - club style mallet
6 roundwood - 2 coat hooks from branch crotch
7 roundwood - carving spoon
8 homesteading - clean gutters
9 community - brand a location
10 dimensional wood - simple open toolbox
11 dimensional wood - make a sign
12 nest - wash dishes by hand
13 nest - make rags from old clothes
14 nest - clean a kitchen
15 nest - clean an oily dish without soap
16 tool care - sharpen a knife
17 tool care - remove rust, clean and oil a hand tool
18 roundwood - make a lightweight spoon you can eat with
19 gardening - seed saving
20 greywater - give urine to growies
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Justin Rhodes 45 minute video tour of wheaton labs basecamp
will be released to subscribers in: soon!
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