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Recent posts by Pierre Michael

Applying for my natural medicine sand badge. Here are the bits:

Dry mullein leaf for a tea, infusion or decoction - https://permies.com/p/1284141
Create an infusion of horsetail - https://permies.com/p/1290671
Make arnica infused oil - https://permies.com/p/1290663
Make garlic infused vinegar - https://permies.com/p/1290667
Make a St. John’s Wort blossom tincture - https://permies.com/p/1285697
Make an Arnica Salve - https://permies.com/p/1292266
Make a ginger root decoction - https://permies.com/p/1291393
Make a Comfrey Leaf Poultice - https://permies.com/p/1290677


Applying for my textiles badge here.
Here are the relevant sand badge bits:

Sew a small pillow - https://permies.com/p/1282345
Make twine - https://permies.com/p/1283725
Quick darning - https://permies.com/p/1287263
Woven basket - https://permies.com/p/1286764
Sew a patch - https://permies.com/p/1287267
Crochet or knit a dishcloth - https://permies.com/p/1292464
4 days ago
Finally!! After probably 20 hours of effort, I completed my dishcloth. Can’t say that there will be a lot more knitting in my future. Over 10” in both dimensions.
6 days ago
Made 2 cups of uncooked rice. Close to 4 cups of cooked rice in a rice cooker.
Reused a little over 3 gallons of shower water to water some mint. It helped that the shower was in a common house and was used regularly at the SKIP event. The water gathered rather quickly.
Made a salve using arnica flower oil and beeswax.

6oz finished oil (volume) to 1.3oz beeswax (weight).

Melted in a water bath.
Made a ginger syrup with equal parts sugar and (30min boil) ginger decoction that I had previously made here:
Pierre's Ginger Decoction

After adding the sugar and bringing up to temperature, I let the mixture boil together for 5 minutes. Then poured into a container after cooling and labeled.
Made a BB page for an Arnica Salve
Posted the live link in the natural medicine page

1 week ago
This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Natural Medicine.

(from: Britannica)

For this badge bit, you will create an arnica blossom salve
 - Make an arnica salve, with a picture of it being made, and of it being finished.

Here are some links to guide you in researching calendula and in creating your salve:
  Homemade Arnica Salve Recipe
  Benefits of Arnica
  DIY Arnica Salve

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must post:
  - a picture of your arnica flowers being harvested
 - a picture of your flowers in solution with a description of what oil and other ingredients you used
 - a picture of your completed salve in its permanent, labeled container/jar
Created my first BB post. Please review.
It is linked appropriately in the natural medicine page now.

1 week ago