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BB60 Certification: 60 PEP Badge Bits

To apply, please show you have earned 60 PEP Badge Bits.
:: At least 60 :: Any PEP Badge BB, Any Level :: Oddball, 1 Full Point Equivalent To 1 BB ::

Wow! You're almost PEP 1 Certified. Keep it up!

For clarity, one need not pursue BB60 Certification on their way to PEP1 Certification.
Confused? Start Here: https://permies.com/wiki/skip-pep-bb
master steward
Posts: 17771
Location: Pacific Northwest
hugelkultur kids cat duck forest garden foraging fiber arts sheep wood heat homestead
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I now have just over 60 Badge Bits completed!




Dimensional Lumber:  




Natural Medicine
 Dry herb for Tea--Peppermint
 Cottonwood salve
 Balm of Gilead
 Plantain Poultice
 mint infusion/tea
 Dandelion Root Decoction



  Do Laundry By Hand
  Wash Dishes by Hand
  Clean a Bathroom
  Clean a Kitchen
  Install a Clothesline
  Clean an Oily Dish Without Soap
  Clean an Area Rug
  Sweep a Floor
  Set Up A Rag System
  Make Rags From Old Clothes
  Setup a Cloth Napkin System
  Clean an Oily Dish Without Soap
  set up a system for dealing with wood ash
  Clean Interior of a Car
  Setup an Elaborate Clothes Line


Tool Care
Staff note :

Congratulations! BB60 Badge granted!

Posts: 1001
Location: Washington State
forest garden trees rabbit earthworks composting toilet fiber arts sheep wood heat woodworking rocket stoves homestead
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Here is my BB40 post and here are another 20 BB.  :)




Staff note (jordan barton) :

Congratulations 60 badge granted!

Posts: 645
Location: British Columbia
monies home care forest garden foraging chicken wood heat homestead ungarbage
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In addition to my last 40 BBs (BB40) here are 20 more:

1 Install a Plugin
2 Install a Light Switch
3 Label a Breaker

4 Sell Something you Grew Ect.

Natural Medicine
5 Make a Journal
6 Elderberry Syrup
7 Dry Elderberries
8 Peppermint Salve
9 Plantain Poultice
10 Thyme Decoction
11 Peppermint Infusion
12 Oregano tincture
13 Elderberry Vinegar Infusion

14 Clean the Interior of the Fridge
15 Use Dishpan water
16 Make Rags from Old Clothes

Woodland Care
17 Limb 4 Trees
18 Drop a Tree with Bow Saw
19 Drop a Tree with Chain Saw

20 Install a Fire Extinguisher
Staff note (jordan barton) :

Congratulations! 60 bb granted!

author & steward
Posts: 2131
Location: Southeastern U.S. - Zone 7b
goat cat forest garden foraging chicken food preservation medical herbs writing solar wood heat homestead
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Approved BB submission
I'm very excited to be applying for my BB60!

BB5 - https://permies.com/wiki/144616/BB-Certification-Apply-Boast-Certify#1147746

1. https://permies.com/wiki/10/133684/pep-food-prep-preservation/Water-bath-canning-PEP-BB#1139503
2. https://permies.com/wiki/106011/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Solar-Oven-PEP#1143953
3. https://permies.com/wiki/10/106008/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Rice-Cooker-Crock#1148029
4. https://permies.com/wiki/20/102815/pep-food-prep-preservation/loaves-bread-PEP-BB-food#1148030
5. https://permies.com/wiki/105828/pep-food-prep-preservation/PEP-BB-food-sand-dehydrate#1166998

BB10 - https://permies.com/wiki/144617/BB-Certification-Apply-Boast-Certify#1151275

6. https://permies.com/wiki/10/103081/pep-food-prep-preservation/Bake-pizza-PEP-BB-food#1152085
7. https://permies.com/wiki/129032/pep-natural-medicine/Dry-peppermint-tea-infusion-decoction#1144278
8. https://permies.com/wiki/108702/pep-natural-medicine/natural-medicine-reference-journal-PEP#1149815
9. https://permies.com/wiki/116040/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-sand-infusion#1150562
10. https://permies.com/wiki/115792/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-Medicine-sand-comfreysalve#1152239

BB20 - https://permies.com/wiki/144618/BB-Certification-Apply-Boast-Certify#1168652

11. https://permies.com/wiki/119139/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-peppermintinfusion#1156916
12. https://permies.com/wiki/115734/pep-natural-medicine/oregano-leaf-tincture-PEP-BB#1166262
13. https://permies.com/wiki/108969/pep-natural-medicine/PEP-BB-medicine-sand-thymedecoction#1166482
14. https://permies.com/wiki/20/105492/pep-textiles/Sew-patch-PEP-BB-textile#1147158
15. https://permies.com/wiki/50/105490/pep-textiles/Quick-darning-PEP-BB-textile#1152593
16. https://permies.com/wiki/20/111863/pep-foraging/Prepare-dish-PEP-BB-foraging#1147707
17. https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1148984
18. https://permies.com/wiki/111861/pep-foraging/Cup-tea-PEP-BB-foraging#1164899
19. https://permies.com/wiki/112201/pep-foraging/lbs-seed-balls-bombs-PEP#1161009
20. https://permies.com/wiki/5/108540/pep-animal-care/Clean-Chicken-Nest-Boxes-PEP#1168352

BB40 - https://permies.com/wiki/144619/BB-Certification-Apply-Boast-Certify#1187414

21. https://permies.com/wiki/10/107922/pep-animal-care/PEP-BB-animal-sand-milking#1168672
22. https://permies.com/wiki/30/102827/pep-food-prep-preservation/cook-soup-stew-pottage-chowder#1169094
23. https://permies.com/wiki/138220/pep-animal-care/PEP-BB-animal-sand-dailyquad#1169377
24. https://permies.com/wiki/10/105756/pep-textiles/Woven-basket-PEP-BB-textile#1170491
25. https://permies.com/wiki/30/101122/pep-textiles/knit-crochet-hotpad-PEP-BB#1174765
26. https://permies.com/wiki/14/111860/pep-foraging/PEP-BB-foraging-sand-dry#1176029
27. https://permies.com/wiki/111859/pep-foraging/Fresh-harvest-list-PEP-BB#1177012
28. https://permies.com/wiki/10/105498/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-twine#1178490
29. https://permies.com/wiki/28/108150/pep-animal-care/Brush-Pile-PEP-BB-animal#1179363
30. https://permies.com/wiki/20/105983/pep-food-prep-preservation/Salt-brine-ferment-pickle-PEP#1180672
31. https://permies.com/wiki/25/111863/pep-foraging/Prepare-dish-PEP-BB-foraging#1180663
32. https://permies.com/wiki/10/105851/pep-food-prep-preservation/Pickle-vinegar-brine-PEP-BB#1182478
33. https://permies.com/wiki/20/102584/pep-textiles/PEP-BB-textile-sand-pillow#1185079
34. https://permies.com/wiki/150376/pep-food-prep-preservation/Grind-Grains-Flour-food-straw#1184704
35. https://permies.com/wiki/10/106017/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Rocket-Stove-Haybox#1185468
36. https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-sand-rag-clothes#1185690
37. https://permies.com/wiki/112762/pep-plumbing-hot-water/Clean-Decalcify-Shower-Head-PEP#1185745
38. https://permies.com/wiki/127759/pep-textiles/button-jar-PEP-BB-textile#1185422
39. https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-ash#1187246
40. https://permies.com/wiki/30/110451/pep-nest/Sweep-Floor-PEP-BB-nest#1186862


41. https://permies.com/wiki/pep-bb-nest-sand-rag#1187946
42. https://permies.com/wiki/150250/pep-food-prep-preservation/Dairy-Products-food-straw-twodairy#1188505
43. https://permies.com/wiki/30/105912/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Stir-Fry-PEP-BB#1190674
44. https://permies.com/wiki/30/106007/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Grain-Stove-Top-PEP#1190670
45. https://permies.com/wiki/101131/pep-textiles/Sewing-button-PEP-BB-textile#1194286
46. https://permies.com/wiki/113218/pep-plumbing-hot-water/Clean-Decalcify-Faucet-Aerator-PEP#1194436
47. https://permies.com/wiki/30/103204/pep-food-prep-preservation/Fry-egg-cast-iron-skillet#1194380
48. https://permies.com/wiki/108296/pep-animal-care/Feed-Kitchen-Scraps-PEP-BB#1195670
49. https://permies.com/wiki/105948/pep-food-prep-preservation/Cook-Serve-Sunchokes-PEP-BB#1196286
50. https://permies.com/wiki/107962/pep-animal-care/PEP-BB-animal-sand-sprouts#1196291
51. https://permies.com/wiki/150374/pep-food-prep-preservation/Kinds-Condiments-Salad-Dressings-food#1196977
52. https://permies.com/wiki/15/112676/clean-interior-fridge#1196970
53. https://permies.com/wiki/112814/pep-plumbing-hot-water/Perform-Water-Quality-Test-PEP#1198760
54. https://permies.com/wiki/152471/pep-textiles/Mend-hole-mittens-gloves-textiles#1204354
55. https://permies.com/wiki/152414/pep-textiles/Mend-hole-sweater-textiles-straw#1209151
56. https://permies.com/wiki/30/108791/pep-nest/Clean-Bathroom-PEP-BB-nest#1211074
57. https://permies.com/wiki/112675/pep-nest/Manually-Clean-Oven-PEP-BB#1214513
58. https://permies.com/wiki/152470/pep-textiles/Fix-hole-stitching-leather-gloves#1215563
59. https://permies.com/wiki/155316/pep-nest/Set-station-system-rechargeable-batteries#1216774
60. https://permies.com/wiki/111302/pep-bb-nest-sand-rug#1217262
Staff note (gir bot) :

Ash Jackson approved this submission.
Note: Congratulations on BB60! Woo-hoo!

Posts: 242
Location: NW Washington - Zone 8a : 10 to 15 (F)
cattle goat foraging earthworks chicken cooking building solar sheep wood heat homestead
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Approved BB submission
Here is my application for BB60 certification!

Animal Care (7)
1. Make a Brush Pile
2. Clean a Shelter
3. Clean Out 4 Chicken Nest Boxes
4. Breed a Cow and Raise at Least 1 Calf
5. collect 12 eggs from your fowl
6. build a nice birdhouse for a specific species of bird
7. Breed an ewe resulting in at least one lamb

Dimensional Lumber Woodworking (2)
8. small deck
9. simple beginner bird house

Earthworks (4)
10. Three Scoops with an Excavator
11. Fix Road Pothole/Puddle
12. 5 scoops Using Tractor Loader
13. Make a Proper Road with a Bulldozer for at Least 100 Feet

Electricity (3)
14. Move, charge and replace a lead acid battery
15. Trench power to an outbuilding properly
16. put a new end on an extension cord

Food Prep and Preservation (8)
17. Cook Grain on a Stove Top
18. Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet
19. Cook Grain with a Rice Cooker, Crock Pot or Instapot
20. Make two loaves of bread
21. Cook a Stir Fry
22. cook soup, stew, pottage, or chowder
23. Grind 2 Different Grains into Flour
24. salt brine ferment/pickle something

Foraging (2)
25. Cup of tea
26. make maple syrup

Gardening (3)
27. Seed saving
28. Ruth Stout style composting
29. Build a hugelkultur

Greywater and Willow Feeders (2)
30. Give Urine to Growies
31. plant five trees

Homesteading (16)
32. Check Septic Tank Status
33. Drive a Truck and Trailer in Reverse
34. Check a Game Cam
35. Lash Something 10' or Longer to a Vehicle
36. Sweep a chimney
37. Use a 3 point hitch implement on a tractor and do work for 15 min
38. Dragging/moving a large down tree 100’ for processing
39. Clean up messes made by prior owners or tresspassers
40. Set up a hidden boneyard
41. install, replace, or recharge a fire extinguisher
42. use tractor and back blade to plow snow
43. clean/repair/improve the gutters
44. drive a truck and trailer backwards with turns
45. Jump start a vehicle
46. Spread manure/compost on a pasture
47. Add a lean-to to an existing building

Natural Medicine (3)
48. Make a natural medicine reference journal
49. Make a dandelion root decoction
50. Make a stinging nettle leaf decoction

Nest (6)
51. Set up a system for dealing with wood ash
52. Oil Wooden Kitchen Utensils
53. Sweep a Floor
54. Make Rags From Old Clothes
55. shovel snow from a walk
56. grease hinges

Metalworking (1.5)
57. Dress up a mushroomed chisel or splitting wedge
57.5. Heavy duty wall hanging bracket (Metalworking Oddball)

Plumbing (1)
58.5. Install septic tank and drain field

Tool Care (1)
59.5. sharpen teeth on sawmill

Woodland Care (1)
60.5. Felling a live tree with a chainsaw

Staff note (gir bot) :

jordan barton approved this submission.
Note: Great Job R!

Posts: 11233
Location: Northern WI (zone 4)
hunting trees books food preservation solar woodworking
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Hey all you BB60 folks!  If you would like, feel free to post a little resume (or CV) in this thread so that as Otises are looking for PEPpers, they can see you.  If you're into that sort of thing...

Posts: 247
Location: Zone 7a
kids rabbit chicken food preservation fiber arts
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Approved BB submission
Here is my submission for BB60.

1: create a brush pile near a garden for animal/insect diversity habitat
2: share appropriate kitchen scraps
3: plant seeds for humming birds
4: fecal parasite test
5: training animals for goodies
6: cleaning out at least 4 nesting boxes for chickens
7: collect 12 eggs from your fowl
8:       - Using a solar fence energizer - 1 point
9: Make a lightweight paddock shift chicken coop - 4 points
10: Show how offal from one animal system is an input to a different animal system - 2 points
11: Breed a rabbit resulting in at least three kits - 4 points
12: Harvest 5 square feet of fur - 8 points
13: develop a possible residual income stream that brings in at least $5 per year
14: sell "goods" for a total of at least $20
15: wood box/crate
16: move a lead acid battery to the shop, charge it, and put it back   1/2 point
17: replacing a bathroom fan switch with a timer   1/2 point
18: replace a flood light with a motion detector flood lamp   1/2 point
19: Troubleshoot and fix an electrical appliance - 0.5 to 4 points
20: fry an egg so that it slides around
21: stovetop
22: slow cooker
23: water bath canning
24: vinegar brine pickle something
25: salt brine ferment/pickle something
26: make soup / stew / chowder
27: make pizza
28: Tea list - make a cup of tea from one of
29: use a bucket of water from a shower
30: give urine to growies
31: repair a window screen
32: install, replace, or recharge a fire extinguisher
33: sand, prime and paint a rusty patch on a piece of equipment
34: create a natural medicine journal
35: lavender blossom
36: plantain leaf
37: grease hinges
38: make rags from old clothes
39: replace or clean the air filter on a furnace - ½ point
40: set up a cloth napkin system - 1/2 point
41: set up a system for collecting burnables - 1/2 point
42: clean vehicle interior - 1 point
43: clean a carpet with water (or steam) and suction- 1 point
44: Build ramp
45: fix a leaky faucet
46: unclog a drain with zip tool
47: clean/decalcify a shower head
48: replace the anode in the water heater
49: club style mallet
50: compound mallet (smaller dry stick goes into bigger green stick (head))
51: mend a hole - quick darning
52: sew a patch
53: make twine
54: weave a basket
55: crochet or knit a dishcloth
56: sew on a button
57: create a textile toolbox
58: mend hole in pants or skirt (0.5 points)
59: mend a hole in a pocket (0.5 points)
60: sharpen a knife
61: hand saw
Staff note (gir bot) :

Mike Haasl approved this submission.
Note: Great job!

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