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Brandon Gladefield

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since Apr 10, 2021
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G'day and welcome to my profile ladies and gentleman!

The name's Brandon and I am a city boy wishing I grew up out in the country. That means that I am looking for my own slice of paradise one day!

I've been working hard ever since I was a little tacker with my old man doing furniture removals but now I'm in the middle of my studies into being an Electrician for which I am an apprentice at the moment.

I see myself one day being a said electrician servicing my own little country town but with most of my time spent dedicated to my future homestead. Most of the BB and PEP experience comes from a trip in which I spent 9 months in Finland as a farm hand and training to as an "apprentice woodsman" so to say.

If I was to sum myself up in a few words it'd be:
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VIC, Australia
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Woah I've been able to apply for this one for ages since my last BB submission but didn't realise that I had over 60 now. So let's get this list going!

1. Give urine to growies
2. Put up three cords of firewood
3. Put up one cord of firewood
4. Felling a live tree with a chainsaw
5. Fell a live tree with a bow saw
6. Fell a dead standing tree with a bow saw
7. Fell two live trees, peel and put off the ground to dry
8. Limb four trees
9. Prep ten junkpoles
10. Cup of tea

11. Catch/prepare a fish
12. Sew on a button
13. Fix a leaking roof
14. Fill a sand barrel in the summer
15. Install a smoke detector
16. Creat a rosemary leaf infusion
17. Install 20ft of wire flawlessly through a finished space
18. Install a permanent AC light fixture
19. Repair a light switch
20. Replace flood light with a motion detector lamp

21. Put a new end on an extension cord
22. Label the breakers on an electrical panel
23. Install a light switch
24. Repair a motion detect flood light
25. Repair a lamp
26. Install 30ft of permanent clothesline
27. Set up a charcoal collection system
28. Set up a burnables collection system
29. Set up a system to seal with woodash
30. Wipe down three windows

31. Make a general purpose natural cleaner
32. Sweep a floor
33. Make rags from old clothes
34. Clean an area rug
35. Clean a kitchen
36. Grease hinges
37. Clean a bathroom
38. Clean an oily dish without soap
39. Develop a possible residual income stream
40. Sharpen a maul

41. Sharpen a pair of loppers
42. Sharpening a chainsaw video
43. Remove rust, clean and oil a hand tool
44. Sharpen a chainsaw chain
45. Clean the shop for at least an hour
46. Sharpening a knife
47. Sharpen, clean and oil a shovel
48. Repair a flat rear bicycle tyre
49. Make a wedge style handle
50. Sharpen a hatchet

51. Dress up a mushroomed chisel
52. Compound mallet from hand tools
53. Club style mallet from hand tools
54. Two coat hooks from a small branch crotch
55. Green wood bench with dry wood legs
56. Carving a first-timer spoon from hand tools
57. Collect a dozen eggs
58. Make a bee/insect watering station
59. Make a brush pile
60. Build a solitary bee house

61. Cook grain on a stove top
62. Water bath canning
63. Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet
64. 1.5 Oddball point BB
65. 4.0 Electrical Oddball point BB

This'll be the first time I'm using the URL function that Nicole taught me so hopefully it works. Thanks team!
1 year ago
I hear Rosemary is good for a bit of a brain boost, just as well mine needs one after a long week! Just harvested from my small one I potted about a month ago, it's going well!
Got an emergency call that the street lights in the parking lot of a set of flats was not working the previous night. Had to take apart most of these bollard lights to find out the problem was burnt out cables from poor installation in this particular lamp... it wouldn't have cause problems until the insulation allowed for an easy path for the electricity to flow, starts small and snowballs, especially out in the weather!

Reterminating and proper placement of the cables was the fix in this situation and got them all back in glowing order!
1 year ago
Thanks Mr. Johnson! I'll definitely keep it in mind, was going to go for the files next time since I'll probably be investing in a new set of them soon. I'll learn from this just like you say!
1 year ago
Aw darn! I usually have my glasses on most days but they only just broke recently. It's a completely fair criticism though
1 year ago
This gets the occasional whacking when there's bricks that need removing so it gets mushroomed pretty quick

Used a hand Grinder and cutting disk as well as a sanding disk to get the tip back only a little since it's more for brute strength than finesse.
1 year ago
I did not know we had so many different species of solitary bees in Australia. So I did a bit of research and bam! Over 1700 different species on this magic continent of ours!

What's common in my area is the Resin Bee and thus I built a bee house that would fit it's desired specifications all according to this link:

It specifies 3mm - 10mm holes and made of any Australian hard wood. We have a mish-mash pile sitting in our driveway from a recent renovation so that'll be our starting resources.

Overall a very fun build and bring on those pollinators!
1 year ago
It's been a few days since my edit so I think I might try and resubmit this BB. My recent attempt is as above. Thanks team!
Cool story behind this hatchet actually, a man from around my town was moving away and knew that I was pretty keen on camping and the like and since he wasn't going to be doing any of that sort of thing anymore he decided to give me a whole bunch of equipment, I couldn't pass it up and that included this hatchet!
1 year ago