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I have mostly foregone gifts with family and partners, though sometimes I will get tickets for some show or experience, or something that will improve their day-to-day activities. I prefer thoughtful gifts whenever they happen to be instead of when it's a social obligation.

That being said, this year I did see some nice limited edition scents that my partners enjoy at Rocky Mountain Soap Co. (a natural soap company, all poured and cut by hand). So I got them each their own little bundle - various tree scents for one, and cardamom and vanilla chai for the other.

I got some chocolates I've been craving and a spa day as is becoming tradition.
5 months ago
On the jug I received, it says 3 minutes sit time to disinfect, and 30 seconds sit time to sanitize. I was wrong, though - it says you should rinse surfaces that will come into contact with food!
9 months ago
I was absolutely geeking out about this new knowledge and wanted to share it somewhere! And then I remembered, "ah yes, permies will appreciate this".

Thyme oil!! Similar to pine oil disinfectants, but not toxic for pets, lower concentrations needed, and already commercially used in hospitals. I was looking for alternative solutions to get rid of mildew and came across Benefect. You can see the SDS and other documents at the link. They claim it is less dangerous than distilled white vinegar and you don't even need to rinse it off surfaces (even for food prep edit: I was wrong about this; it does say to rinse for food surfaces) though I probably will. I'm going to try a different cheaper product, but it's still thyme oil based in a similar concentration!! It seems too good to be true.

Has anyone tried thyme oil based disinfectants? I saw some threads mentioning its use for gardening applications, but didn't see any for household cleaning.
9 months ago
It's hard to see on the pink sweater, but it was collecting dark fibres on it that gave it a kind of grey halo. I could definitely see a difference in fluffs sticking off the sides too, when flat.

Did a few other sweaters, too, but didn't take pics of all of them.
1 year ago
Here goes take two! Had some old ginger laying around and everyone seems to be getting sick right now, so this is a good time to make a ginger decoction!
The bullet points under "The benefits of a comprehensive online master gardener course
without the commitment!" are off to the right on my phone. Everything is still visible on the page, though.
Partner wanted a big fluffy scarf, so I grabbed some chunky 100% merino wool from Malabrigo and a 6.5mm crochet hook (size K). Originally started a complicated cable pattern with colour changes, but realized with all the overlapping stitches that I wouldn't have enough yarn to make it as long as I'd want. Ended up just doing a hdc back-loop rib stitch and random stripes.
1 year ago
I ran the self-clean cycle and then just wiped down the tray and door with a cloth afterwards.
1 year ago
I did 3 pairs of my boots but forgot to take before pictures for one of them, so here's 2 pairs!

I couldn't find information on the type of leather for any of my boots and I'm not knowledgeable enough about leather to be able to tell myself. I just wiped down with a damp cloth, used 100% glycerin saddle soap and then leather honey conditioner. The brown pair still aren't as waterproof as I'd like, so I think I'll give it another coat of the conditioner or go back to my usual mink oil.
1 year ago