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Recent posts by K Kaba

My go-to are those white rectangle "magic rub" erasers. Most of them have "1954" on them, some of them say Prismacolor or Sanford or Faber on them. They're good at erasing graphite and some inks, and generally don't rip up paper surfaces.
2 weeks ago
They're iffy with that... What might work is to work out your drawing in pencil, draw out the final pic in wc-pencil, and then erase off the pencil. I'd do a couple tests on a bit of scrap first, some with the pencil underneath, some with it on top, using different wc-pencil colors that appeal to you.

If your wc-pencil goes to water really easily, you might just want to use a wet brush and wash it away too.
2 weeks ago
The easiest way is to do your underdrawing with a neutral colored watercolor-pencil. I like tans, peaches, greys, and low saturation blues for that usually. The pencil marks melt away into your water as you paint.
2 weeks ago
I was a software engineer for several years. On the surface people into tech and permaculture might seem wildly different, but there's some strong similarities in how they approach the world.

They tend to think in systems. They adjust systems to better meet goals, tweak them to prevent problems, and sometimes build entirely new ones to meet needs inside an existing environment full of other systems.

They learn to look past the initial expressed "want" to understand the reality of what's really going on. They're good at learning new skills and picking up knowledge. They build and alter tools to meet their needs.

2 weeks ago
It depends on the weather. I don't sweat properly, so I'm always trying to manage overheating.

If it's warm, I'd much rather weed. I can usually keep big movements to a minimum, linger in shade, and take little breaks in ways that wouldn't frustrate people I'm working with.

If it's chilly, chopping and stacking keep me warm. I actually like shoveling snow! If I start to get overheated I can just take a layer or three off until I'm out there in my tank top shoveling away.
3 weeks ago
Normally it should be roughly 50/50. There's a couple small modifiers like social dominance within their herd that have been noted in studies. But if you're getting all males two years in a row, I'd get a new straw (maybe that one was freeze/thawed wrong?) or a different buck.
1 month ago
My coleslaw has a bite. We put "the vinegar slaw sauce" over shredded cabbage, maybe with a little shredded carrot or onion etc. If people are looking for slaw to be creamy, we've added a bit of sour cream or ranch dressing or a mild dijon mustard to the veggies before mixing it all up. We use it for slaw, pork BBQ, and all sorts of things that need some zing. Make up a bottle or two, leave it on a shelf until you need it.

"The vinegar slaw sauce"
2 C white vinegar
2 C apple cider vinegar
2 Tbsp each brown sugar, powdered cayenne pepper, and a vinegar based hot sauce
2 tsp each salt, ground black pepper, hot pepper flakes
2 months ago
How much property are we talking? If it's big enough, it may be worth making that corner even more cat-attractive so they prefer that as a poop palace over your garden beds. If it's small and you don't have a friendly terrier, it might be easiest to bury or dig out the sandy base they like so much.
2 months ago
I'd take the berries. I get fruit years sooner and potentially more variety of fruit. Raspberries, blue, goji, currants, black, (some shorter varieties of mulberry might count as a bush?) and so on. And I wouldn't need a ladder.

I have an awful time trying to digest apple unless it's been turned into booze. And I don't really like pears.
2 months ago
Ah! I'd reach for daikons then, maybe with a mix of a nitrogen fixing annual.
2 months ago