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Hosting Potential at New Eco-Farm in Lewis Cty, Washington State

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Location: Washington state
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Yo! Ciao! Hola! Miremendjes! My name is DeeDee. I am a Native Californian, 37 yo Afro woman developing a business plan for a 10 acre eco farm in Lewis County, Washington State where I wish to create a community of world travelers who practice unconditional LOVE and wish to live consciously and sustainably, growing our own food, making our own products, and providing lodging and hospitality to travelers from around the world. It is my hope to provide safety and security, tourism and hospitality, great natural products and services, partner with farms and businesses that are like-minded, build strong community, fun retreats, lodging and camping, and promote bartering, exchange systems, and activism. Our primary products will be homemade beers, medical marijuana, fruits/vegetable production, and lodging, but I've also got lots of other ideas for revenue to funnel back into our causes. We will have livestock but solely for work and community, not for consumption or animal agriculture. I am not against eating meat, but respectful hunting and consuming responsibly. We will work with nature, not against it. We will construct with as much natural materials as possible, but "work smarter, not harder". Everything in life is about respecting the fragile balance in life, community, nature, and diplomacy. Nothing and no one is perfect. But we will strive to serve LOVE and deny our egos.

We hope to provide:
* Natural foods/drinks and herbs for purchase or exchange
* Lodging and tourist activities for purchase or work-exchange
* Community involvement, activism and outreach programs
* International network of exchange and bartering systems with farms, eco-businesses, hostels and agriturismos
* Animal boarding and storage

My story in a nutshell:

I am a single mom to an 18 yo son who is now in school and working, beginning his journey, doing his own thing. I was super depressed and had no direction or motivation to go on with life. I hated the city I lived in. I hated my job. I hated myself. I tried a lot of prescriptions to "change" but nothing seemed to work. So I devised a self-prescribed plan...an opportunity to rehabilitate myself. I devoted my whole life to my son and within the last 5 years I was holding on by the skin of my teeth just until he was able to support himself. So January 2019 I sold all of my belongings, left my job, and left on a 6 month backpacking trip through Europe to rediscover myself and find purpose as a traveling hippy bum. 😂 Early in my travels, I began volunteering with hotels, agriturismos and hostels and fell in love with the idea of permaculture, learning ways to give back and contribute to the environment and the creation of a loving eco-friendly community. And there have been countless others that I have met who want to join my mission. Lots of people who were lost and lonely and sad, looking for meaning and community and LOVE. So the idea for my farm was born and is developing into this massive collective idea shared by people from all over the world.  I can share more details with a signed NDA, if youd like to become involved.

I would like to develop a small committee of people who will invest time, money, resources, and loving energy to making this philosophy of love and community a reality. I wish to move away from sole reliance on monetary currency and base my farm on a cooperation of work-exchange and bartering systems. But of course, money is a tool, and is required for certain aspects of business so we'll also be accepting and funneling currency for products as a nonprofit, but I'm always open to more creative exchanges.

It is my hope to build a small investment team to help acquire the land and resources needed to start this thing, but also be a committee of people who can be the leaders for this community of people, occupying the seats to help me make the big decisions. So it's not enough that you have resources and skills. You MUST commit to love; mind, body, and spirit. This means you make a conscious daily effort and commitment, ie meditations/yoga, prayer and spirituality, therapies, community works, environmentally friendly, veganism and plant-based eating, etc. That means loving yourself and others unconditionally at any experience level and devoted to helping this planet, your community, and every shade of person within it. Religious doctrines and dogma takes no precedence here, only love and respect.

Positions available:
-- Hops Farmer for beer brewing and barkeeping
-- Hemp farmer for medical marijuana growing and hemp products
-- Carpenter/Engineer
-- Electrician/Plumber
-- Vegan Chef/Nutritionist
-- Permaculture Farmer/Food forestry
-- Landscaping/Groundskeeping
-- Lawyer/Recordskeeping
-- Accountant/Bookkeeping

These skills are not required to be involved with us. But these are essential skills that will be valuable to the early development of this idea and this community committee.

There will be plenty of volunteer jobs available once land is established and this project picks up steam. Right now I am in need of people who can provide data and remote work:

- financial analyst, accountant/bookkeeping experience
- lawyer/legal aid experience
- marketing experience
- architect/design experience
- carpenter with experience in natural eco-friendly methods

If you are interested in getting involved, please visit the link below and complete the brief application.


We also are accepting donations.
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Howdy from Lewis County.  I'm not.interested in WOOFing, as I have my own place to deal with, but it was fun to see someone close by.  It would be fun to learn from each other.  You are WAY farther ahead in the game than I. lol. I have 13 acres, here, employing a lot of the same ideas, with a practical mindset as well.  I'm still learning.  My best farm supporter at this time is piglets, and yes, for meat consumption. Bc hunting is ridiculously expensive for us with licensing and gun laws, only to gamble, really, that you won't procure meat for the winter. And I wouldn't call it "supporting", either, but there are other family dynamics at play.  But my goal someday is to at least pay the property taxes and the feed bill.

There are still a lot of rednecks here, and I suppose I would call myself one. A lot of the "new ideas" with big, fancy names that we understand the meanings of but just choose simpler terms... have been around for a long time. Grin... It's  what the po' folks did. lol. I hope for the day when both the "city" folks and the country folks can get along in harmony and not step on each others' toes so much.   I guess I'm right in the middle, more a Libertarian approach, been told I would be a good hippie, but then the redneck runs strong in this one as well. lol

I learn a lot from the old timers that have gone before me that I meet here, while cringing a bit at the barrels of liquid fertilizer loaded into old pickup trucks, as well. I guess those folks consider me a "newbie" or "hobby" farmer, and that's ok. I don't  claim to be some expert, and I don't  follow hard and fast rules, as much. I try to remain fluid, w an eye toward being more natural.  I do avoid chemicals, and I do want humane treatment of my animals, as well as humane dispatch.

Our background was that I spent most of my adult life poor and failed by most of the govt programs out there, so the first chance I got, I headed for self sufficiency.  My hubs of 9 years inherited, so we moved from Oakville, where our acre was surrounded by predatory drug folks that literally tried to hurt us, to Lewis County, where the drugs aren't  tolerated much.  And by "drugs", I mean meth, not weed. That's where the Libertarian part plays in, in my book. Each to their own. So we are here, and bc it is 13 acres of property taxes instead of our former 1 acre, I decided to try to make a go of it, feeding us first and selling off the extra to feed the others.  

I looked at WOOFing, bc quite frankly, I could use the help, and we have spare rooms.  But no money. lol. And also, we got a good appreciation for maintaining our privacy from a few nightmarish happenings. Had people come into the property that seemed nice enough folks and then turned out to not be so.nice, after all.  We will just say that much. And a couple folks that seemed... well, some folks can't  get the concept of "Don't  open that gate, it's locked for a reason".  And then there was the one that was an animal lover (I can respect that, so am I) and slandered me all over Facebook with lies? Bc I eat pigs instead of make pets of them...?  Okaaayyyy...  Each to their own, I guess?  Why can't  we all get along?? It makes one a bit afraid, sometimes. lol I guess that's where my redneck comes out a bit. lol

Urf. I'm babbling.  I love what your place stands for.

My best wishes in your endeavors.  There is also a (market garden?)  starting up in Centralia on North Tower, if you ever want to take a gander.  It is so great to see great things happening in food!
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