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Propane Fridge Question  RSS feed

Justus Walker
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Location: Siberia
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This is a question for those of you out there who have real life experience. How much propane (lbs or gals) does a 10-15 cu ft propane fridge use in a day, week, month?

I've been all over the internet and most of the people are talking about some REALLY small fridges with no freezers and I'd like to get some input about a decent sized fridge and what realistically one could expect to operate it on.

The next question is this. IsPle there some reason one couldn't run a propane fridge off of methane produced locally?

Please advise!!
Dave Tedford
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We went with Unique. It's the stainless one, not sure the exact size, but it's big. They don't use much propane. We were running our hot water and stove before we got the fridge, and the propane consumption after is barley noticeable. The down side is price. It was over 4000 Cdn.
allen lumley
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Justus Walker : Every time I have lived with a Propane Refridgerator I have also had Propane Lights, some times its handy, and an additional source of heat, Its use
came be a super easy crutch to use ! Thus I can't safely give a good guess! It was/is cheaper to leave a propane light on then to run the smallest generator.

The main component of Natural gas is Methane, which does not have as many B.T.U.s of heat energy per unit of Volume, and is delivered here in the states at lower
pressure Than Propane. It is always piped into houses from a main!

Any dealer should be able to get you a Natural Gas (screw in ) orifice to replace the Propane orifice, and most Fridge pilots are controlled with an inline 'valve to control
the amount of Gas flowing to the pilot and adjusted by turning a screw in or out ! I have in the past always found the orifice to be Brass and could count on being able to
use plumbing solder to 'tin' the hole in the orifice and then carefully ream out the hole with a small set of numbered drills, using just finger pressure!

There is the issue of how "Clean" the Nat.gas you can get is There is the problem of some corrosive materials that have been used in the past, not the least of which is
the products used to De-water the Nat. Gas

I hope I have given you enough information to ask intelligent questions from your local gas utility people ! I think I have Pretty much covered all that I know that might
be relevant ! BIG AL

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