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Recent posts by Dave Gamper

Michele Vindum wrote:Hello Dave, I currently just have cattle though I have had sheep, geese, chickens up until last year or so.  I downsized after the concerns about El Niño but, I now feel El Nina has arrived early bring wonderful rains and helping this region anyway avoid the droughts so concerning in other regions. Letting the rains do their magic and reducing grazing pressure has seen so many soil seeds catch hold: I feel the world is abundant and the barnyard feels like a thick carpet! Later this year, I will bring back chickens and geese:) I note the fruit trees have set a lot of fruit this year. I hope you are experiencing the same.

It has been a really great spring, everything is lush and green.
1 month ago
I'm in Shannonville, ever so slowly setting up my homestead.

I have some pigs and chickens and gardens.
1 month ago

Kevin Wilson wrote:I have some Sepp Holzer grain available in Canada. Free for cost of shipping, enough to get you started.

I would like some as well if you have enough. I would not need much.
Pre Salting the kale and making a slaw out if it can make it more tender, also I find its more tender and less bitter after it has had a frost. Verity also makes a difference I have found, I have one I use in salads more often and others usually for cooking.
3 years ago
Hey everyone. Slowly setting up a homestead in Shannonville, On.  Getting more accomplished currently due to covid. Hope everyone is doing well.
4 years ago
Two cows are having a chat over a fence. The first says "I'm really afraid of this mad cow disease, the second replies "I wouldn't worry it doesn't effect us ducks"
4 years ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Thank you for the link Dave.

Holy crap though....300 feet? That would be enough for 100 RMH's!

As an update to my earlier post, I managed to find a business just across the border that offers a postal service to provide an address for people like me. Should be arriving in a week or so.

Glad you found a supplier, 300' would definitely be a group buy situation. I also contacted the manufacturer to see if there is a supplier in ontario.
4 years ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Thanks for the link Thomas. I think the best deal I've seen so far and so much left over to continue to build more!  Unfortunately, when I got to the checkout, they said no delivery to Canada. Bummer.

I found this but no pricing without an account. I'm not sure they even sell direct. https://ca.brockwhite.com/product/2-0701693

I'm going to email them.
4 years ago