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Two cows are having a chat over a fence. The first says "I'm really afraid of this mad cow disease, the second replies "I wouldn't worry it doesn't effect us ducks"
2 months ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Thank you for the link Dave.

Holy crap though....300 feet? That would be enough for 100 RMH's!

As an update to my earlier post, I managed to find a business just across the border that offers a postal service to provide an address for people like me. Should be arriving in a week or so.

Glad you found a supplier, 300' would definitely be a group buy situation. I also contacted the manufacturer to see if there is a supplier in ontario.
2 months ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Thanks for the link Thomas. I think the best deal I've seen so far and so much left over to continue to build more!  Unfortunately, when I got to the checkout, they said no delivery to Canada. Bummer.

I found this but no pricing without an account. I'm not sure they even sell direct. https://ca.brockwhite.com/product/2-0701693

I'm going to email them.
2 months ago
Wow Jeff,

Thanks a lot for that reply. Exactly the kind of experiential information I was looking for. I also would love to put in a RMH but until I find a way to insure it, it wont happen.
6 months ago
First, sorry for bumping a 9 year old post.

These stoves look like a great option, I have been considering having one installed. Has anyone had any experience with them, I have found quite positive comments about them on other forums but I was hoping someone in the permie community would have some knowledge regarding them.

8 months ago

Flinthoph Luthhaughmer wrote:
Whiffletree Nusery:


They are in Ontario but do ship to BC.

Why are there only a few who do?

I have ordered from them twice. Happy with the trees both times.
2 years ago
Fruit Fly
by Gavin Gunhold

Due to the tragically short life span of the average
fruit fly,
College is not really an option.
Caps and gowns don''t come in that size anyway.
2 years ago
I have had good luck with spraying horsetail tea, it didn't get rid of the powdery mildew but the plants stayed healthy and producing through a very damp summer.
2 years ago
I believe both the leafs and flowers of the linden tree are edible.
2 years ago