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I am a carpenter/mason/gardener etc, living in France, Morvan. Have small garden with about 200 different plantspecies a small natural pond, wild fish. Every year i learn to use more of my own produce, cooking it, potting it up. As well as medicinal herbs/balms. Try to be as self sufficient as financially possible without getting into debt. Spreading the perma culture life style and mind set, which is the only sustainable path forward on this potentially heaven of a planet we are currently ravaging with our short sighted and detached material world views which lead to depression, loneliness, illness, poverty and madness.
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Recent posts by Hugo Morvan

Funny, today i was looking at my sprouting tigernuts and thinking about where i am going to put them so they can start growing better than last year. In a pot i guess after reading this thread/ threat.
They grew, but apparently they need a lot of water, it was a very dry summer where i am last year. Maybe that could help you a bit in your eradication mission Jocelynn!
Or how about getting the sheet of, dumping a load of woodchips on it and put the tarp back on for a year. Maybe add some winecap mushrooms mycelium to keep the soil life busy Then in winter plant it full of willow (basket) cuttings to shade it out completely next season.
2 days ago
Hello Leo, doing good work! Bees need help.
Interesting, i like the idea to leave the bees in their natural way and not squeeze out every last drop of honey. I have five hives, two empty topbars and three dadante. Tomorrow, i'm going to help my friend who teaches me beekeeping to harvest honey at his place. He gave me some bees. I'd love to learn to catch swarms passively. 3 weeks ago i helped the same guy, he was on the ladder and i had to pull the rope to swing the tree. It was theatre, and dangerous. He did manage to catch the queen though.
What is appealing to me is just leave the bees be. I've got to check on them all the time now, look if the queen came out of the cell, look if she is laying these tiny larvae i can hardly see etc. It's very stressful for them. Much easier just to let nature be , catch the swarms, they're complete, put them in a new hive which mimics nature as close as possible, leave them be.
Beekeepers seem pretty rigid in their ways here, you have to have the same hives as they do and do it the same way at the same time, i like that someone re-evaluates things and puts things back to what bees need!
Aren't local bees much more aggressive than the passive bees?
4 days ago
Yes T Blankenship, that is a bit lean indeed. I am happy that the worlds biggest show with the youngest public has a regenerative farming guy on talking about soil building, the hidden costs of modern farming, the disease ridden dairy industry, where Joel Salatin said" would you like to eat in your toilet?", how the landscape used to be before white men came to USA, etc, etc. Those are topics rarely touched upon in the media landscape. This is a call for a total overhoal of the farming system as we know it, closer to nature, closer to people, on the world's most watched show, anywhere!

We are dealing with the fact we have to change everything, the ones who really will have to make the change are the farmers, i am a hobbyfarmer with an interest in biodiversity. My neighbor a free cattle ranger who doesn't use chemicals has noticed that i know how to grow plants, we have become friends over the years. He comes to my house. I show him permaculture people. Many a times he chuckles when he sees another hippie like type explaining something in a university kind of language. He listens, but it doesn't totally resonates, until i managed to get my hands on a regenerate farming video of Joel Salatin translated by the Canadian government into French. That guy resonated, probably because he is a what? 6th generational farmer or something? He talks about him all the time.

I've seen a permaculture star on here doubting that what he was doing could be called permaculture, in all honesty.
I use permaculture techniques but would the permaculture community agree on me being a total permaculturalist, probably not. Does that keep me awake at night, no way, i know that what i am doing is building nature back up while feeding myself and building the soil, retaining water, that's what matters.

In the comments i've seen people ask for Geoff Lawton and Paul Wheaton to be called on the show. I hope Joe takes that direction, it's about time!
We'd better be ready.
4 days ago
I'd like to use it in water control. Water is essential it's ok to put on a little solar pump and walk away, but if you forget to switch it off you're wasting water. It would be great to automatize these things. An Arduino can fail too, don't get me wrong, but probably not as many times as me.
I got an automatic door for the chickens that lived in the caravan. It opened in the morning a lot earlier than i would have opened it for them, but in nature, chickens are out at first light, because that is when the bugs go hiding, a lot of their protein comes from that moment. I forgot to check the batteries and apparently it was open constantly,at night a marter came in and killed all of them. If i had had some kind of battery low warning system that wouldn't have happened, but since it was pretty complicated as it was, to get that system working, i didn't do something like that. I didn't think of either, but that aside.
If a greenhouse gets hot an automated system to open the doors would come in handy. I'm sure it all exists already, but it would be nice to make it myself, so i can fix it as well. Chickenfeeder, automated.
I saw one little system that was even lower tech, which i am going to put to use when the new chickens come.
It's priceless to have things automated, i am a hobby farmer, i need to go to work, and it would be nice if things run smoothly so i don't have to do it after work or before.
For real farmers it's the same. My neighbor wants a system that uses the well water when it's above a certain level, pump on..but wants it to shut down when it comes below a certain level so it doesn't suck up muck. And still you can walk away in stead of doing chores closeby and maybe forgetting when an emergency arrives.
Stuff like that. Maybe i'm dreaming, i wouldn't know, but i guess these systems will be worth a buck for farmers to install. Bridging the gap between the cheapest chinese stuff which breaks and the fanciest systems that cost a fortune. Stuff custom made.
Me being me, i started to worry the farmers would deplete the watertable. And the love for electronics was over when i just got too busy with a new project outside, but it's just shelved.
5 days ago
Yeah partying is good for a bit. Let it all hang out. No skills you say? Doesn't sound like it to me. Nothing you can't learn. Electronics can be of great help in permaculture, i bought a beginners set, it's just sitting there, waiting for me to be motivated. It can be of great help though! That's a skill. Heroin is a bummer, not as damaging as alcohol in itself.
Having a child makes you want to fight harder  normally. Gardening has helped me a lot in staying away from alcohol and cigarettes. Permaculture has given my creativity a boost, i guess i was bored really, filled that gap with drugs, which can teach you a lot, but man, the hangovers. I guess i have filled that gap with gardening now, it tastes great, i feel much cleaner , clearheaded and healthier and love that what i am doing really makes a difference. I build nature, it's god's work really. Deeply satisfying. Drug culture never gave me that, it's a lot of talk and waste and consumerism and more talk about quitting and geting away, chatter. Feeling despicable afterwards. Gardening is about producing, about being more clever than the critters, about the wholeness of life.
Good luck with changing! Aren't children just magical?
5 days ago
I agree with Tim.
Plagues are common when you start a garden. Suddenly there is food! Maybe grow your plants out bigger in a protected environment. I had to as well, snails were attacking my pumpkin seedlings, one was bigger, the only one that survived. Now i've removed the straw, so it's dryer, they can't hide in there any longer. Small things like that do help. Observe and come up with a plan.
Frogs are awesome, i advice everybody to dig a pond for them and create onland habitat for toads. Wood debri, lay it somewhere in a shady spot out of sight and they will come, eating all sorts of pests. It's hedgehog habitat too, but these are European tricks, it makes for good poisonous snake habitat too which we hardly ever see.I'm happy with snakes.
Here hedgehogs are dying out, people poison their food, snails, adding to snailplagues. We're not very clever as a species. We have this illusion of control. It ain't real. Use your brain, observe, think, talk, cry, curse, accept, carry on smarter.
I hope someone comes with a supertip!
5 days ago
Welcome. Looking to change your life, you've come to the right place.
I don't know, if your skilled you can join a community, they are usually looking for people.
Or you could find an older homesteader who has land and an extra small house, they need manual work doing , you'll learn skills.
Some people are WOOFFING, helping out on organic farms, but with a young family less choices, they're usually looking for students. Although right now, the local farms need hands, less immigrants and lots of demand.
Or just wait this out, learn on here, find a job, put all the money aside you can, not get sucked back into consumer life and jump out.
I don't know, good luck. Talk to us.
6 days ago
The mycelium is going berserk. I just dug out the second full bucket of this week for transplanting to the production garden woodchipped pathways. The mycelium has filled all the way to the bottom. The first hole i filled in with woodchips and the mycelium is running back in ever so vicious. It's foaming at the mouth.
The tomatoes still look bad, but some peas are on the mend! It's too shady a place for the tomatoes, my bad.
All in all it's going a lot better than i had expected.
1 week ago
I've started growing winecaps this year and expect to get some next spring.
I was thinking about a solution, i don't have a big freezer and was hoping someone here would come up with a recipe to make something like these storebought mushroom pot of the photo. You can keep them all year, stop buying in the shops.
1 week ago
Biggest show on the planet has Joel Salatin on. Good times!

1 week ago