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I am a carpenter/mason/gardener etc, living in France, Morvan. Have small garden with about 200 different plantspecies a small natural pond, wild fish. Every year i learn to use more of my own produce, cooking it, potting it up. As well as medicinal herbs/balms. Try to be as self sufficient as financially possible without getting into debt. Spreading the perma culture life style and mind set, which is the only sustainable path forward on this potentially heaven of a planet we are currently ravaging with our short sighted and detached material world views which lead to depression, loneliness, illness, poverty and madness.
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Hello Vasco, first of all congratulations for creating a food forest!! Good on ya!!! Secondly, thanks for asking the question on Permies, hopefully some more knowledgeable and experienced folk than myself will chime in as well.
I agree with you, you don't need whole layers of soil. Can you link me that video? I'd like to comment there.  
A teaspoon of forest soil contains many yards of fungi and many,many, beneficial bacteria/archea, nematodes, protozoa and arthropods.
The idea being that you take the soil food web from one place and build it up somewhere else.
But if there is nothing for that soil food web to live in, it will just die. If it's too dry in summer because the trees are too small and not established, most species in the transplanted soil will be food for bacteria and nematodes and protozoa that can live in that environment. If the environment is right you will not need much of the original soil food web to multiply, it will go everywhere it can.
I totally agree with Deedee putting it in the planting hole will be sufficient.
The important fungi are the ones that bond with the trees rootsystem. They're species specific. So if you're planting locally growing trees in your food forest, go to the biggest healthiest and collect some soil from around the stem and transplant this in the hole where you plant your tree. Close the hole at the "mother"tree and come back a year after to repeat the procedure. You can dilute it in water and poor it around the plants you want infected with the specific soil food web.
For any tree conifer try to look for an abies alba which soils contain the most mycorrhizal fungi systems.
The way i did it, someone on Permies didn't agree and saw it as wasteful, unethical and dangerous to the tree. Imagine stripping whole layers of forest soil.


good luck Vasco, i hope you can keep us updated on how things are going.
2 days ago
Hi Aaron, checked in at my friend who hasn't touched a cigarette for 3 month now after smoking from age 13 to 47. She told me to check out a group on facebook(evil) called Turkeyville, many people are on there supporting each other while quitting and a website why joel spitzer. Hope it helps.
2 days ago
My story, got addicted through smoking joints at 20, i smoked quite a lot for ten years, then decided to cut back, just like you have done now, it still took me nine year to give up for real. First day of no smoking ,no biggie, second day be prepared for irritation that's going to not go away, third is madness, my mind tried to bend my reality into such a miserable worldview that i would just not see the point in staying off cigarettes. After that it was a breathe, occasional cravings. There are hundreds of addicting substances in tobacco i understood, so they all pop up with their little craving, but nothing like the first free days giving up nicotine. I did it in spring, being able to go out in a park, with a supportive friend eat a bag of chips or something, be in nature, no jobs to do, be kind to myself. Then the bar test after two weeks, i had to stay sober kind of. That worked as well. I got back into it three times, because of too much stress, but never went back to full smoking mode, never before mid day a cigarette, always keeping it minimum. Last time, i just smoked three a day for a few weeks and had given up trying to give up, but then i really gave up. Smoke the occasional cigarette when i'm drunk, which is less and less as i get into permaculture life style more and more. Good luck!  
3 days ago
A pandemic like the pneumonic plague will kill a lot more people now than in the middle ages, cities are super dense. The insect collapse of 70% in 30 years is extremely underreported. They phyto plankton in the oceans has greatly diminished. The bee collapse is tied in to these. People do not care for the small, they fail to see that the bottom of the food chain is collapsing and how that will ever influence them. Mass extinctions of endangered species. Chinese drive up the hunt for endangered species to freeze them in and eat sell them for the rich to eat. Habitat extinction is driving this. Desertification, oceans devoid of fish, trailers with miles long netting catching everything creating dead zones. Plastic soup, miniscule particles of plastic in mothersmilk. Deforestation, the EU has been cutting Oregon old growth to ship to Europe for incinerators to create "green" energy. The EU is generally considered tough on environment. Bolsonaro wants to industrialize the Amazon rain forest. The magnetic field of the earth is weakening because of the beginning of the pole shifts, a huge solar flame directed at earth could take the grid out for ten years.
The misconception politicians can change this general direction. Even in the extremely unlikely case we do tackle climate change, we will not escape the wrath of the small list i concocted above. Small i say, because would i have tried i would have been able to make it a lot longer and scarier, but i got to stay happy and smiley all through the day squeezing dollars out of my fellow humans , supporting this insane global death machine.
Gardening and permaculture is the solution, it supports all life systems, it keeps active, it keeps depression at bay, it cuts through political clutter, it keeps health cheap, it is basic ,real and complete, with or without apocalypse.
Hi Andre, welcome to Permies. The herbs you’ve ordered will help you relax and sleep better. That’s a great start. Lemon balm can cheer you up, have you looked into StJohn’s worth? I take it for the winterblues. But with herbs i find different things work for different people. For serious depression it i would advice to seek help and take these drastic pharmaceuticals to drag you out. But then when you feel it coming up in the slightest immediately switch to your herbal favorite. Which you have to still look for. If you take it soon, you stay energetic and positive enough not to get sucked into the negative spiral depression is.
Being outside, active in nature with animals, around children and friends will help as well. Eating a lot of green stuff preferably biological and no meat of industrial origin will help keeping energized. Not too much coffee, but drink teas. All these things combined will make you stronger and tire you out in the day, which helps with a good night sleep as well.
I try to find my valerian and st John in nature. Hops i made a tincture which works great. Valerian tincture. If you can get tinctures, they just last longer. The alcohol keeps it clean of bacteria i guess.
I’m not a phyto therapist but bought a book by one. For muscles try an oil infused in rosemary or lavender.
5 days ago
Angelica archangelica it grows in the forest. Horse radish grows in half shade. Valerian doesn’t mind shade and wet feet. Chives is worth a try. But most like sun better. You’ve got nothing where sun is? People fill whole walls with pots and watering systems.
1 week ago
Trace, i can understand your sentiment, however. People want this 5G, you're saying, but that's not true really. They want faster internet, not cancer or autism for children or dead bees. Have a look at the link i've provided, people do not even know what they're in for, so then it's not a free honest choice we're given. Children and babies do not understand the risks and have no vote. Neither does the natural world. I wouldn't be hateful for these companies if they weren't deceptive, hiding behind their multi-billion advertisement budgets.
We do not have a say anyway, there might be some fringe party planning to agenda this subject, main parties, just deal behind the scenes all pro 5G. We have no say, or we would have a referendum,people vote about risking our planet, we have no real democracies, therefore in my opinion.
Everybody wants faster internet you claim,that is not true, my internet is fast enough, sorry. I can skype to people the world all over while live streaming music. That people are generally never very satisfied with what they have, i can agree with. That's not being fixed by faster internet. Speed is relative.
There are many examples of things we didn't properly investigate before admitting it to the market place. What good did smoking do, really, except for looking cool? Cars were invented and used as a substitute for horses because the cities were full of dung. See where that led us. Endless perpetual wars for oil, climate change, traffic jams. If people would have had a referendum on allowing car technology at that time knowing what we know now, i doubt they would go along. But there was no choice, and there is no choice now, where there should be a choice.
1 week ago
5G is going to be tens to a hundred times worse than 4G, they're going to beam it down from space and infiltrate the public sphere with arials every 100 metres on every street on the planet. They have no furrow idea what they are doing, to us or the natural world, neither do they care, they just want to line their fat pockets and if there are going to be problems after, they have already made sure with their politician friends, they cannot be held accountable. Once more, we are being sacrificed at the altar of infinite growth and "progress". Why all this? Because they want us to have a Internet of Things, where everything is connected to everything, your fridge can notice your milk is out of date, which will call Amazon which will sent a drone with fresh milk, which will tell your robot to open the frontdoor, your robot will take the new milk and place it in the fridge. Stuff like that, they want us to have, to speed up this insane ponsi scheme economy and life we are supposed to cheer-lead. Oh yeah, and you can download all the episodes of Dallas in a second...
If you're like me and do not care for Internet of Things or the series of Dallas at the expense of the additional risk of heart disease and cancer and many, many more ill effects and if you do not want them to risk the planet's health in general, there's this petition to sign which contains  loads of links with proper information by scientists.


disclaimer if you happen to love Dallas, it was just an example.
1 week ago
Of course. Did you make it go under the sheet of the side of the high tunnel or does it work fine with a little space between the two?
2 weeks ago
Wonderful pool! Excellent spot high on the land. Clever move. How did you make the rain run of the high tunnel into the pool?
2 weeks ago