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i agree with cristo  its easy for them to deal with you wrecking there truck and at a big risk for you  where as law suit or studies could get the whole state to ban it   but if you do good luck
2 years ago
hi isabelle

wild willow farm   there a organic farm with classes and you can voluntier  on certian days and they serve lunch with food grown there some of the best food i ever had also really nice people

exotica fruit nursery   cool foodforest nursery in vista  worth checking out

also there event on meetup san diego permacultre

there alot others places to just havent been to them
2 years ago
i agree i also like to add leaving plants that get covered in aphids or bugs at the end of there season
where there are thousands on 1 plant and in a week or 2
the pedators insects come  and you can see baby lady bugs and lacewings eggs everywhere and others i dont know

2 years ago
beautifully property i think its good to start small the first year that when you make all the mistakes lol at least for me
2 years ago
planting something to keep it in shade in the winter and early spring could help so it doesnt break early if you get warm winter days  happends alot in southern california where i live

i dont know if that help where you live though
2 years ago
i find elderberry to help making a tea with the dry berries good if the cold has gone to your chest area
also helped the last few times i got broncitus i have asthma too so usally it will go straight to my lungs

2 years ago
pretty sure thats a oak seedling

2 years ago
i would not use it better to just throw it away   it likley to have pressure treated wood in it

also i wouldnt trust that company anyway (scotts)

better to get mulch from tree trimming company or enviromental service place  alot cheaper too
2 years ago
green barns nursery says there peaches are cold hardy to zone 4-5 there expensive though

mabey just buy one for a source of scion and then graft on to a native cold hardy plum species

silver creek nursery also has some
2 years ago
yah i agree if you start with a area that you can concentrate resources(manure, compost, water if needed, mulch, fertilizer) to and protect from animal a couple years defentily   . 10 to 15 years is for broad scale where you just plant seedlings and dont do  anything to speed it up and even then thats seems long,

even in a year youll have anuals berries mulberry grapes