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Hey girl,
I sent you a reply.
Nice to meet a kindred.
Left my contact info.
I have a small property in NE Texas.
It's a stepping stone, medicinal garden, small aimals+ chickens and soon rabbits and quail.
Turning it into a small community and so far there is me and a friend part time.
We started from scratch so it's not for the faint of heart.

I felt the urgency to exit society no matter what. 😁
Look forward to hearing from you.
In Jesus name,
Hey Jeffrey, thanks for your message
We are currently a little south of Texarkana.
I would definitely be interested in finding out what you have going on and what you're looking for, and your property and situation in more detail.
I have quite an extensive list of experience.
I'm currently off grid, but get internet every day or so.
Replies might be a little slow, but will definitely reply.
And in case I'd be in town with internet (lol)

Looking for communities in Texas or small farms/homesteads that are looking to grow, market produce, expand in organic/holistic and regenerative and sustainable.
Lots of experience on the business end as well as daily care taking, holistic medicine, many areas of homesteading, gardening, wild edibles/foraging, and animal husbandry, monetization, websites and marketing, CSAs, farmers markets, etc.
Family of 4 of faith and integrity. Available right away.
I have references.
I wouldn't have taken the clickbait in the email, but because I've been following the thread. I appreciate auch more direct approach. Want to learn how to inherit FREE property/land and find out if you are worthy to inherit it? Do you or someone you know have a Dream that seems impossible because land is out of reach?

That is clickworthy, to me. The video is good.
Side note, my question that initially made me skepticalBut where are things like integrity, and attributes of character ? These would have to be important, but can't be measured in these skills...
1 year ago
Hi Annie, I've been a property manager, farm caretaker in different fields. From rv parks to farms. If your interested in working with a human instead of a company, I'm conducive to following the plans of the owner and working on your behalf.
You could sustain a family, or families, with scheduled conference and video calls, clear records, and business planning meetings, crops and animals per your wishes, plans, sub leases, etc.
If you would like another option, please let me know.
I help owners, on site and absent monetize their property, care for it, improve all aspects, and everything is done per your specifications with open conversations.
There are other options and would certainly be cheaper
1 year ago
So, while I'm not replying to your post specifically, per se, but to invite you to a small group of us forming a community. We are looking in E Texas or SW MO. We are all singles, so far, but looking to creating a growing Sustainable community.
We are just now planning and finding land as we hope we are not too late, but all feel a sense of urgency.
There are other communities if you decide you don't mix with us and starting your own is a option also as there is a huge need for it.
We are finding as industries tighten and close down, we need more connection.
This also opens you up to meeting a lot of other like-minded people with no pressure and not delaying your sustainability.
If interested, let me know. We need more people!
Many blessings,
What area or state are you in or considering for your IC?
I'm a young 46, single mother with a plutonic F-roommate- we've been traveling ranchers for a few years, helping people start homesteads or farms focusing on sustainability and scaling with multiple income streams. I have lots of experience in almost all aspects except welding and mechanics. Animals, gardening/farming, market production, preservation, herbalism, lots more.
If you're interested in chatting, let me know.
I prefer to stay in homeschool free states with less infringing laws. Currently in Texas.
What are the Sepp Holzer grains?
I clicked on linked 'Sepp Holzer' and don't see a list... Maybe just too many SKIP tabs open trying to work this all out...
1 year ago
Hey, so I'm just starting my badges, but there's many things I've already done. Do those count? I have pics and videos I've shared in the past iny instagram, is it possible to use a link for that? Or do these have to be things we do now?
Thank you,
1 year ago
Hey everyone!

I'm a traveling rancher and I've been helping people start homesteads, monetize their ranches, learn and convert to regenerative, sustainable, market producing, and holistic, and more.

I usually exchange work for rental and utilities as well as some land use for garden and animals space-- as well as partnership plans for market possibilities.

I've gardened and ranched in 5 states, all different climates and have worked with many animals from cows to quail and everything in between.

I have helped people plan with many different aspects of ranching and farming and started a youtube channel to share what I teach.

My favorite hustle to start and teach is 50 chickens to 28k a month in 10 months. Ive helped people figure ways to scale, convert, and systematize and I'm experienced with the business side of things as well. I've worked in business development and marketing, making websites and blogs, content creation, and web copy, product development and brand strategy, as well as bookkeeping.
I love solving problems creatively and working in teams or alone, and also have a lot to learn.

Currently I'm in South Texas and would be looking to stay in Texas or also consider the Ozarks.

I'm a single mother that unschools and have a plutonic F-roommate I travel with. We are EX-vaxxers, non-masker and wide awake, so please be aware before you contact me.

I have a lot of experience with most farm animals, including rabbits and some exotics. Holistic gardening in many styles, prefer no-till. I will not work in any chemicals or modern vet practices as a general rule. We don't need them. Other important skills- herbalism, medicinals and making wild medicines, permaculture and creating food forests, cottage industries, processing, regenerative grazing, farm layout and set up in all aspects, carpentry, farm stands and farmers markets, online and alt. sales, csa and coop course and I totally geek out on soil and compost and am trying to get into the soil food web course. (That's a short list)
I teach about hidden food, true sustainability, making do, and creative problem solving.

If you are a serious new farmer that needs help, an elderly family farm that wants to keep things going, a serious community interested in ramping up your food production, or someone that knows what time we're living in and wants to do more, let's chat.

I'm a woman of faith and integrity, work ethic and kindness. I can make hard decisions and wear many hats. What I will not do is be a ranch hand- but a partner that takes ownership with a heart for stewardship of anything I'm given.

I do have references, lots of management experience, entrepreneurship, training, teaching, and many other homestead skills. No property is too big, but would like to work on at least a 10-15+ acre farm.

Please only very serious and committed ranchers. My time is valuable also. If you would like to see my full list of skills and experience and discuss I can help you and your community, please let me know.

I also love to teach others about what I do and how you can also do it, and increase skills so you can be more valuable in these shifting times.

Bless you all and looking forward to chatting.
1 year ago