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Kevin Harbin Badge Bit Submissions

PEP Badge bit submissions by Kevin Harbin

BBs submitted for animal care - wood badge
Harvest 5 Square Feet of Fur
BBs submitted for animal care - straw badge
Offal from one animal system is an input
Make a lightweight paddock shift chicken coop
Breed a Rabbit and Raise at Least 3 Kits
Setup Mobile Electric Fence for Paddock Shift
Set up a conventional bee hive
BBs submitted for animal care - sand badge
Make a Brush Pile
Collect a Dozen Eggs
Clean Out 4 Chicken Nest Boxes
Plant 200 Seeds for Hummingbirds
Train an Animal to Eat Treats
Fecal Parasite Test
Feed Appropriate Kitchen Scraps
Harvest a Chicken
Live rodent trap
Catch a Honey Bee Swarm
BBs submitted for metalworking - wood badge
Metalworking Badge Oddball Thread
BBs submitted for metalworking - sand badge
make a chicken funnel
BBs submitted for electricity - straw badge
Troubleshoot and fix an electrical appliance
Troubleshoot and fix an electrical appliance
BBs submitted for electricity - sand badge
Replace Flood Light with Motion Detector Flood Lamp
Move, charge and replace a lead acid battery
Install/Repair an AC Outlet
Replace Bathroom Fan Switch with Timer
Put a new end on an extension cord
Install a permanent AC light fixture
BBs submitted for textiles - straw badge
Sewing on a button
Create a textile toolbox
Repair a hole in a pocket
Mend hole in pants or skirt - textiles.straw.mend.pants-skirt PEP BB
Prepare Cotton for Spinning
Make a button jar
BBs submitted for textiles - sand badge
Woven basket
Make twine
Quick darning
Sew a patch
Crochet or knit a dishcloth
Sew a small pillow
BBs submitted for commerce - straw badge
Sell "goods" (something you made, grew, or foraged) for $200
BBs submitted for commerce - sand badge
Sell "goods" (something you made, grew, or foraged)
Perform some sort of labor over the internet and get paid
BBs submitted for tool care - straw badge
Sharpen a Handsaw
Sharpen a Handsaw
BBs submitted for tool care - sand badge
Sharpen a knife
Sharpen a Hatchet
Clean the shop for at least an hour
Sharpen, clean and oil a shovel
Repair Flat on Front Wheel of Bicycle
BBs submitted for nest - straw badge
Setup a Cloth Napkin System
Replace Failing Caulk or Grout
Replace or Clean the Air Filter of a Furnace
Clean Interior of a Car
Deep Clean a Carpet with Water and Suction
Set up a system for collecting burnables
Install a dehumidifier that drains to greywater or other drain
Set up a charcoal collection system
Set up a system for dealing with wood ash
BBs submitted for nest - sand badge
Grease Hinges
Make Rags From Old Clothes
Sweep a Floor
Oil Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Clean an Oily Dish Without Soap
Clean Four Windows, Inside and Out
BBs submitted for homesteading - straw badge
Use a 3 point hitch implement on a tractor and do work for 15 min
Homesteading Badge Oddball thread
Homesteading Badge Oddball thread
Homesteading Badge Oddball thread
Put chains on a set of drive tires
BBs submitted for homesteading - sand badge
Install/Replace/Recharge Fire Extinguisher
Sand, Prime, and Paint Rusty Equipment
Repair a Window Screen
Install a CO Detector
Install a Smoke Detector
Properly Install Proper Fire Tools at a Fire Contraption
Drive a Truck and Trailer in Reverse
Sweep a chimney
Check a Game Cam
BBs submitted for plumbing and hot water - straw badge
Set up a simple rainwater collection system
BBs submitted for plumbing and hot water - sand badge
Clean/Decalcify a Shower Head
Unclog a Drain with Zip Tool
Replace Water Heater Anode
Fix a Leaky Faucet
Flush a Water Heater
Replace a Faucet
Repair a Hose
BBs submitted for Food Prep and Preservation - sand badge
Bake a pizza
Cook Grain on a Stove Top
cook soup, stew, pottage, or chowder
Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet
Cook Grain with a Rice Cooker, Crock Pot or Instapot
Water bath canning
Pickle something in vinegar brine
Salt brine ferment/pickle something
Make two loaves of bread
Cook a Stir Fry
BBs submitted for round wood woodworking - sand badge
Club style mallet from hand tools
Compound mallet from hand tools
BBs submitted for dimensional lumber woodworking - sand badge
wood box/crate
Simple beginner bird house
BBs submitted for greywater and willow feeders - sand badge
Reuse Water From a Shower
Give Urine to Growies
BBs submitted for foraging - sand badge
Cup of tea
Fresh harvest list
BBs submitted for natural medicine - sand badge
Make a natural medicine reference journal
Make a Plantain Leaf Poultice
Dry lavender blossom for a tea, infusion or decoction
Make an infusion from blackberry leaves
Dry enough dandelion root for a tea, infusion, or decoction
Make a dandelion root tincture
Make a Plantain leaf infused oil
Make a dandelion root decoction
Make a blackberry syrup or gummies
Make a Plantain leaf salve
BBs submitted for rocket - sand badge
Add Ash to a Garden Area
BBs submitted for oddball - sand badge
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
BBs submitted for earthworks - sand badge
5 scoops Using Tractor Loader
BBs submitted for gardening - sand badge
Chop and Drop

PEM Badge bit submissions by Kevin Harbin