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since Oct 24, 2018
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I am a SWF living in Northwestern Maine on a 129 acre homestead. Have been developing my permaculture heaven here since 2011. Looking for a soul mate. I have 2 teen daughters. I am 51
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I am 51 years old and I have 2 daughters. I have a 129 acre homestead in northwestern mountains of Maine. I have been developing my Sep Holzer style homestead since 2011. Pristine land with very pure mountain water with lots of quartz crystals. I have chickens, dogs cats and bunnies and big gardens. Totally off grid.
Looking for a life partner. I am looking for a man around my age who is strong and capable, solution oriented, spiritual but not religious. I love to chop wood and would love a partner who also likes to chop wood. I am a gymnast and I am very strong. I grow big gardens and enjoy living in nature. I am into wilderness survival. I live the golden rule and I am very honest. I love to sing and dance and cook. My garden is my sacred place and I hope to find a partner who can appreciate the bounty of the nourishing food I grow.
11 months ago
chaga and wintergreen. Wilderness survivalist specialist Tom Brown says that wintergreen is the king of medicinal herbs. Both chaga and wintergreen are cancer cures
1 year ago
It took me four years to find my land in North western Maine near the White mountain national forest. I got owner financed which kept the banks out of it. I only have 7 years left to pay on it. I have 129 acres and no chance of development around me. I use humanure toilets and solar power totally off grid. I have been creating my permaculture space of love for 8 years. Love my slice of paradise. I recommend finding south facing slopes and land with good water. We have lots of springs and streams and super pure water. I am a mile from a paved road. Make sure your neighbors don't spray glyphosate because it will contaminate your gardens and poison your food.
Good luck!!

1 year ago
I am in stoneham Maine. North western mountainous area. Sep Holtzer style of permaculture. I have 129 acres. The winters do get very lonely and are long and cold.
I would love to meet more people like you. I am 51 years young and I am strong. I am a gymnast and only 5 feet and 100 pounds but everyone who knows me knows how much I can get done in a day. I make it happen. I have big gardens and chickens and dogs , cats and bunnies.
I have a permaculture homestead in western mountains of maine. We are working to live free of society and live sustainably
My contact is ringingpines@gmail
1 year ago
I live in north western maine near the NH boarder near N Conway. I have 129 acres of woods and my permaculture farm is much like Sepp Holtzer style farming. We have CEBE. Center ecology based economy in Norway about a half hour drive from me and Lakes region permaculture group
1 year ago
I have attempted to create a permsculture eco village . I did run onto many obstacles. We had a whole group working on it. The bigge sts obstacle is attaining land. I have land now but it is deep in the wilderness. It would take away from the pristine environment to being in lots of people and loud machines to build.  I stayed on the land for a year and longer before I understood where things should go on my homestead.
I want to be with a man who is able to receive my love. I want to have someone to hold and appreciate. He will love to live with me on my permsculture farm and live sustainably and  co create beautiful gardens and ponds with me and mother nature.  He will appreciate my talents and skills. He is trustworthy andkind and he believes in the golden rule. He has integrity and compassion and is physically strong. He is honest and spiritual.
I have 129 acres in north western maine mountains. I have been creating my homestead for 7 years. I am 50 yr old petite, strong and agile blonde woman . I have two teenage daughters. We live off grid with very little solar power and we strive to live sustainably in harmony with Nature. We grow big gardens and have chickens and bunnies. We have humanure toilets and quartz crystal pure spring water. We have built a little 850sq ft chalet and have an 481sq ft underground house . We live a mile from a paved rd near the white mt national forest. I am looking for my beloved to co create our space of love here in the wilderness.

2 years ago