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Hi.  Welcome, and do not fret about compost spelling.  Hope you enjoy learning as much as I do. And applying things taught has helped me to have a little more time for my long time beautiful bride.  Welcome again.
2 months ago
Hi,  A friend of mine is 93. He put in an under the sink, (point of use) electric tankless water heater-replacing his 5gal under sink heater because it was starting to fail.  Cost was about $150.00.  He has a tank heater which he turns on for bathing and then shuts off when done. The electric bill is slightly smaller and the cost for the unit was about $50.00 less than the tank heater. Not having to use the big tank heater that much saves him 1 propane fill each year. This year is around 1.5k per fill.

He uses an induction cooktop, and rarely the microwave. He was able to cut $20.00 by not using the microwave and do most of the cooking on the stove.

All his windows are sealed and have heavy weather curtains.  

He kept his house at 85F but with the radiant heater was able to drop it to 80F.  If  I remember correctly, warm the person and not the air is more efficient. Clothing is also a factor. Don't assume that what is sold in stores is right for you. Look for other ideas to stay warm or cool.  And Always buy quality.  Sometimes thicker, well made clothing that might outlast your lifespan is worth a few dollars more than having to replace the cheap stuff.  I save up for really good clothes and my wife buys my christmas present. This way she gets the colors she likes, is able to buy something I need, and is really giving me a gift.  win win win.

2 months ago
Hi,  When I "see" or want something I generally write it down on a list. Since I live a ways from the city I usually have a few days where the list sits on the table. After getting to the city I forgot the list. Came home, looked at the list and thought I don't want to buy that much work. Then, I wrote a couple of things down on a new list and threw the old one away.
2 months ago
Hi,  You should mention what you might use it for.  A home or a camp.  If long term living is the goal, and you get cold winters, then I personally would forget the RV. The walls are thin and you will have problems major with condensation. I keep the RV at 60 degrees and here in the cold snowy north I run through 2 towels for each window every day I camp in the winter.  Plus I go through a lot of propane because the walls are very thin and not effeciently insulated.  Also I have no water or toileting facility. You might be able to find an RV made to be able to handle the winter, but the price might deter you.
3 months ago
Hi,  Personally I would find my perfect place for my family and I. The relationship thing is put into question when living with someone else.  If I had a different vision for my land than my brother I would not live on his property (even if split) and jepordize what we have together.  Remember fish, friends, and relatives stink after 3 days.  Too many times family members fight over something and end up not speaking to each other. And sometimes it does work out. Why chance it?
5 months ago
Hi, If you have access to lots of rocks then by making the chinese motar with sticky rice and lime it would be cheaper and more earth friendly.  
5 months ago
Hi,  I have a different take on the matter.   My thoughts are scattered so I hope they help.  First, my wife and I are in the winter of our lives. We were married when we were young. (OK this is the hard part as it could be considered cider press but I'm trying to not make it that. Yet I am talking life issues here and therefore everything in life needs to be addressed.) I am trying to connect your life with mine and show you another path. First I believe you said you were a Christian in another thread somewhere. If so what is the most important commandment and the second most important commandment. This is the foundation on what my wife and I try to live by every day in our lives. As we aged we grew closer together because of this, and because of another thing. In our marriage vows I pledged to love her as Christ loved the church. This means that I love her sacrificially. When I can live live like that- whether my wife agrees with me about my projects or not - and she wants me to do something that has no bearing on the getting the food and house in order so we can live stuff, and I sacrifice for her, then I am at rest even though I literally have over 50 projects to do before the snow flies.  When I can truly love her, then everything works out even when it doesn't.  I always try to keep things in perspective. Is my project in the desperate OMG it neds to be done this second or we are going to die? Or do I do put it off for her, and maybe am uncomfortable or I have a bit of a harder time doing it.   The first time I put her before me she cried for days because she couldn't believe someone would love her that much.  (So where is your perspective? Will you die without the stove or will life just not be as comfortable as you want for a bit.)

OK - Things that have helped my wife and I in our living and growing together.  Every morning we kiss each other and look deeply in each others eyes and say I love you. Then in the back of our mind all day that is there. When we were young we always talked about everything. The more we talked and held hands, had the effect of us growing together and we became one.  (Brody you said you could live alone. If you truly want her then you two must become one.)  Another thing we did and still do. Once each week my wife and I go out on a date. (No not a pretentious fancy eating joint, just something we both like to do.) Or sometimes I just watch the love story hallmark movie with her because she would really want to do that. I learned to give her what she needs, and yes she has learned to give me my needs.  If the two of you cannot do that then one is master and the other is slave. Not a good place to be. Always remember perspective and focus.  Draw back and see a bigger picture.

A big big thing. 60% of people who split up is because of money. You referenced money. Do you truly do not have enough to live on. Are you starving? Where is your perspective. Are you afraid that if the (SHTF) you will not be ready? Honestly I went through a phase like that and I was never ready. On top of all that not being ready, having to show my wife we could not afford something was ...  But by working through it we either find a way to do something or I dump some "Special Project I want to do" so I can provide it.

Logical progression of projects discussed and mapped so we both understand it.  Example - Paint the bedroom.  Have to remove all furniture from a 2nd room and store it, move all furniture from bedroom to 2nd room for living while painting.  Problem - storage.  There is literally no storage room currently because of structural problems that happened with the home, Solution.  The house is jacked and a beam is in place. Finish drywall and painting and shelving in basement and organizing and putting everything away to make space for furniture. Other problems  got in the way of that, doctors and illness, having to do everything and be a caretaker on top of everything.  Solution -  lots of talking and hugging.

Time constraints.  Problem - not enough hours in the day.  Solution,  reprioritize projects and spend time with my wife.  If it takes 2 years to finish something instead of 2 days' so I can spend time with her, it is worth it. I will not die if the project is not done, and I don't think you would either. Where is your perspective? Remember, what we focus on expands and can take up our whole vision.  

My wife and I have lived together for a long time and I am still learning how to scacrifice for her.

5 months ago
Hi,  I have thought about this a bit.  I went to a home building show. Over 100,000 people come to the show every year.  How about a travel RMH going to the different shows?  Even a nice looking, non working model, with a large TV showing a RMH loop on it. Also Lap tops for more extensive selling.  This way, at least here in the US, you will reach a whole lot of people who generally would not be reached by the things already in place.  Only thing missing is funding and sales people, and knowledge on which shows to go to. Possibly croudfunding to get started?  

Put everything on rolling flatbeads. Have a nice backdrop for the RMH< maybe large picture of cozy couple warm and happy in their home, TV for showing different real short RMH Vidioes to capture attention. Maybe even a corporation to build RMH in and around cities.  

How about going to reservations and speaking with the elders when there are no shows running?
5 months ago
Hi,  Why did it stop working?   Can it be repaired?  Can a new or different engine be put in for less expense? My 35 yr old stihl quit, I put in a new motor and bar. Cost was just over $ 100.00. Runs just as good as ever.  

As for performance,  if I am working long hours with the saw I would not use the electric.  The batteries aren't sufficient enough for the job, unless I buy several multiple batteries.  
5 months ago
Hi Nathan,  In Michigan we have a lot of Michigan basements.  Rounded stones mortered in place.

If stone is the problem then what is the solution?  How about a basement made of wood logs instead?

Have fun building
5 months ago